Medical abstract word cluster viewer

These results were produced from a run with 3000 clusters.

Cluster path (and word type count) Words (most frequent)
^00000000 (53) changes alterations
^0000000100 (41) variation variations fluctuations imbalances divergence dependencies
^0000000101 (79) variability fluctuation variances turbulence
^0000000110 (62) trends savings gaps disparities saving inequalities inconsistencies tendencies inequality containment inequities differentials offsets inaccuracies ambiguities hierarchies
^0000000111 (66) advances developments innovations achievements discoveries advancements refinements strides breakthroughs
^00000010 (26) reduction
^000000110 (35) improvement
^0000001110 (97) improvements
^0000001111 (136) reductions
^00000100 (27) increase
^00000101 (87) decrease
^000001100 (41) result
^000001101 (23) benefit
^000001110 (33) change
^00000111100 (36) delay delays compromise boost precipitate pause breach
^000001111010 (94) shift window shifts constraint drift revolution sweats arrow stack lure leap
^000001111011 (60) fall drop wash dipping prize incline
^00000111110 (81) elevation elevations
^000001111110 (47) rise increment increments rises surge resurgence
^000001111111 (30) decline declines decrement decrements
^000010000 (40) interaction
^000010001 (56) interactions inter-actions
^000010010 (93) link similarity overlap connection linkage discrepancy links similarities synergy homology correspondence trade-off synergism cross-reactivity struggle relatedness cross-resistance cross-talk redundancy crosstalk symbiosis resemblance contradiction cross-tolerance commonalities tradeoff disconnect complementarity dissimilarity collinearity nexus interconnection crossroads parallelism circularity
^0000100110 (144) heterogeneity homogeneity inconsistency imprecision
^0000100111 (102) agreement concordance disagreement accord discordance agreements congruence repigmentation
^000010100 (60) relationship distinction interplay
^000010101 (98) association
^000010110 (58) correlation
^0000101110 (41) associations correlations
^0000101111 (68) relationships relations discrepancies connections partnerships linkages distinctions trade-offs interrelationships synergies
^0000110 (52) differences
^0000111 (102) difference
^00010000 (134) end
^000100010 (180) objective
^0001000110 (14) aim
^0001000111 (1157) purpose exception advent vicinity
^000100100 (32) number
^0001001010 (229) presence absence existence metaregister
^0001001011 (95) lack shortness scarcity
^0001001100 (49) prevalence
^0001001101 (38) incidence incidences
^00010011100 (48) probability likelihood chance chances
^00010011101 (67) percentage logarithm
^000100111100 (13) degree
^000100111101 (71) extent
^000100111110 (66) majority mainstay remainder cornerstone totality
^0001001111110 (51) amount ministry
^0001001111111 (16) proportion
^000101000 (24) quality
^0001010010 (71) safety
^0001010011 (1058) tolerability harms disadvantages pharmacodynamics side-effect reactogenicity cons inconvenience affordability
^00010101000 (30) intensity intensities catastrophizing unpleasantness
^00010101001 (68) relief palliation
^00010101010 (44) severity
^00010101011 (77) progression chronicity aggressiveness
^00010101100 (26) duration durations
^00010101101 (56) length lengths
^00010101110 (41) frequency
^000101011110 (58) frequencies proportions percentages probabilities sensitivities prevalences recoveries magnitudes extents baselines d-values timings totals enrichments mobilities
^000101011111 (50) numbers amounts quantities
^00010110000 (35) development
^000101100010 (32) onset
^0001011000110 (66) occurrence introduction emergence incorporation establishment creation coexistence co-occurrence reappearance
^0001011000111 (117) start beginning launch
^0001011001000 (21) application
^00010110010010 (57) acquisition discovery conservation compatibility elution fabrication designation diversification incompatibility readout
^00010110010011 (48) evolution appearance spread passage spreading bursa corners evolutions underrepresentation
^00010110010100 (68) implementation integration optimization adoption dissemination standardization sustainability execution multiplicity mitigation modernization exploitation optimisation simplification elaboration standardisation sale individualization scale-up prioritization elicitation valuation misinterpretation basics harmonization
^00010110010101 (99) timing provision quantity ease scope receipt continuity generalizability completeness omission regularity generalisability midpoint ineffectiveness attd rapidity underuse annals timeliness underreporting fulfillment transferability unavailability prohibition comprehensiveness additivity universality constancy
^00010110010110 (49) definition interpretation description sense demonstration meaning proof representation descriptions hierarchy specification attribution conceptualization notions compilation peculiarities canon connotation generalisation reformulation acknowledgment rationalization chronology timescale observance
^00010110010111 (44) details characterization localization documentation visualization refinement elucidation visibility delineation characterisation localisation visualisation characterizations tabulation drafting optimizations
^000101100110 (33) diagnosis
^0001011001110 (35) detection
^00010110011110 (82) determination estimation quantification calculation thousands quantitation millions hundreds computation enumeration maximization billions
^00010110011111 (56) identification construction authentication
^00010110100 (34) assessment
^000101101010 (17) evaluation work-up workup
^000101101011 (68) investigation exploration
^00010110110 (13) management
^00010110111 (105) prevention
^000101110 (25) use
^0001011110 (52) efficacy
^000101111100 (41) importance necessity rarity
^000101111101 (43) utility relevance usefulness applicability suspicion suitability implication representativeness
^000101111110 (25) effectiveness
^0001011111110 (84) pathogenesis magnitude pathophysiology cytoplasm expense genesis periphery seriousness neurobiology outset c-terminus dorsum n-terminus physiopathology fundamentals pathobiology etiopathogenesis
^0001011111111 (1090) feasibility adequacy appropriateness durability robustness simplicity breadth practicality helpfulness soles practicability uniqueness
^00011000 (78) based
^000110010 (133) focused focuses relied centered draws focussed centred builds drew commented
^0001100110 (97) depending focusing relying concentrating focussing basing
^0001100111 (92) depends depend rely relies depended rests capitalize insist hinges
^000110100 (24) because
^0001101010 (108) capable aware composed suggestive indicative unaware worthy devoid convinced incapable reminiscent disposed cognizant reminded afraid wary accused ignorant
^00011010110 (162) consisted consisting consists consist
^00011010111 (329) regardless irrespective complaining
^0001101100 (30) causes
^0001101101 (36) cause
^0001101110 (51) influence
^0001101111 (66) impact
^00011100 (24) effects
^00011101 (21) effect
^00011110000 (65) hypothesis assumption notion premise contention proposition
^00011110001 (122) fact belief caveat
^00011110010 (42) basis underpinnings
^000111100110 (42) possibility concept idea suggestion prospect realization presumption
^000111100111 (74) context genus era moment landscape declaration desirability phylum realm realities accomplishment
^00011110100 (208) means virtue
^000111101010 (25) contribution portion kind contributions danger detriment
^000111101011 (98) way
^00011110110 (14) course
^000111101110 (274) objectives keywords 36-item 12-item secretary
^000111101111 (65) goal
^000111110 (202) role roles
^00011111100 (61) mechanism
^00011111101 (56) mechanisms
^000111111100 (58) implications ramifications
^000111111101 (60) consequences sequelae repercussions
^000111111110 (31) benefits
^0001111111110 (84) advantages complexities
^0001111111111 (46) advantage endophenotype
^0010000 (56) trial
^0010001 (101) trials
^0010010 (57) study
^00100110 (51) review
^00100111 (122) article paper manuscript chapter commentary essay
^00101000 (70) care
^0010100100000 (96) visit appointment check-up timepoint
^0010100100001 (132) visits appointments check-ups visitation permanente attenders attendances
^0010100100010 (182) units units/ml atmospheres
^0010100100011 (61) unit
^00101001001000 (100) team facility ward teams assistant assistants agenda coordinator clerkship enterprise coalition clerkships speciality
^00101001001001 (103) staff personnel faculty leadership profession workforce directors officers administrators coordinators technicians technician officer malpractice funders crew designers staffs corps diploma librarian
^00101001001010 (62) collaboration connectivity partnership handbook backscatter collaborations venture
^00101001001011 (112) institution homes opinion careers planet qualifications apartment futures home-acquired
^00101001001100 (36) department departments
^001010010011010 (35) clinic
^001010010011011 (71) clinics wards beds offices camps trusts aides
^00101001001110 (128) institute agency institutes council park bureau
^00101001001111 (52) center centre
^0010100101000 (30) practices traditions routines
^0010100101001 (110) practitioners practitioner
^00101001010100 (48) providers professionals facilities organizations educators organisations professions planners advisors insurers givers
^00101001010101 (66) workers worker managers visitors miners occupants cleaners
^00101001010110 (36) services
^00101001010111 (116) resources agencies infrastructure authorities authority supplies funds officials budgets developers oversight assets shortages forums poisons announcements bills
^001010010110 (79) practice excellence
^0010100101110 (16) setting arena
^0010100101111 (53) settings disciplines specialties sectors dwellers
^00101001100 (73) literature
^001010011010 (94) search
^0010100110110 (277) databases previews
^0010100110111 (83) database dataset
^00101001110000 (51) policy policies crisis innovation legislation budget reform formulary discourse workflow equity pricing precaution formularies
^00101001110001 (133) guideline government market war trade census draft court club editorial accreditation frontier bill heatwave server navy acronym supermarket museum anti-doping bulletin catalog reservation fries lineup coastline commonwealth
^00101001110010 (136) project statement workshop campaign ban grant symposium forum convention tutorial seminar helpline summit retreat workgroup roundtable
^00101001110011 (96) consensus doubt bit
^00101001110100 (71) plan plans package packages fund seekers contracts
^00101001110101 (129) planning solving reentry
^00101001110110 (69) service insurance sector
^00101001110111 (136) organization promotion initiative literacy organisation economics questionnaire-9 visitor insurer
^0010100111100 (50) survey
^00101001111010 (56) records charts files notes summaries
^00101001111011 (74) record chart file catalogue
^00101001111100 (58) interviews contacts consultations encounters conversations inspections endoscopies tutorials
^00101001111101 (104) questionnaires surveys checklists
^00101001111110 (61) diagnoses prescriptions codes diagnostics names screens cures recipes screenings entries fees registrations monographs refills translations identifications detections notifications destinations denominators
^00101001111111 (145) statistics claims statistic payments submissions reimbursements
^00101010000 (35) interventions
^001010100010 (40) treatments
^001010100011 (70) therapies therapeutics pharmacotherapies
^0010101001000 (26) techniques
^0010101001001 (46) procedures maneuvers manoeuvres
^0010101001010 (14) methods methodologies
^00101010010110 (30) protocols algorithms tables schemes paradigms formats manuals directives schemas
^00101010010111 (134) designs projects premises protections
^0010101001100 (44) option avenue
^00101010011010 (71) options
^00101010011011 (127) modalities modality
^0010101001110 (13) strategies
^00101010011110 (28) approaches
^00101010011111 (47) tools technologies frameworks platforms reagents tactics phrases metaphors weapons
^001010101000 (33) method estimator
^0010101010010 (38) technique
^0010101010011 (34) procedure maneuver manoeuvre
^001010101010 (34) approach
^0010101010110 (21) strategy
^0010101010111 (59) tool weapon
^0010101011000 (25) regimens schedules regimes
^0010101011001 (40) regimen regime
^0010101011010 (45) programs programmes campaigns workshops curricula
^0010101011011 (38) program programme curriculum
^001010101110000 (78) instruments instrument primers primer reagent thermometer advertisement trocars handpiece amplifier equipments
^001010101110001 (72) methodology website letter kit book booklet kits brochure pamphlet polypill workbook handout colposcope metaphor
^001010101110010 (58) technology machine transducer detector generator transducers workstation processor
^001010101110011 (103) algorithm organism apparatus bacterium fungus engine engines classifier illusion alga cyanobacterium immunosensor orthodontist anaerobe microalga
^001010101110100 (65) protocol setup
^001010101110101 (234) schedule platform scheme format module code card cards schema script spirometer discounts
^001010101110110 (96) session bout pen occasion station puff lesson nostril
^001010101110111 (71) step round player tier milestone pillar neighbor
^00101010111100 (64) skills skill competence style proficiency styles competency competencies ties
^001010101111010 (58) tasks situations circumstances scenarios contexts vignettes jobs occupations respects commitments scripts utterances worlds accommodations arenas nouns
^001010101111011 (87) task armed rehearsal motive
^00101010111110 (32) process
^001010101111110 (43) network networks consortium networking
^001010101111111 (97) committee element board manager committees boards heritage board-approved secretariat
^001010110 (48) evidence
^00101011100 (60) research
^001010111010 (46) information
^0010101110110 (55) work
^00101011101110 (75) attention
^001010111011110 (29) concern threat priority hindrance deterrent
^001010111011111 (139) uncertainty debate controversy confusion certainty ambiguity speculation misinformation skepticism dispute publicity pessimism scepticism
^00101011110000 (34) issues considerations topics dilemmas matters
^00101011110001 (46) challenges themes lessons hurdles
^00101011110010 (41) questions hypotheses assumptions queries
^00101011110011 (83) concerns uncertainties controversies warnings fears misconceptions doubts ambivalence debates worries myths misperceptions anxieties reservations misunderstandings
^0010101111010 (31) problems
^00101011110110 (42) limitations limitation constraints weaknesses shortcomings flaws drawbacks rigor pitfalls rigour criticisms caveats inadequacies
^00101011110111 (61) difficulties difficulty conflicts milestones mistakes trouble penalty sophistication lacunae contradictions breakdowns
^00101011111000 (42) recommendations suggestions proposals
^00101011111001 (77) guidelines
^00101011111010 (81) decision trail
^001010111110110 (57) decisions decision-making inference
^001010111110111 (136) conclusions statements inferences comments
^00101011111100 (55) indications indication explanation possibilities argument outlook antidote evidence-base
^001010111111010 (51) reasons explanations arguments grounds motives motivations prerequisites rationales
^001010111111011 (80) reason rationale justification prerequisite quest timeline impetus denominator precondition groundwork motivator panacea
^001010111111100 (55) attempts calls call returns invitations quitlines inquiries enquiries attempters
^001010111111101 (43) efforts initiatives investments reforms endeavors
^001010111111110 (71) barriers alternatives contraindications obstacles facilitators threats urges obligations objections motivators impediments contra-indications gatekeepers
^0010101111111110 (77) ways hope answers things exceptions additions hopes hints heterophil
^0010101111111111 (90) promise opportunities avenues prospects enthusiasm doors credence
^001011000 (239) groups
^001011001 (158) arms sexes sides genders hemispheres
^0010110100000 (59) phases parts thirds portions servings pieces halves conformers stereoisomers editions polymorphs
^0010110100001 (79) stages glycation
^0010110100010 (107) types kinds
^00101101000110 (51) aspects facets
^00101101000111 (58) forms
^0010110100100 (87) cycles courses bouts orders rounds replicates puffs quarters epochs
^0010110100101 (62) sessions repetitions modules sprints
^00101101001100 (62) subgroups subtypes subsets subpopulations sub-groups
^00101101001101 (45) classes categories quartiles strata tertiles quintiles groupings subcategories tiers
^00101101001110 (51) cohorts sets pairs datasets batches rows pairings
^00101101001111 (145) steps clusters occasions nights pens generations moments time-points revisions runs cups cages passes timepoints ports jumps introns replications parities flights fixations lactations winters cans mornings dives randomizations prizes dilations stalls bronchoscopies landings semesters α-helices samplers fronts converters pitches heartbeats
^00101101010 (74) cases instances
^0010110101100 (155) countries continents
^00101101011010 (118) hospitals institutions cities universities pharmacies provinces counties municipalities towns colleges jurisdictions parks prisons
^00101101011011 (53) centers centres laboratories labs
^001011010111000 (53) areas
^001011010111001 (50) regions layers zones waters compartments languages divisions subregions
^001011010111010 (29) sites locations stations quadrants venues localities
^001011010111011 (67) populations breeds races
^001011010111100 (86) fractions limbs legs hands feet extremities fingers shoulders breasts sockets digits viscera toes subspecies ankles forearms jaws eyelids paws blepharoplasty cheeks testicles nostrils
^001011010111101 (123) eyes pts knees ears hips ureters wrists hccs
^001011010111110 (202) communities schools households villages districts farms markets herds arabia neighborhoods lakes peoples workplaces classrooms dynasty houses quail forests buildings shops worksites tribes churches rivers parrots subcontinent preschools landfills settlements nadu neighbourhoods empire townships lands queens dynasties dispensaries kindergartens dwellings beaches
^001011010111111 (182) families relatives counterparts peers siblings hosts fdrs speakers dispersions competitors sisters 20s pets neighbors shelters brothers
^00101101100 (46) studies
^001011011010 (33) observations investigations evidences researches facts explorations
^001011011011 (85) experiments experimentation bioassays incubations
^001011011100 (125) articles papers publications literatures manuscripts
^00101101110100 (153) proceedings weights scholar spacing corneum certificates analytics
^00101101110101 (206) abstracts references citations titles websites posters cross-references
^00101101110110 (94) journals meetings societies books conferences texts textbooks circles newspapers congresses classics
^00101101110111 (488) covariates demographics confounders vanilloid sociodemographics demography aneuploidies covariables confounds socio-demographics melastatin
^0010110111100 (36) reviews overviews
^0010110111101 (40) reports
^00101101111100 (117) members leaders inhabitants representatives supporters autopsies
^00101101111101 (88) combinations examples inducers lots multiples dilutions aliquots illustrations demonstrations prototypes
^00101101111110 (84) comparisons
^001011011111110 (95) searches disagreements
^001011011111111 (993) meta-analyses manufacturers editors quasi-rcts patents graphs metaanalyses substudies videotapes nomograms subanalyses critics post-tests commentaries
^001011100 (35) data
^0010111010 (101) findings
^0010111011 (101) results
^00101111000 (42) analyses
^00101111001 (38) analysis
^001011110100 (48) model
^001011110101 (58) models
^001011110110 (50) design
^00101111011100 (129) modeling mapping modelling docking typing proteomics segmentation mutagenesis metabolomics cloning dosimetry microdialysis metabonomics printing smoothing subtyping deconvolution resampling interpolation
^00101111011101 (206) simulation tree reality simulator game carlo camera manikin trainer subtraction minimisation gaming mannequin cameras recorder caliper ruler chromoendoscopy console kiosk barostat
^00101111011110 (81) manner fashion manners
^00101111011111 (217) software equation equations immunoassay immunoassays splines
^00101111100 (49) factors
^00101111101 (109) factor
^0010111111000 (135) inclusion inclusion/exclusion
^0010111111001 (111) exclusion eligibility terminology licensure beers prentice choi dangerousness
^0010111111010 (144) reviewers observers raters evaluators judges coders
^0010111111011 (129) authors
^001011111110 (39) criteria
^0010111111110 (116) register
^00101111111110 (651) registry registries registers certificate archive
^00101111111111 (309) registration tai copy symbol registration- reynolds accession nusselt t'ai
^001100000 (44) dose
^001100001 (51) doses dosages
^0011000100 (21) administration
^00110001010 (144) infusion nebulization urography
^001100010110 (75) injection instillation
^001100010111 (69) injections infusions pulses administrations boluses instillations inhalations trains
^00110001100 (65) maintenance continuation
^00110001101 (61) induction consolidation
^001100011100 (44) initiation termination interruption intensification resumption commencement terminations abandonment
^001100011101 (83) discontinuation completion deferral discontinuance
^001100011110 (36) withdrawal detoxification taper self-administration refeeding dumping holiday flare-up
^001100011111 (93) conversion switching escape default extrapolation branching conversions encapsulation reversion ascent blending uptitration upgrading reinjection
^00110010 (22) treatment
^00110011 (114) intervention
^00110100000 (113) area roughness
^001101000010 (63) site
^0011010000110 (80) location country season island seasons islands corner summers locality ancestors age-group archipelago natures wars
^0011010000111 (130) region configuration territory coast edges basin tribe
^001101000100 (44) state
^001101000101 (236) perspective city district province law county kong viewpoint town corporation valley municipality standpoint mission faso earthquake peninsula prefecture ababa corp
^0011010001100 (124) college academy tetralogy bachelor infirmary masters
^0011010001101 (84) society union commission federation columbia league islanders
^0011010001110 (164) web journal bibliographies gulf bibliography archives director textbook sapien commissioning herbarium corevalve aegis
^0011010001111 (62) spectrum array repertoire cross-section
^001101001000 (607) example instance spp. sp. periodicals illustration
^001101001001 (135) decades decade century centuries millennia
^0011010010100 (138) trimester nations edition trimesters metatarsophalangeal semester graders hyperpolarizability instar mtpj carpometacarpal birthday instars
^0011010010101 (135) generation millennium messengers
^0011010010110 (43) field
^0011010010111 (124) author epidemic object reviewer outbreak outlier actor exemplar enigma opponent trialist tournament
^0011010011000 (42) challenge stressor provocation hurdle
^0011010011001 (48) problem complaint disadvantage
^00110100110100 (61) situation phenomenon topic scenario entity discipline dilemma theme paradox vignette theorem circumstance myth puzzle conundrum
^00110100110101 (79) finding thesis
^00110100110110 (81) question name story triangle phrase
^00110100110111 (92) view mind note claim mention critique notice surprise
^001101001110 (90) case
^0011010011110 (143) issue ex-b gravida
^00110100111110 (196) experiment appendix phoenix expt epoch
^00110100111111 (115) observation
^00110101000 (24) history histories
^0011010100100 (85) subset mixture consequence continuum prototype lot subpopulation predominance hallmark subsample wealth preponderance constellation piece by-product heterodimer waiver handsearch sub-sample sub-population synopsis homodimer subcohort corollary compendium revival
^0011010100101 (306) variety paucity multitude dearth plethora
^0011010100110 (41) panel member battery pair quarter panels circle subcommittee
^0011010100111 (71) series substudy mix suite sub-study
^001101010100 (28) set
^0011010101010 (162) version versions studio
^0011010101011 (142) update overview umbrella encyclopedia upsurge
^001101010110 (23) form sort
^0011010101110 (110) list margin margins deoxynucleotidyl alkynes
^0011010101111 (31) lists
^0011010110000 (82) subgroup mediation moderator sub-group moderation
^0011010110001 (229) cluster batch fed-batch quasi mendelian coin pedigree two-site urn quota
^0011010110010 (142) superiority non-inferiority noninferiority equivalence bioequivalence futility equality equivalency inferiority compass efficacy/effectiveness crash-2
^0011010110011 (268) cost-effectiveness risk-benefit cost-utility cost-benefit possession risk/benefit benefit-risk benefit/risk
^001101011010 (105) trend tendency
^001101011011 (274) meta-analysis metaanalysis subanalysis reanalysis
^00110101110 (26) population
^001101011110 (46) sample
^001101011111 (111) cohort
^001101100000 (75) uses demands works documents triggers places updates releases guides advocates marks traces tracks transports fills senses conducts critiques throws pays manufactures cites revisits mentions
^0011011000010 (46) correlates merits merit contrasts associates agrees overlaps deserving accords
^0011011000011 (40) influences impacts crosses parallels overestimates
^0011011000100 (42) limit
^0011011000101 (67) limits frame boundary horizon frames bounds horizons tying heats
^0011011000110 (82) yield yields replacer thistle enantioselectivities
^0011011000111 (97) impression isolate pool impressions triad impressions-severity impression-improvement impressions-improvement impression-severity
^0011011001000 (82) screen rule look check move break talk stand opt push stands pull wean hint knock
^0011011001001 (92) quit stop miss withdraw cease restart
^0011011001010 (75) fit probe run wear match pass bridge insert fits matches stick suit shield finish transforms suits throw tie strike ride reset digest permeate reposition blur rival mismatching pants spur
^0011011001011 (134) smoke drink eat exhaustion brush void exhaust breastfeed asbestos fumes chew vomit skip smoke-induced fume remedication
^001101100110 (25) experience encounter
^00110110011100 (73) progress advance affirm endeavor invest practise remit rid champion ascend aspire
^00110110011101 (146) place
^00110110011110 (52) face construct request counter valence purchase contract store manufacture scene mandate catch redesign plague witness minister
^00110110011111 (47) aid leave alert elaborate hurt
^0011011010 (30) support
^00110110110 (86) measure
^001101101110 (1281) date dates friday
^001101101111 (107) estimate
^001101110 (121) time
^0011011110 (89) follow-up followup follow-ups
^00110111110 (27) period
^00110111111 (43) periods windows lags
^001110000 (10) level
^0011100010 (26) levels
^00111000110 (31) concentrations
^00111000111 (45) concentration
^001110010000 (148) incontinence sleepiness diversion continence enuresis awakenings wetting voids calprotectin erections soiling
^0011100100010 (35) retention leakage extravasation
^0011100100011 (132) excretion tracts reabsorption trioxide 15-3 19-9 sphygmomanometer n-telopeptide excretions supersaturation
^0011100100100 (37) clearance clearances
^0011100100101 (72) eradication positivity seroconversion expulsion seropositivity negativity cancellation subsidence
^0011100100110 (95) uptake penetration disposal permeation
^0011100100111 (139) saturation tension exertion desaturation tensions fang saturations level-dependent desaturations debt paz
^0011100101000 (170) secretion glargine detemir aspart lispro 761 sensitizer sensitizers hypersecretion degludec glulisine pulmonale secretagogue
^0011100101001 (83) release
^00111001010100 (78) accumulation deposition translocation influx deposits trafficking redistribution export sequestration deposit destabilization import inducibility accumulations build-up vacuolization
^00111001010101 (171) synthesis biosynthesis folding catabolism biogenesis syntheses misfolding
^00111001010110 (63) production producers
^00111001010111 (73) formation
^0011100101100 (188) deficiency stores wasting stagnation chelator sufficiency chelators
^00111001011010 (50) metabolism malabsorption accretion
^00111001011011 (87) homeostasis compartment engineering ballooning cushion isotherm homoeostasis catastrophe
^00111001011100 (47) contents amplitude slope voltage amplitudes entropy slopes acidity intercept enthalpy antrum intercepts voltages compressibility helicity entropies
^00111001011101 (29) content hydrolysate
^00111001011110 (149) composition compositions richness contouring sequestrants sequestrant
^00111001011111 (66) stability instability conductivity modulus sway insulation stabilities recoil resistivity
^0011100110 (100) expression expressions immunoreactivity
^00111001110000 (60) resolution reversal normalization disappearance reversibility alleviation convergence summation normalisation renewal coincidence succession confluence abolition resolutions
^00111001110001 (79) elimination fear persistence achievement attainment undertreatment postponement adulteration underdiagnosis permanence
^00111001110010 (66) enhancement diversity alteration disruption attenuation prolongation amelioration distortion underestimation overestimation aggravation artifact explosion underutilization under-reporting periodicity sharpness makeup overdosing overrepresentation unbalance exaggeration
^00111001110011 (70) deterioration worsening rebound violation inefficacy nonuse non-use blunting waning deteriorations downgrading chipping pseudonormalization malfunctioning
^00111001110100 (41) removal evacuation lysis blockage malfunction installation regrowth entrapment capping cementation removals
^00111001110101 (78) correction ingestion co-administration coadministration transfection corrections reintroduction microinjection haploinsufficiency radiolabeling hyperhydration
^00111001110110 (40) regulation modulation dysregulation extremes repression stabilizer reprogramming lability deregulation swings evasion
^00111001110111 (36) suppression preservation restoration substitution potentiation transposition flattening restitution reinstatement
^0011100111100 (260) degradation phosphorylation inactivation cleavage hydrolysis assembly digestion decomposition pyrolysis breakdown denaturation polymerization condensation cross-linking internalization acetylation crystallization unfolding glycosylation cyclization nucleation biotransformation catalysis biodegradation ubiquitination dimerization isomerization transactivation refolding truncation oligomerization dephosphorylation hydroxylation speciation crosslinking functionalization gelation self-assembly solubilization demethylation glucuronidation depolymerization dechlorination hydrogenation browning sumoylation nitration disassembly carbonization bioconversion
^0011100111101 (160) oxidation coupling amplification decay dissociation precipitation recombination quenching splicing evaporation cycloaddition conjugation partitioning corrosion assimilation derivatization pairing complexation editing cross-coupling intercalation damping ring-opening cycloadditions agglomeration annulation oxidizability photochemistry cracking decoupling metathesis
^0011100111110 (47) activation reconstitution activations deactivation
^0011100111111 (99) inhibition overexpression upregulation knockdown up-regulation down-regulation downregulation silencing over-expression overproduction
^00111010 (46) risk
^001110110 (73) rate
^001110111 (40) rates
^001111000000 (59) drugs
^001111000001 (65) medications
^001111000010 (48) agents
^001111000011 (46) agent
^001111000100 (143) corticosteroids steroids glucocorticoids bronchodilators anticholinergics beta2-agonists beta-agonists retinoids glucocorticosteroids pentamidine treprostinil decongestants β2-agonists beta-2-agonists brevetoxins loxapine
^001111000101 (205) antibiotics analgesics opioids condoms antimicrobials placebos antihypertensives antiemetics laxatives penicillins antiretrovirals antibacterials vasopressors antivirals antifungals narcotics uterotonics immunomodulators antiseptics
^001111000110 (472) antidepressants antipsychotics antioxidants flavonoids fluoroquinolones estrogens cephalosporins alkaloids pharmaceuticals polyphenols pesticides quinolones polysaccharides antihistamines carotenoids prostaglandins anticonvulsants saponins androgens biologics anthocyanins micrornas phenolics carbapenems triptans neuroleptics beta-lactams progestogens cosmetics phenols immunosuppressants gonadotropins macronutrients tetracyclines prostanoids ginsenosides microcystins legumes oestrogens lignans azoles spices coumarins catechins anxiolytics antiestrogens chemotherapeutics nutraceuticals flavan-3-ols triterpenes
^001111000111 (1119) statins beta-blockers diuretics probiotics bisphosphonates benzodiazepines iuds stimulants thiazolidinediones β-blockers fibrates macrolides anthracyclines aminoglycosides nitrates taxanes nuts vasodilators e-cigarettes progestins colloids prebiotics sulfonylureas opiates ace-inhibitors sedatives psychostimulants staples phytoestrogens cannabinoids phytosterols inotropes thiazides tricyclics hypnotics multivitamins oats gonadotrophins alpha-blockers spermicides leukotrienes antiplatelets mucolytics thrombolytics sulphonylureas co-interventions amphetamines antacids cranberries walnuts
^0011110010 (75) therapy
^001111001100 (466) monotherapy medoxomil monotherapies cilexetil mesylate gits decanoate dipivoxil besylate cr/xl hippurate
^001111001101 (345) alone
^001111001110 (312) orally intravenously subcutaneously intramuscularly topically intraperitoneally vaginally prophylactically parenterally intranasally percutaneously intrathecally intragastrically sublingually rectally intravaginally epidurally enterally intradermally
^0011110011110 (437) preoperatively t-test intraoperatively t-tests prenatally pre-operatively perioperatively wort antenatally granulomatosis boot trichrome intra-operatively beforehand spatula scotia honestly neuroma alphas neonatally
^0011110011111 (184) vaginosis peroxidation pectoris emulsion q10 emulsions droplets peroxides hydroperoxides hydroperoxide mats raft bilayers rafts tonsillopharyngitis wilt mildew
^001111010000 (204) inhibitors
^001111010001 (192) inhibitor inducer
^001111010010 (322) blockers blocker 2-agonists 2-agonist carotene microglobulin subtilisin/kexin a23187
^0011110100110 (84) antagonists agonists modulators modulator superfamily agonism dihydrochloride mimetics adrenoceptors
^0011110100111 (282) antagonist agonist diphosphate triphosphate mimetic two-hybrid deaminase
^0011110101000 (67) category zone subtype subunit tertile isoform quintile homolog isoenzyme subfamily homologue coactivator decile isozyme unoccupied α-subunit β-subunit homeobox
^0011110101001 (428) genotype table stratum serotype haplotype clade biotype budding dermatome fission
^00111101010100 (338) mutation methylation deletion fragmentation duplication mutational hypermethylation duplications microdeletion ploidy ε4 barcoding hypomethylation epsilon4 glycosylase
^00111101010101 (210) polymorphism allele variant alleles locus terminus conformer termini insertion/deletion rs9939609 val158met
^00111101010110 (95) sequences genotypes residues mutants transcripts peaks fragments bands isoforms subunits adducts substitutions nucleotides arrays haplotypes motifs congeners inclusions colors homologues strands homologs reads helices voxels isozymes amplicons polymerases contigs isotypes orthologs amplifications transcriptions multimers subfamilies ecotypes cocktails
^00111101010111 (152) mutations polymorphisms variants loci deletions
^0011110101100 (576) derivatives complexes nanoparticles analogues ligands rings films esters granules moiety analogs crystals polymers gels scaffolds dimers isomers microspheres conjugates pellets beads liposomes powders substituents moieties monomers oligomers microparticles filaments coatings alloys fibrils phosphors micelles nanostructures nanocrystals nanorods copolymers hydrogels hybrids nanocomposites nanowires nanofibers spheres lactones glycans ethers hydrolysates amides precipitates
^0011110101101 (259) particles channels ions atoms chains emissions atom salts currents cations anions subfractions subclasses oxides beams transients isotopes vacancies octahedra plume emitters tetrahedra nanobelts ylides vapors tailings hydrates
^00111101011100 (135) proteins vesicles polypeptides organelles glycoproteins
^00111101011101 (134) genes mrnas
^00111101011110 (99) molecules molecule mol-ecules molecule-1 rnas gtpase ligases
^00111101011111 (88) receptors potentials bodies transporters neurotransmission monophosphate adhesin
^0011110110000 (163) meal meals breakfast beverage lunch snack yogurt chow breed dinner ration pasture yoghurt soup pasta skipping buffet candy cookie footbath shake soymilk backpack lunches flask dessert
^00111101100010 (145) diets dentifrices toothpastes depots rations breakfasts preloads
^00111101100011 (101) diet
^00111101100100 (180) solution dentifrice rinse paste toothpaste mouthwash varnish binders mouthrinse binder monohydrate rinses
^00111101100101 (389) gel cream spray ointment acetonide suppository 130/0.4 hydrate furoate lotion jelly creams dinitrate sprays valerate shampoo tromethamine eyedrops microsphere enanthate undecanoate wafer prongs antimoniate mononitrate
^00111101100110 (129) mouth powder pill inhaler aerosol granule inhalers syrup nebulizer charcoal mist respimat dialyzer nebuliser diskus mash huayu premix dough towel dispenser
^00111101100111 (285) tablets tablet capsule capsules pills 10mg tang suppositories 20mg lozenges 100mg 5mg 50mg 400mg 200mg 25mg pessaries 500mg 1mg 40mg sachets 3mg 2mg sachet 2.5mg hydrofluoroalkane 0.5mg 30mg carbidopa-levodopa cyanocobalamin 4mg i/h oc/apap 80mg
^0011110110100 (404) oil juice oils bran flour straw carp silage peel juices oil-based sauce porridge cake stover
^00111101101010 (129) extracts sterols humor decoctions effluents stanols
^00111101101011 (363) extract perforatum
^00111101101100 (126) supplementation fortification
^00111101101101 (108) supplements supplement additives recalls allowance portfolio moisturizer spill allowances sweetener shale
^00111101101110 (32) consumption
^00111101101111 (48) intake intakes
^001111011100 (138) medicine
^0011110111010 (122) plants herbs seedlings crops mushrooms fauna
^00111101110110 (88) formula decoction formulas remedy formulae bottle recipe bottles humidifier antler bhasma
^00111101110111 (109) medicines healers remedies healer pharmacopoeia pharmacopeia
^00111101111000 (171) exercises faces sutures dressings plates games screws laryngoscope stockings drains glasses gloves clips pads shoes splints vibrations slings bandages insoles syringes bandaging braces meshes tapes spacers mattresses garments laryngoscopes blankets hosiery ligatures trays stoves disaccharides gestures fans tourniquets nebulizers sleeves miniplates cushions overlays towels boots
^00111101111001 (150) teeth implants restorations prostheses needles electrodes composites crowns appliances brackets sealants wires casts discs posts cements sinuses overdentures abutments ceramics disks pins cuffs collisions arches retainers thermocouples liners archwires fdps magnets fillings cylinders drapes bearings stomas sealers inlays copings mini-implants fpds elastics floss
^001111011110100 (116) device prosthesis toothbrush brace bandage robot orthosis endoscope stylet bioprosthesis colonoscope magnet tubing garment applicator insole hood heater videolaryngoscope tray stove
^001111011110101 (97) devices equipment filters clothing precautions lasers pumps coils alarms toothbrushes machines masks simulators drills detectors optics brushes clothes knots endoscopes floors lamps
^001111011110110 (51) materials material biomaterials anchors electronics hygienists fabrics
^001111011110111 (126) solutions surfaces substrates fluids probes precursors sensors liquids sheets adhesives interfaces catalysts columns bags vehicles adjuvants bridges inserts containers tracers wells streams templates traps vials boxes reactors plugs beetles tails phantoms buffers symbols fillers shells balls nests interferences slabs cartridges sheaths tanks biosensors blades decays ensembles formers chimeras wipes adsorbents
^001111011111000 (216) foods donors beverages spots grains isoflavones packs trees snacks electrons beans bars chips cereals mites fuels oligosaccharides trout berries bees cuts verbatim eaters spirits cookies meats peanuts kernels goods breads bats ants toys flavors biscuits dishes carrots foodstuffs catfish apples rocks breeders peppers grasses ponds peas clays margarines coats cheeses
^001111011111001 (71) industry stones companies company calculi industries diverticulum factory mill lithiasis diverticula outlets factories enterprises dyssynergia firms processors mills uroliths dyeing handlers
^001111011111010 (282) substances ones metals chemicals toxins objects blooms pollutants solvents allergens algae cyanobacteria contaminants ecosystems hydrocarbons habitats amines alcohols insecticides aldehydes dyes microalgae surfactants nanomaterials aerosols carcinogens mycotoxins wastes xenobiotics dinoflagellates excipients impurities oxidants solutes invertebrates toxicants pests biomolecules predators radionuclides irritants molds envenomation disinfectants odors particulates dusts preservatives cyanotoxins biofuels
^001111011111011 (79) environment environments flashes flushes atmosphere ecosystem milieu springs climates spells surroundings venoms estuary
^001111011111100 (197) compound alkaloid scalpel mol-ecule saponin glycoside quinone violet dipeptide
^001111011111101 (308) compounds phytochemicals
^0011110111111100 (64) formulations preparations mixtures matrices cultivars varieties brands enantiomers batteries blends insulins medicaments mouthwashes peels mouthrinses functionals stocks ointments packets repellents pastes moisturizers sclerosants matrixes
^0011110111111101 (209) formulation suspension prodrug blend suspensions cocktail microemulsion aa21004 nata
^0011110111111110 (81) product reactor habitat container vial menu furnace bioreactor packet
^0011110111111111 (47) products by-products byproducts
^00111110000000 (95) strength strengths weakness hardness soreness cramps relaxant relaxants
^001111100000010 (111) speed latency radius femur tibia economy pace latencies speeds humerus intelligibility stairs tempo phalanx equina discus
^001111100000011 (129) distance distances signed u-test attachments unaided condensate
^001111100000100 (70) depth angle displacement width dispersion angles curvature projection depths displacements angulation protrusion aperture widths deflection perimeter keratometry curvatures pubis
^001111100000101 (119) circumference factor-α factor-alpha lice circumferences girth yy blight bullosa louse
^001111100000110 (135) extension flexion press extensor flexor abduction dorsiflexion extensions laxity flexors extensors femoris adduction longus brachii abductor flexion-extension pallidus flexed ani hiatus curl supination medius maximus plantarflexion flexion/extension eminence surae
^0011111000001110 (49) movement movements drops stance kinematics gaze dexterity motions biomechanics swing saccades clenching tracker propulsion slips
^0011111000001111 (115) motion spondyloarthritis synechiae
^001111100001000 (75) block
^001111100001001 (199) carriers blocks ends meter homozygotes repeats heads coordinates heterozygotes tags millimeter buds centimeter grids h-reflexes
^001111100001010 (37) blockade activator antagonism occupancy activators hypofunction overstimulation occupancies neprilysin blockades
^001111100001011 (68) stimulation cardioversion stimulator terminals stimulations
^001111100001100 (73) emission pollution leak leaks insufflation blast pollutant abrasion bubbles
^0011111000011010 (56) force forces torque transmittance torques
^0011111000011011 (43) load loads excursions loadings
^0011111000011100 (73) deficit gap mismatch disparity deficit/hyperactivity mismatches dichotomy optimality dissonance incongruence eysenck deficit-hyperactivity
^0011111000011101 (72) defects defect attendants pockets recessions grooves radiolucency
^0011111000011110 (100) barrier permeability conductance reservoir lining capacitance micromanometer lightening j-pouch glycocalyx
^0011111000011111 (279) exchange expectancy span threatening exchanges spans dialing
^001111100010000 (121) ablation apheresis lithotripsy photocoagulation drilling diathermy enucleation desorption oven vaporization welding thermotherapy capsulotomy ablations desorption/ionization trabeculoplasty neurotomy tonsillotomy
^001111100010001 (55) resection excision resections transection cytoreduction
^0011111000100100 (78) reconstruction dissection ligation instrumentation reconstructions dissections plication obturation orifices plasty ligature wiring ankylosis
^0011111000100101 (77) irradiation incision puncture lymphadenectomy incisions illumination punctures scrub rays myectomy sympathectomy stitches radioembolization engorgement fasciotomy microdissection neurectomy
^0011111000100110 (79) closure opening debridement packing suturing sealing retraction seal clipping interposition ileostomy stapling openings tightening closures occluder sectioning retractor excavation reopening vesicostomy
^0011111000100111 (87) repair herniation repairs 7630
^001111100010100 (132) insertion placement tip tips insertions supreme breakage placements proseal capsulitis dislodgement holder sizing reinsertion thoracostomy extruder malposition
^001111100010101 (181) implantation amputation fertilization deployment hatching fertilisation apposition upgrade implantations exemption keratomileusis explantation
^001111100010110 (73) fusion stabilization revision decompression sterilization immobilization extrusion retreatment ultrafiltration stripping arthrodesis plating filtering immobilisation stabilisation neuromodulation re-treatment pulpotomy overlay purging fusions sterilisation re-entry spinae sweeping autografting pulpectomy replantation pericardiotomy restaging bioimaging realignment
^0011111000101110 (33) manipulation infiltration mobilization facilitation palpation manipulations mobilisation infiltrate repositioning electrostimulation eversion seeding infiltrations chirality lipoma strapping mobilizations shadowing
^0011111000101111 (64) augmentation interference inversion ossification irregularity articulation smoothness overshoot decalcification metrology
^001111100011000 (84) allocation assignment assignments allocations
^0011111000110010 (92) stratification concealment assurance weighting calculator randomness calculators
^0011111000110011 (60) consent permission assent consents
^0011111000110100 (77) extraction maze abstraction extractions
^0011111000110101 (59) collection purification sheet mining bank gathering query analysts banks repository collectors clean-up banking warehouse analyst
^0011111000110110 (50) preparation cleansing decontamination cleanliness cleanser disinfectant antisepsis desensitisation impregnation polyradiculoneuropathy
^0011111000110111 (62) sampling clamp clamping stream harvesting harvest milking clamps cementing flotation sampler entanglement
^0011111000111000 (92) transport diffusion flux dilution polarization exchanger fluxes convection trapping partition microdilution momentum slip sink exhalation heaters rebreathing conductor area-length
^0011111000111001 (88) absorption adsorption excitation dissolution germination efflux leaching absorbance sorption reflectance collision magnetization esterification photolysis reflectivity sublimation recrystallization
^0011111000111010 (205) transfer yolk dissipation transfers delocalization
^0011111000111011 (81) balance perturbation dots swallow balances storm
^0011111000111100 (70) processing retrieval manufacturing packaging cryopreservation recycling farming fishing homogenization reconsolidation molding
^0011111000111101 (128) storage supply incubation fermentation immersion bath cultivation combustion baths roasting splitting rearing pasteurization confinement expiration gasification sporulation pipe baking tank equilibration spoilage recirculation procurement ignition incineration composting chlorination coloration shower pipes liquefaction carbonation pasteurisation unsaturation scalds sponging
^0011111000111110 (157) heating cooling conditioning warming cooking bleaching drying cleaning washing freezing disinfection mixing annealing whitening rewarming etching sintering frying vitrification tanning polishing spraying grinding sonication autoclaving heat-treatment lighting calcination thawing biting blanching aeration distillation softening soaking milling refrigeration reaming freeze-drying diving nebulisation shaking picking dryer stirring pulsing preheating scrubbing coolant dive
^0011111000111111 (165) compression stretching vibration strengthening traction distraction stretch taping oscillation toothbrushing friction splinting stocking tapping bracing scraping orthotic percussion hopping stretches otoscopy pulsation cardiomyoplasty glide rubbing range-of-motion off-loading gliding short-stretch
^0011111001000 (29) loss
^0011111001001 (92) gain regain
^00111110010100 (55) cycle cell-cycle
^001111100101010 (124) line
^001111100101011 (128) lines envelopes monolayers saver
^00111110010110 (118) count counts
^001111100101110 (64) transfusion transfusions donation cardioplegia donations deformability alloimmunization
^001111100101111 (135) lipids lipoproteins viscosity phospholipids biochemistry sugars electrolytes catecholamines osmolality ketones osmolarity protein-a exudation c-telopeptide chemistries neurohormones
^00111110011000 (71) temperature
^00111110011001 (166) temperatures altitude altitudes desquamation
^001111100110100 (128) ph pco2 kt/v po2
^001111100110101 (158) ages mics rights codon p-values latitude codons omeract hunt
^001111100110110 (91) coagulation appetite oxygenation taste preload satiety afterload sweating clotting odor smell fecundity libido satiation odour flavour hemorheology thrombogenicity trehalase constrictor pre-load birefringence coagulability conidiation
^001111100110111 (313) height spleen fruits amygdala nose vitality adg ki-67 rts insula thymus thalamus amnion triceps gill auc0-t heights chorion putamen turbidity midbrain cheek cadence vigor lips precuneus syncytiotrophoblast overjet lightness firmicutes firmness hyperfiltration bacteroidetes hepatopancreas proteobacteria skewness botany contemplation albumen buttocks subscapular soma nares polarizability rhinomanometry
^001111100111000 (152) migration morphology shape physiology motility anatomy functionality texture shapes karyotype topography segregation ultrastructure echogenicity immunophenotype
^0011111001110010 (127) proliferation viability division invasiveness degranulation self-renewal hatchability
^0011111001110011 (103) differentiation invasion maturation regeneration destruction plasticity excitability microenvironment shrinkage maturity mineralization vascularization outgrowth dispersal morphogenesis sprouting immaturity specialization ingrowth lateralization cellularity aplasia hyperexcitability dedifferentiation repopulation disarray
^001111100111010 (111) inflammation tumorigenesis eosinophilia vasculitis cholestasis synovitis neuroinflammation vascularity
^001111100111011 (455) apoptosis angiogenesis autophagy thermotolerance bronchoconstriction phagocytosis photosynthesis senescence hemolysis autoimmunity lipolysis proteolysis glycolysis neurogenesis endocytosis thermogenesis chemotaxis pulpitis adipogenesis microtubules mitosis immunomodulation lysosomes haemolysis excitotoxicity neuroplasticity chemoresistance glia lymphangiogenesis hormesis proteostasis
^001111100111100 (59) healing dehiscence toughness remineralization epithelialization
^001111100111101 (71) recovery wake convalescence
^0011111001111100 (82) comorbidities side-effects toxicities comorbidity disabilities co-morbidities co-morbidity exclusions re-operations handicaps assaults after-effects cointerventions
^0011111001111101 (55) toxicity neurotoxicity nephrotoxicity cardiotoxicity genotoxicity
^0011111001111110 (94) rupture colonization contamination perforation erosion carriage collapse ejaculation colonisation perforations eruption infestation acidification depolarization erosions overgrowth ruptures impaction infestations encrustation akinesia slippage involution lubrication fouling parasitism leiomyosarcoma quiescence hyperpolarization disharmony plugging comminution overconsumption exfoliation overdistension dislodgment malrotation bioburden ghosts dysbacteriosis carcinosarcoma recolonization
^0011111001111111 (53) discomfort complaints comfort sensation irritation sensations dryness pigmentation gangrene upset rejuvenation cracks depigmentation discomforts hypoesthesia wrinkling irritations expressiveness wetness
^001111101000000 (67) recipients
^001111101000001 (125) survivors chemoprevention victims sufferers survivorship perpetrators
^001111101000010 (243) responders nonresponders non-responders completers nonresponse non-response quitters metabolizers dippers outliers abstainers remitters relapsers nondippers exercisers walkers progressors non-dippers compliers metabolizer performers triplets duplicates sleepers stars decliners adherers vaccinates
^001111101000011 (112) users wearers lanka planus initiators injectors holidays
^00111110100010 (23) cessation bans
^001111101000110 (72) dependence addiction dependency addicts addictions taxes dependents
^001111101000111 (109) abuse misuse intoxication overdose abusers maltreatment administration-approved overdoses abusing
^00111110100100 (26) conditions
^00111110100101 (53) condition
^00111110100110 (40) exposure
^001111101001110 (76) stimuli signals cues stresses stressors shocks inputs oscillations insults afferents scenes tones impulses distractors generators primes contingencies niches vocalizations phonons verbs illusions
^0011111010011110 (57) adaptation exposures sensitization acclimation hyperalgesia adaptations nociception desensitization habituation acclimatization antinociception hardening sensitisation aversion adaption hypoalgesia radiosensitization entrainment hyporesponsiveness acclimatisation superconductivity
^0011111010011111 (64) gains failures losses artifacts successes violations interruptions enhancements acceptors spikes lapses artefacts crossovers amendments strings asymmetries progressions cost-savings expulsions accelerations malfunctions disclosures reversals augmentations
^0011111010100 (6) response
^0011111010101 (26) responses
^00111110101100 (22) sensitivity
^00111110101101 (40) resistance
^00111110101110 (16) performance performances
^001111101011110 (41) tolerance intolerance exchangers
^001111101011111 (59) capacity capacities
^00111110110000 (116) satisfaction dissatisfaction
^001111101100010 (65) compliance noncompliance familiarity non-compliance accommodation conformity
^001111101100011 (57) adherence nonadherence non-adherence
^0011111011001000 (66) well-being fitness productivity arousal workload intelligence wellbeing attractiveness self-concept workloads deconditioning reactance
^0011111011001001 (107) functioning phobia restraints cohesion
^0011111011001010 (115) mobility cognition flexibility psychopathology independence ambulation longevity alertness neurodevelopment thermoregulation cosmesis temperament locomotion proprioception aesthetics neurocognition creativity self-awareness olfaction automaticity esthetics fatigability harmonisation folliculogenesis interactivity operability
^0011111011001011 (89) disability handicap
^0011111011001100 (184) harm violence sickness neglect money victimization punishment regret pleasure coercion love perpetration forgetting blame prejudice infectiousness concurrency closeness incapacity download
^0011111011001101 (94) partners partner justice assault dating genitalia debut harassment offender dimorphism offense promiscuity
^0011111011001110 (166) self-efficacy motivation craving intentions self-esteem stigma worry autonomy empathy resilience expectancies empowerment advertising liking advertisements optimism enjoyment mastery cravings warmth disgust privacy preparedness confidentiality happiness spirituality self-confidence disinhibition frustration accountability numeracy earnings perfectionism openness intimacy altruism stigmatization restaurants anamnesis embarrassment praise obsessions self-compassion religiosity fairness politics chaos self-disclosure self-image magazines
^00111110110011110 (99) affinity demand selectivity appeal affinities throughput magnification audience scatter enantioselectivity stereoselectivity selectivities winds
^00111110110011111 (61) preference preferences responsibility compensation refusal requests journey homozygosity desires pleasantness predilection subsidy nidus lever penalties allegiance
^00111110110100 (44) screening
^0011111011010100 (63) nutrition directive sanitation immunonutrition reprocessing
^0011111011010101 (85) feeding feeds gavage grazing feedings feeder spiking weightbearing
^0011111011010110 (111) rehabilitation residency remediation aftercare
^00111110110101110 (59) surveillance supervision triage programming notification pharmacovigilance certification licensing enforcement costing benchmarking cares quarantine credentialing biomonitoring
^00111110110101111 (94) referral funding referrals travel reimbursement coordinating payment staffing sponsorship grants trip license fee shopping detention premium stereogenic trading self-referral finance remuneration
^0011111011011000 (100) communication conflict thinking competition cooperation reasoning communications dialogue affiliation conversation talking harmony rapport co-operation preoccupation reciprocity intuition dialog handover
^0011111011011001 (237) coping self-management parenting self-care problem-solving self-regulation wellness teamwork handwashing help-seeking self-regulatory goal-setting toileting forgiveness medication-taking resiliency weight-control nontechnical information-seeking skill-building non-technical self-learning
^0011111011011010 (110) learning writing imagery vigilance self-control cueing self-determination command decoding commands oddball
^0011111011011011 (104) memory fluency synapse
^001111101101110 (87) education advocacy
^00111110110111100 (64) feedback input reinforcement incentive inquiry encouragement footwear deviance enquiry graphics
^00111110110111101 (65) guidance instructions assistance instruction incentives rewards reassurance vouchers
^00111110110111110 (109) advice messages message reminders alerts messaging lectures prompts brochures mailings newsletters seminars booklets advisor pamphlets emails e-mails appeals talks
^00111110110111111 (77) counseling counselling coaching mentoring self-testing
^001111101110000 (27) knowledge
^001111101110001 (37) understanding
^0011111011100100 (80) awareness acceptance feeling popularity clarity appreciation transparency endorsement ownership prominence denial realism legitimacy persistency disapproval unawareness dislike acknowledgement mistrust
^00111110111001010 (58) perception perceptions feelings republic expectation anticipation discretion self-perception self-evaluation controllability
^00111110111001011 (71) ratings appraisal utilities self-reports appraisals self-ratings esteem rankings drawings self-assessments
^0011111011100110 (88) attitudes beliefs attitude thoughts cognitions rituals stereotypes customs conviction emotionality taboos
^0011111011100111 (80) experiences expectations views perspectives lives opinions judgments interpretations memories interests responsibilities stories narratives attributions meanings voices lifetimes judgements aspirations conceptions understandings duties viewpoints discourses inclinations writings guesses ideals deliberations
^0011111011101000 (119) blinding inhalation recording handling self-monitoring tailoring transportation minimization masking tracing grouping lifting updating centrifugation framing scheduling iontophoresis unblinding indexing marking reuse self-treatment automation seasonality wrapping trimming soothing retesting triangulation de-escalation crushing cross-referencing structuring distrust piloting streamlining blurring shrinking deepening charting auditing ostracism dichotomization unmasking pegylation microwaving pretesting customization individuality self-titration
^0011111011101001 (64) monitoring monitors
^00111110111010100 (51) classification staging classifications annotation nomenclature downstaging bethesda centrality
^00111110111010101 (213) scoring tracking grading navigation warning decision-support
^00111110111010110 (41) measurement interrogation
^00111110111010111 (109) prediction clustering calibration trajectory ranking fingerprint pharmacophore time-course solvation prognostication legacy snapshot subgrouping primacy founding
^00111110111011000 (75) transmission propagation epidemics serostatus transmissions
^00111110111011001 (74) validation replication confirmation shedding reactivation clarification verification derivation adjudication infectivity reassessment cross-validation reevaluation re-examination reexamination affirmation
^00111110111011010 (43) presentation chemistry presentations picture judgment equipoise judgement inertia
^001111101110110110 (100) consideration scrutiny questioning tuning widening broadening credit weakening subdivision reconsideration
^001111101110110111 (121) discussion discussions reflection membership criticism reflections professor negotiation maceration misunderstanding co-incubation renaissance deliberation
^001111101110111000 (131) publication causality censoring flowering misclassification normality missingness surrogacy reflow self-selection lead-time
^001111101110111001 (43) selection ascertainment
^001111101110111010 (53) recruitment disclosure marketing accrual breeding mailing qualification bioremediation hunting spawning
^001111101110111011 (103) participation engagement trust investment faith disengagement connectedness reintegration non-participation
^001111101110111100 (108) recognition discrimination dominance generalization categorization reclassification salience discoloration naming novelty laterality settlement socialization reception go/no-go stop-signal fading categorisation flanker recalibration
^001111101110111101 (69) recall avoidance orientation welfare comprehension restraint extinction discounting reappraisal recollection alternation orienting disorganization intrusion imitation apprehension grammar bisection weight-gain reframing believability malingering self-focus defeat
^001111101110111110 (56) background identity phantom meridian backgrounds duty sphere stock identities dome magazine precedent make-up
^001111101110111111 (77) base enantiomeric
^001111101111000 (36) costs charges expenditures expenses
^001111101111001 (197) cost
^00111110111101000 (47) accuracy credibility predictability accuracies
^00111110111101001 (70) validity consistency comparability uniformity
^00111110111101010 (92) pharmacokinetics reliability acceptability immunogenicity reproducibility repeatability linearity usability biocompatibility biodistribution palatability logistics reliabilities survivability biodegradability readability
^00111110111101011 (262) specificity precision purity specificities number-needed-to-treat
^0011111011110110 (96) significance
^0011111011110111 (47) power powers
^0011111011111000 (160) isolation leaves translation roots seeds larvae bark stems genomes flowers supernatant brains flower faeces supernatants rhizome rhizomes gills shoots chloroplasts pupae tuber nymphs bulbs flesh tubers mycelia barks mycelium larva spleens hippocampi 3'-utrs cuticle skins antennae protoplasts twigs sclerotium fingertips stomachs striata caterpillars colons
^00111110111110010 (85) origin etiology biology pharmacology aetiology genetics origins ecology inheritance causation biodiversity immunology ethnopharmacology phylogeny phenomenology mimicry palms oceans biologists neurophysiology equator magnetism pharmacognosy epigenome
^00111110111110011 (65) nature epidemiology sum character front essence pursuit sums tower
^00111110111110100 (63) risks dangers
^001111101111101010 (53) involvement inadequacy affection
^001111101111101011 (44) burden burdens toll
^001111101111101100 (77) dynamics kinetics integrity reorganization fluidity tropism orbitals stoichiometry patterning enthalpies permeabilization motors
^001111101111101101 (40) efficiency digestibility efficiencies
^001111101111101110 (65) availability bioavailability complexity abundance solubility disposition accessibility lifespan fate pathogenicity thermostability polarity crystallinity abundances bioaccessibility allergenicity penetrance versatility stereochemistry unpredictability authenticity ortholog detectability hemolymph atherogenicity thermosensitivity hydrophilicity shelf-life profitability
^001111101111101111 (52) distribution distributions integrals
^0011111011111100 (616) action
^00111110111111010 (240) choice sight
^00111110111111011 (105) prognosis prognoses reputation
^00111110111111100 (119) protection neuroprotection cardioprotection renoprotection cytoprotection photoprotection battle
^001111101111111010 (66) utilization usage utilisation sales wastage portability
^001111101111111011 (87) coverage cytotoxicity potency bioactivity lethality neutralization microleakage porosity microhardness hydrophobicity heritability chemosensitivity potencies mutagenicity radiosensitivity multiplication lipophilicity antigenicity regioselectivity cytotoxicities wettability miscibility buoyancy gloss neutralisation life-expectancy thermoresistance diastereoselectivity sialylation compartmentalization competitiveness conservatism porosities
^001111101111111100 (91) reactivity responsiveness fidelity adaptability insensitivity refractoriness avidity attraction responsivity adhesiveness reactivities subsensitivity
^001111101111111101 (113) aggregation coordination aggregates symmetry asymmetry gating elastase engraftment hysteresis footprint hyperphosphorylation co-ordination aggregability amastigotes steadiness h-bond aqueduct homodimers incoordination
^001111101111111110 (43) separation expansion depletion imbalance enrichment advancement elongation approximation synchronization separations admixture disconnection expander misalignment discontinuity expansions disproportion interchange interconversion rounding invagination proteomes upstroke
^001111101111111111 (107) transition transformation equilibrium transitions diagram departure reactant nanofluid hamiltonian insulator fault
^00111111000000 (27) systems
^00111111000001 (53) system
^001111110000100 (130) phenotype promoter interface conformation promoters signature lineage clone skeleton epitope rearrangement 3'-utr counterpart enhancer niche ensemble linker breakpoint 3'utr operon mountains shadow interactome tetramer regulon 5'-utr subsite
^0011111100001010 (64) structure architecture arrangement microstructure topology
^0011111100001011 (61) structures traits phenotypes constructs configurations loops libraries signatures transformations landmarks rearrangements conformations fingerprints arrangements geometries bundles morphologies pores breakpoints assemblies translocations couplings excitations protrusions radii resonances architectures
^0011111100001100 (47) pathways chaperones circuits machinery cascades effectors circuitry
^0011111100001101 (102) pathway cascade
^0011111100001110 (45) processes phenomena entities
^0011111100001111 (19) functions abilities capabilities reserves enhancers
^001111110001000 (34) marker biomarker
^0011111100010010 (68) biomarkers foci substitutes surrogates proxies
^0011111100010011 (24) markers
^0011111100010100 (51) indicator feature aspect regulator mediator regulators repressor initiator autoantigen tenet
^0011111100010101 (33) component constituent
^0011111100010110 (70) components constituents ingredients ingredient
^0011111100010111 (223) metabolites metabolite intermediates proteome pools isomer adduct glucuronide lactone volatiles aglycone enantiomer glucoside glucosides adulterants congener metabolome sulfates glucuronides aglycones commuting oxylipins
^00111111000110000 (33) goals choices priorities labels armamentarium arsenal selections announcement annotations
^00111111000110001 (43) targets switches
^00111111000110010 (25) elements actions attributes representations qualities bioactivities modulations tastes functionalities vulnerabilities regularities
^00111111000110011 (34) applications fields purposes usages missions lamellae implementations
^00111111000110100 (48) principles approval concepts theories ideas submission wisdom authorization foundations approvals authorisation tenets conceptualizations testimony philosophies
^00111111000110101 (51) standards definitions rules norms regulations boundaries norm laws prices specifications benchmarks provisions hotspots conventions mines ontologies
^00111111000110110 (112) theory principle tradition philosophy logic physics truth thermodynamics wording formalism pyramid
^00111111000110111 (81) framework recommendation paradigm foundation template proposal nomogram taxonomy pipeline typology licence roadmap toolbox
^00111111000111000 (32) threshold thresholds cutoffs cut-offs cut-points cutpoints cut-point
^00111111000111001 (43) parameter criterion figure metric time-point descriptor effect-size
^00111111000111010 (30) requirements requirement
^00111111000111011 (41) modification modifications modifiers modifier
^00111111000111100 (39) patterns trajectories
^00111111000111101 (34) pattern
^001111110001111100 (52) mode modes
^001111110001111101 (44) route direction directions routes paths orientations microbicides
^001111110001111110 (41) sources bases etiologies reservoirs wavelengths aetiologies
^001111110001111111 (39) source driver shortage drawback
^0011111100100 (44) activity
^00111111001010 (21) activities
^00111111001011 (31) properties property
^00111111001100 (34) status
^001111110011010 (21) behaviors habits behaviours habit lifestyles
^001111110011011 (38) behavior behaviour
^001111110011100 (38) characteristics
^0011111100111010 (65) signs sign manifestation
^0011111100111011 (36) features manifestations characters hallmarks antecedents appearances
^0011111100111100 (70) profiles profiling
^0011111100111101 (135) profile
^0011111100111110 (57) abnormalities abnormality anomalies malformations aberrations anomaly malformation derangements aberration atypia
^00111111001111110 (41) deficits disturbances disturbance impairments deficiencies perturbations derangement irregularities disruptions distortions spindles
^00111111001111111 (58) impairment restructuring
^0011111101000 (84) values
^0011111101001 (31) value
^001111110101000 (110) curves titers titer plots plot titres titre diagrams
^001111110101001 (1296) curve arbor
^001111110101010 (68) reactions multiforme
^001111110101011 (69) reaction
^001111110101100 (82) strain
^001111110101101 (81) velocity velocities excursion
^0011111101011100 (95) error errors omissions artefact invariance
^0011111101011101 (206) deviation deviations gamble
^0011111101011110 (253) ranges percentile humidity z-score percentiles z-scores centile anniversary centiles humidities
^00111111010111110 (82) gradient half-life gradients half-lives diffusivity maxima half-time optima algometry plateaus dips
^00111111010111111 (119) coefficient coefficients disequilibrium exponent exponents
^00111111011000 (31) variables
^001111110110010 (20) indices indicators indexes metrics
^001111110110011 (17) parameters
^00111111011010 (49) measures
^0011111101101100 (88) estimates predictions figures estimators averages projections estimations
^0011111101101101 (94) calculations spectra simulations maps energies computations wavenumbers cross-sections chromatograms spectroscopies titrations isotherms derivations
^0011111101101110 (25) assessments evaluations checks audits
^0011111101101111 (43) measurements recordings readings determinations waveforms tracings
^0011111101110 (53) test
^001111110111100 (57) examination exam
^0011111101111010 (117) scan scans scintigraphy scanner plethysmography scanners arthrography colonography volumetry info
^0011111101111011 (71) images examinations radiographs photographs echocardiograms pictures x-rays exams photography acquisitions photos urinalyses mris biometry cephalograms sonograms
^0011111101111100 (179) assay assays analyzer
^0011111101111101 (143) staining sequencing hybridization labeling genotyping stain immunostaining positives labelling stains pyrosequencing fingerprinting phenotyping negatives complementation hybridisation histochemistry
^0011111101111110 (27) tests
^0011111101111111 (18) testing
^001111111000 (20) outcomes
^001111111001 (58) endpoints end-points hyperparathyroidism
^001111111010 (53) outcome
^001111111011 (119) endpoint end-point care-based
^001111111100 (135) scale
^00111111110100 (544) questionnaire
^001111111101010 (99) interview diary diaries cystourethrography logs cystourethrogram vote
^001111111101011 (302) inventory checklist angeles inventory-ii end-products proneness inventory-short therapy-fatigue endproducts
^00111111110110 (270) domain subscale motif quotient lateralis propeptide subscore telopeptide dimethylarginine prohormone unicem medialis subtest subdomain grande tulder
^001111111101110 (75) items item videos exons sentences hits chapters pages apps odorants seals menus
^0011111111011110 (54) scales descriptors headings heading inventories
^0011111111011111 (48) domains dimensions subscales subtests subdomains sub-scales
^001111111110 (119) index
^0011111111110 (121) score
^0011111111111 (83) scores
^010000000 (77) pressures stasis gases pressure-lowering clots rheology
^010000001 (53) pressure
^010000010 (45) flow flows
^0100000110 (124) pulse wedge hydrostatic fundal non-q sine
^01000001110 (46) filtration sedimentation strain/strain
^01000001111 (116) filling untwisting squeeze untwist filing
^0100001000 (194) chain maillard fenton
^01000010010 (301) chromatography electrophoresis chromatography-mass chromatography-tandem time-of-flight dichroism cardiography microextraction chromatography/mass scintillation chromatography-electrospray chromatography/tandem sheeting chromatograph
^01000010011 (79) tomography tomographic
^0100001010 (66) resonance tensor
^01000010110 (75) blot cytometry blotting cytometric blots cytometer kit-8 ghats
^01000010111 (73) hoc partum mortem
^0100001100 (256) imaging
^01000011010 (400) echocardiography ultrasonography sonography echocardiogram electrocardiography manometry velocimetry flowmetry perimetry
^01000011011 (157) ultrasound fundus fluoroscopic cardiotocography
^01000011100 (155) microscopy interviewing microscope calorimetry scattering aggregometry emitting calorimeter micrographs ophthalmoscopy
^01000011101 (152) spectrometry spectroscopy diffraction absorptiometry spectrometer spectrophotometry spectrometric crystallography spectrophotometer thermography spectrometry-based index-matched diffractometry microspectroscopy microanalysis
^01000011110 (144) sclerosis myeloma nervosa erythematosus imputation nephritis epicondylitis keratectomy parapatellar imputations epicondylalgia
^01000011111 (52) fibrillation flutter appendage tachyarrhythmia tachycardias
^01000100 (45) cancer
^010001010 (22) disease
^0100010110 (48) failure
^010001011100 (95) transplant
^010001011101 (97) transplantation transplants transplantations retransplantation
^010001011110 (49) damage damages
^010001011111 (32) injury insult
^0100011000 (8) function
^0100011001 (55) dysfunction dysfunctions
^01000110100 (35) size
^01000110101 (108) sizes
^01000110110 (47) fraction
^0100011011100 (57) volume
^0100011011101 (91) volumes enlargement opacities residuals hyperintensities conspicuity jets
^0100011011110 (79) diameter dimension diameters elastance
^0100011011111 (76) stiffness tone elasticity distensibility tonometry spasm rigidity stiffening chemoembolization tonometer tonus
^01000111000 (397) hysterectomy colonoscopy cholecystectomy prostatectomy tonsillectomy gastrectomy laparotomy mastectomy nephrectomy phacoemulsification cystectomy fundoplication thyroidectomy colectomy thoracotomy appendectomy myomectomy hepatectomy vitrectomy lobectomy esophagectomy oophorectomy adenotonsillectomy colposuspension gastroplasty splenectomy craniotomy hemorrhoidectomy sternotomy pancreaticoduodenectomy ovariectomy gastrojejunostomy hysterectomies adrenalectomy pyeloplasty polypectomy abdominoplasty salpingo-oophorectomy haemorrhoidectomy pancreatectomy parathyroidectomy varicocelectomy septoplasty pneumonectomy adhesiolysis meniscectomy appendicectomy salpingectomy ovariohysterectomy orchiectomy
^01000111001 (88) surgery
^0100011101000 (78) relaxation lag acceleration deceleration residence transit fluoroscopy immobility dwell cross-clamp phonation turnaround
^01000111010010 (67) contraction dilatation dilation contractions septum dynamometer opacification dilator relaxations dynamometry desynchronization hyperpnea
^01000111010011 (154) shortening emptying lengthening overactivity anisotropy mole bulging cardia twisting exstrophy hyperreflexia moles
^01000111010100 (74) remodeling contractility geometry remodelling mechanics energetics transcription-pcr inotropy
^01000111010101 (99) hypertrophy arrhythmias tachycardia arrhythmia myocytes tachyarrhythmias repolarization noncompaction hypokinesis dysrhythmias trabeculae ectopy pauses hypokinesia dyskinesis extrasystoles dysrhythmia
^01000111010110 (94) ventilation allodynia ventilators
^01000111010111 (192) pacing dyssynchrony torsion twist asynchrony murmur synchrony pacemakers murmurs alternans synchronicity asynergy electrograms electrogram clicks
^0100011101100 (63) bypass banding bypasses gadobenate
^01000111011010 (68) catheterization claudication catheterisation amyloidosis tamponade decompensation auscultation self-catheterization catheterizations troponins exotropia porphyria
^01000111011011 (85) output arrest outputs arrests
^010001110111000 (91) angioplasty stenting endarterectomy crest vertebroplasty nephrolithotomy atherectomy kyphoplasty counterpulsation cryoplasty
^010001110111001 (109) revascularization revascularisation tracheostomy tracheotomy revascularizations
^010001110111010 (57) occlusion patency calcification embolization cannulation narrowing occlusions recanalization obliteration embolisation ectasia microembolization recanalisation ostia lumens
^010001110111011 (56) stenosis aneurysms stenoses constriction coarctation pseudoaneurysm cross-clamping
^010001110111100 (111) syndromes equivalents constitution medica crises constitutions suspects ingestions
^010001110111101 (128) angiography ideation ventriculography angiograms arteriography angiogram venography audiometry cystography isothiocyanate cholangiography cineangiography gravidarum renography ventriculograms cystogram angiocardiography
^010001110111110 (64) circulation vessels hemodynamics vasodilation endothelium vasoconstriction vasodilatation vasculature microcirculation haemodynamics capillaries arterioles vasorelaxation microvasculature vasomotion vasoreactivity alveoli circulations microvessels microemboli venules underperfusion nucleoli
^010001110111111 (80) arteries veins plaques fibroids tubules fossa atony myomas varicosities leiomyomas recumbency horns lymphatics pits bifurcations leiomyomata trunks tributaries pseudoaneurysms perforators
^0100011110 (32) events
^010001111100 (72) infarction infarctions
^0100011111010 (93) perfusion deformation tagging t2* thallium sestamibi thallium-201 201tl deformations
^0100011111011 (89) ischemia palsy ischaemia vasospasm ischemia-reperfusion infarcts ischemia/reperfusion stunning hypoperfusion no-reflow autoregulation glomerulosclerosis ischaemia-reperfusion
^0100011111100 (124) thickness thickening detachment thinning thicknesses opacity buckling
^01000111111010 (54) reflux dysplasia effusion hole effusions holes dyskaryosis licking notching endoleak
^01000111111011 (57) edema degeneration atrophy oedema neovascularization dystrophy vasculopathy hypoplasia haze telangiectasia neovascularisation bulge extensibility dystrophies
^01000111111100 (114) neuropathy retinopathy nerves refraction polyneuropathy innervation neuropathies neuritis gastroparesis microangiopathy ketoacidosis enteropathy iridotomy autorefraction arteriopathy dysreflexia angiopathy gastropathy vitreoretinopathy hemogram
^01000111111101 (84) cardiomyopathy nephropathy uropathy cardiomyopathies cardiopathy nephropathies maculopathy priapism glomerulopathy
^01000111111110 (43) arthritis reticulum spondylitis purpura
^01000111111111 (73) osteoarthritis arthroplasty arthroscopy arthroplasties polyangiitis arthrosis
^01001000000 (473) vehicle resin comparator comparators spacer cage plaster resins gauze polytetrafluoroethylene lubricant resin-based facemask silane dutp luting glass-ionomer hydrocolloid sclerosant cloth merocel fescue diluent fluidized restor spica microhybrid cakes biotech silorane lite gelfoam trephine silorane-based guardwire fiber-reinforced carbomer stretcher chlorhexidine-impregnated deoxyuridine spu sa60at
^010010000010 (196) implant iud adhesive alarm crown amalgam abutment bracket porcelain cidr norplant hardware overdenture iuc retainer laminaria veneer separator partogram dowel iucd
^010010000011 (151) bed dressing cement waste cast tourniquet casting wax mattress seat blanket sealer bur landfill barn cleaner bedding fertilizer burs insecticide-treated asphalt gun roller bed-rest underwear stall 3350 drum
^010010000100 (96) patch plate flap gum patches sealant splint autograft sponge pack glue strip wrap lozenge button vest gums drape tampon zymography nilotica stamp hemostat
^010010000101 (200) needle mesh suture filter screw electrode tape wire port sling forceps cup syringe pin clip anchor glove blade drill stapler roll rod speculum plug ligasure trocar cylinder guidewire thread string thermocouple picc t-tube anode archwire snare introducer scissors basket cave stitch connector cantilever dosimeter bullet razor miniplate crib laparoscope thermistor
^010010000110 (82) tube shunt tubes drain coil radiography pouch compressions stoma radiograph colostomy tightness jejunostomy indrawing monti
^010010000111 (717) floor mask pedicle absorbable locking polypropylene sliding transobturator lightweight locked barbed hook subcuticular nonabsorbable dorsi non-absorbable midurethral monofilament girdle vicryl moxa suburethral onlay filiform prolene inside-out heavyweight cable mid-urethral angled wedged triclosan-coated 96-well outside-in prefilled wong-baker microtiter braided sublay 2.0-mm electoral releasable kirschner single-layer pubovaginal jumbo thigh-length 25g 22g purse-string
^01001000100 (122) stent pacemaker defibrillator cardioverter-defibrillator defibrillators mitraclip cardioverter-defibrillators
^010010001010 (56) catheter sheath
^010010001011 (113) stents catheters collaterals shunts balloons dilators cannulas
^010010001100 (48) graft
^010010001101 (208) grafting grafts insemination struts cholangiopancreatography keratoplasty conduits dimeglumine autografts voltammetry accesses bsx shears
^010010001110 (64) drainage aspiration irrigation lavage suction bag thrombectomy shunting aspirate lock irrigating irrigations hemoperfusion lavages lipectomy autotransfusion retransfusion washouts
^010010001111 (121) obstruction fistula anastomosis stricture sac anastomoses strictures cannula fistulas hyperresponsiveness reimplantation thrombi hyperreactivity stump atresia obstructions fistulae meatus hyper-responsiveness cannulae caliber submucosa thermoplasty hypermobility hyper-reactivity sacs ectopia dysmotility
^01001001000 (47) valve
^010010010010 (44) regurgitation valves annuloplasty leaflets incompetence valvuloplasty commissurotomy cusps bioprostheses valvulopathy valvotomy
^010010010011 (78) annular leaflet annulus inflow orifice abdominis e-wave tenting pulse-wave isthmus a-wave anulus septal-lateral e/septal
^010010010100 (133) spine ripening radiculopathy cerclage hernias discectomy fascia dystonia vertebrae collar fasciitis interbody myelopathy vertebra spondylolisthesis spondylosis lymphadenitis lymphadenopathy thrust spines hernioplasty laminectomy colpopexy herniorrhaphy lordosis erector microdiscectomy discography precancer spondylolysis corpectomy
^010010010101 (78) disc hernia cuff disk laceration hypospadias bankart
^010010010110 (93) molar molars premolars rib metatarsal incisors premolar party dentition incisor ray canines metacarpal ribs ramus setback protraction ctace obtuse
^010010010111 (92) canal aneurysm ligament canals arch ganglion ganglia planing sulcus ligaments avulsion rot flick arthrometer apices rhizotomy zx
^0100100110000 (103) fractures deformity dislocation resurfacing deformities tendinopathy sprains sprain dystocia hyperhidrosis dislocations contractures subluxation arthropathy lance tendinitis tunnels xanthomas
^0100100110001 (33) fracture protectors crash protector
^0100100110010 (53) injuries wounds sounds paralysis accidents pains lacerations reflexes wrinkles paresis crashes clefts traumas outs toxicosis mater rhytides
^0100100110011 (101) muscles operations joints surgeries acupoints bones tendons folds amputations meridians belt musculature osteotomies sticks dermatomes amputees hairs blebs tenotomy roads belts motoneurons hutches lifts streets articulations nipples strap laparotomies lancing wraps heminephrectomy internus
^0100100110100 (61) rhythm reflex flare palate rhythms lift clock h-reflex rhythmicity sicca syrups
^0100100110101 (38) node nodes
^0100100110110 (119) space loop box circuit conduit thiazide spaces neobladder aircraft thiazide-type centric injectate
^0100100110111 (238) childbirth airways intestine subfertility hepato-biliary neurosis laird prostates adenoids ibd/fbd non-infection 1:30 papas
^010010011100 (100) wall horn
^0100100111010 (110) chamber lens lenses chambers ridge colporrhaphy tester thermode crossbite corridor commissure capsulorhexis nozzle levatorplasty rhinoscopy
^0100100111011 (75) outflow label spot outlet flash bite flush melt compress steal embossing polya cots handoff oasys
^0100100111100 (147) fixation rotation alignment osteotomy tilt bending sphincterotomy nails loosening nailing inclination rotations osteosynthesis pinning tilting urethrotomy diodes compaction fixator inlay malalignment bend tipping pullout reshaping condyles malleolus immunodiffusion dacryocystorhinostomy indentation anteversion
^0100100111101 (62) position positions positioning posture postures
^0100100111110 (112) axis plane junction planes junctions foramen axes groove cheilitis foramina
^0100100111111 (64) segments segment walls border branches quadrant territories ostium borders contours poles ridges akinesis turbinates
^010010100 (17) artery
^0100101010 (318) cortex sulfate hydrochloride bromide alfa sulphate gyrus lobe hcl fumarate cava gluconate alfa-2a cortices lobes dipropionate tartrate beta-1a pegol maleate alfa-2b trinitrate dimesylate alpha-2a lobule alpha-2b diacetate acetyltransferase α-2b gyri mesilate beta-1b α-2a picolinate ozogamicin β-1a dichloride
^0100101011 (135) hg
^01001011000 (33) states kingdom
^010010110010 (18) section
^010010110011 (93) restriction restrictions retardation faltering
^010010110100 (113) melanoma allergy hypersensitivity poisoning glioma glioblastoma leishmaniasis allergies neuroblastoma osteosarcoma insecurity pheochromocytoma choriocarcinoma poisonings medulloblastoma histoplasmosis insecure sunburn rhabdomyosarcoma astrocytoma thymoma meningioma pollinosis webs hepatoblastoma schwannoma hepatocarcinoma
^0100101101010 (72) apnea prolapse deprivation apnoea bruxism apneas curtailment apnoeas prolapses
^0100101101011 (113) angina eczema proctitis oil-in-water
^010010110110 (211) acetate leukemia lymphoma colitis dermatitis sarcoma leukaemia lymphomas gallate arteritis bronchitis/bronchiolitis
^0100101101110 (64) media news externa crews
^0100101101111 (128) medium buffer broth dialysate effluent flavor liquor photons paint filtrate perfusate trim halo dish echoes extender
^0100101110 (91) syndrome
^01001011110 (89) disorder
^01001011111 (53) disorders stabilizers
^010011000 (44) infections
^010011001 (76) infection
^0100110100 (34) complications morbidities
^0100110101 (79) diseases ailments pathologies
^0100110110 (40) symptoms symptomatology
^010011011100 (50) episode
^010011011101 (74) episodes outbreaks incidents occurrences bursts diathesis
^010011011110 (48) attack attacks strokes preconditioning beat flares postconditioning decelerations pre-conditioning post-conditioning
^010011011111 (61) exacerbations exacerbation osteonecrosis
^01001110000 (59) samples
^010011100010 (75) cultures collections lysates purulence
^010011100011 (52) specimens specimen slides cores steaks
^010011100100 (62) biopsies sections swabs cavities slices flaps strips microarrays aspirates explants homogenates homogenate cones washes passages scrapings pouches replicas threads markings
^010011100101 (100) biopsy curettage swab conization receptivity explant
^010011100110 (201) culture bioassay dipstick lysate culturing co-culture
^010011100111 (171) cytology smear smears slide placentation savda dreams karyotypes 5570 laminoplasty
^010011101000 (93) cavity mucosa epithelium flora microbiota secretions distension microflora metaplasia vault epithelia digesta distention microbiome peristalsis fornix washings septa papillae vestibule varix parasitosis mucosae
^0100111010010 (59) tissues parenchyma allografts villi stroma remnants exudates interstitium gingiva crypts
^0100111010011 (94) hormones organs gland glands leiomyoma collars cotyledon hormone-related hypoechogenicity
^0100111010100 (74) metastases metastasis microsomes carcinomatosis micrometastases fluke
^0100111010101 (91) fibrosis emphysema steatosis hyperinflation teratoma
^0100111010110 (55) pathology malignancy histology abscess histopathology autopsy microbiology abscesses morphometry cytogenetics bacteriology mycosis neuropathology histomorphometry steroidogenesis actinomycosis malakoplakia immunopathology hemoglobinopathies friability virology
^0100111010111 (110) insufficiency reserve scarring scars abruption colic denervation agenesis tangles hemangioma filariasis lactogen dysgenesis tubulopathy osteodystrophy
^010011101100 (54) carcinoma adenocarcinoma carcinomas varices adenocarcinomas β-cells
^010011101101 (197) neoplasia hyperplasia previa accreta epilepticus mesothelioma praevia uteri percreta accumbens luteum callosum receptor-gamma tendineae receptor-γ neoplasias locator increta pulposus quo basalis asthmaticus cavernosum cardiogram nasi oblongata caudalis tomograph
^010011101110 (48) lesions nodules infiltrates calcifications
^0100111011110 (68) cancers malignancies polyps adenomas carcinogenesis neoplasms
^0100111011111 (119) tumors tumours cysts masses neoplasm gliomas melanomas sarcomas goiter endometrioma avms
^010011110 (123) cells
^010011111000 (221) bacteria organisms microorganisms parasites fungi enterobacteriaceae lactobacilli bacilli microbes insects staphylococci trichomonads yeasts protozoa rods bifidobacteria micro-organisms cocci anaerobes nematodes germs pneumococci mycobacteria helminths coliforms dermatophytes enterobacteria
^010011111001 (105) pathogens pathogen uropathogens microorganism carcinogen uropathogen coronaviruses microbe micro-organism
^010011111010 (112) species taxa bites
^0100111110110 (162) isolates sera spores placentas analytes biofilms colonies placentae urines conidia oocysts hyphae biochars trophozoites extrudates
^0100111110111 (224) strains serotypes genera clones lineages clades
^01001111110 (372) neurons macrophages embryos lymphocytes oocytes neutrophils platelets eggs fibroblasts mitochondria monocytes leukocytes erythrocytes cardiomyocytes hepatocytes microglia eosinophils feces adipocytes spermatozoa astrocytes keratinocytes islets chondrocytes t-cells blastocysts osteoblasts axons leucocytes exosomes nociceptors granulocytes splenocytes osteoclasts archaea basophils synapses trophoblasts myotubes t-lymphocytes myoblasts chylomicrons melanocytes cilia phagocytes neurones podocytes tomatoes enterocytes grapes
^0100111111100 (119) cytokines mediators chemokines adipokines neurotransmitters caspases eicosanoids neuropeptides interleukins oncogenes adipocytokines monoamines
^0100111111101 (217) enzymes vitamins nutrients micronutrients streptococci glycosides proteases pigments beta-lactamases isoenzymes proteinases cofactors nucleosides lipases adhesins carbapenemases ta98 xanthophylls
^0100111111110 (87) vaccines peptides viruses antigens vectors vaccinations epitopes plasmids fimbriae oligonucleotides phages integrins carbons virions radiopharmaceuticals controllers aptamers pili autoantigens duplexes biopolymers enterotoxins
^0100111111111 (153) membranes immunity tears follicles nuclei breaks debris macromolecules demise sponges fires vacuoles sweeteners spermatids microchimerism microvilli
^010100000 (39) stress
^0101000010 (100) shock shocked
^01010000110 (129) wave waves oximetry oximeter
^01010000111 (148) ventricle bundle atrium ventricles hemisphere atria sided hemicolectomy
^0101000100 (34) growth
^01010001010 (97) necrosis suppressor willebrand
^01010001011 (239) transcription virulence neurotrophic angiogenic colony-stimulating hypoxia-inducible pluripotency platelet-activating trefoil
^0101000110 (47) replacement receptor-positive replacements
^0101000111 (64) hormone gonadotropin gonadotrophin estrogen/progestin
^0101001000 (214) receptor -adrenoceptor
^01010010010 (250) peptide lipase globulin polypeptide peptide-1 2,3-dioxygenase deacetylase lipocalin oxygenase f2α globulins transglutaminase
^01010010011 (167) antigen aminotransferase transaminase protein-1 inhibitor-1 protein-3 aminopeptidase enolase
^01010010100 (142) bond phosphatase dioxide dismutase peroxide bonds monoxide nanotubes sulfide phosphatases nanotube tetrachloride sulphide hexafluoride
^01010010101 (444) kinase kinases metalloproteinase 3-kinase metalloproteinases cyclase phosphokinase hydroxylase metalloproteinase-9 kinase-3 carbonyls kinase-mb 3-phosphate phosphorylase metalloproteinase-2 metalloproteinase-3 kinase-1 metalloproteinase-1
^010100101100 (79) enzyme
^010100101101 (309) oxide glycol cassette ionomer sulfadiazine carbide protoporphyrin diamine nitride garnet
^010100101110 (189) reuptake iib/iiia transcriptase xa re-uptake iib-iiia
^010100101111 (363) reductase synthase dehydrogenase transporter oxidase peroxidase transferase synthetase hydrolase cotransporter desaturase decarboxylase 3a4 acyltransferase s-transferase methyltransferase oxidoreductase isomerase synthases oxidases transpeptidase co-transporter carboxylase 2d6 lyase dehydrogenases dehydratase 2c9 monooxygenase reductases hydrolases dimethacrylate 1b1 peroxidases hydratase 1a1 zipper
^0101001100 (80) protein
^01010011010 (401) mrna transcript
^01010011011 (287) gene transgene microrna
^0101001110000 (162) membrane envelope transmembrane cytoskeleton monolayer filament vesicle cytoskeletal zeta bilayer β-sheet
^0101001110001 (234) adhesion scavenging chaperone killing atpase scavenger sorting scavengers homing costimulatory co-stimulatory anti-adhesion affibody chaperoning sieve
^0101001110010 (296) binding uncoupling ligase dna-binding polyadenylation ligand-binding
^0101001110011 (664) signaling signalling transduction biosynthetic checkpoint
^0101001110100 (186) ring layer derivative column film coating residue alloy shell substituent slice phones pellet liner fur fabric chelate cartridge nanostructure slab bream foil scallop ribbon resonator stillage derivate heterocycle
^0101001110101 (349) substrate ligand polymer precursor solvent carrier scaffold catalyst tracer venom monomer dimer nanoparticle lectin doping backbone copolymer cofactor ubiquitin phosphor adsorbent analyte antenna preservative nanocomposite cathode radioligand biomaterial producer photosensitizer cargo pheromone feedstock oligomer radiotracer nanowire impurity sorbent excipient pre-mrna trimer α-helix chromophore sting fungicide disaccharide photocatalyst interlayer immunogen radiopharmaceutical
^01010011101100 (89) sequence path transcriptome graph ladder
^01010011101101 (224) band genome fragment cdna edge wavelength telomere helix endonuclease amplicon transposon bandgap centroid g-quadruplex g20210a flagellum popper u7
^01010011101110 (519) signal vector sensor sensing waveform notch wnt biosensor wnt/β-catenin gate hedgehog pi3k/akt/mtor lentivirus
^01010011101111 (175) stimulus toxin dye plasmid cue peptidase-4 contaminant neurotoxin peptidase patch-clamp distractor enterotoxin toxicant neurotoxins toxin-a endopeptidase mutagen cytotoxin peptidase-iv
^010100111100 (1241) nucleotide defense rrna reporter brca2 defence single-nucleotide germline defenses missense rdna splice loss-of-function dinucleotide repellent nonsense defences founder gain-of-function protein-coding disease-causing frameshift intronic gambiae vp1 nonsynonymous amino-acid val66met non-synonymous hotspot germ-line c3435t 5a/6a β-globin intragenic 9p21.3 a118g truncating in-frame c825t lmna 9p21 gjb2 tumor-suppressor srna quintuple protein-encoding psti crispr hla-b
^0101001111010 (277) rna oligonucleotide gag ns5b ribose
^0101001111011 (643) dna
^0101001111100 (92) antibody autoantibody aptamer
^0101001111101 (135) antibodies autoantibodies antiserum isotype antisera
^0101001111110 (73) variable
^0101001111111 (152) characteristic concentration-time glow
^0101010000 (133) plasma
^0101010001 (288) serum
^0101010010 (171) body
^010101001100 (128) n-3 omega-3 ω-3 n-6 omega-6 n-6/n-3 ω-6 n-3/n-6 ω3
^010101001101 (388) polyunsaturated saturated long-chain trans monounsaturated unsaturated nonalcoholic non-alcoholic short-chain nonesterified branched-chain medium-chain non-esterified all-trans marine-derived dihydroxy tokushima low-saturated jowl
^010101001110 (177) progression-free disease-free event-free recurrence-free relapse-free metastasis-free failure-free transplant-free infection-free leukemia-free tumor-free post-progression
^010101001111 (121) free
^0101010100 (126) cholesterol
^01010101010 (94) lipoprotein lipoprotein-cholesterol
^010101010110 (91) density densities
^010101010111 (97) low-density high-density non-high-density very-low-density triglyceride-rich
^0101010110 (71) weight
^01010101110 (55) mass
^010101011110 (111) symptom wrinkle
^0101010111110 (377) citation atherogenic remnant pulsatility barthel tei bispectral resistive apnea-hypopnea ankle-brachial charlson sphericity pearl body-mass eccentricity lequesne hypopnea temperature-humidity kupperman matsuda apnoea-hypopnoea ponderal bode insulinogenic apnea/hypopnea low-glycemic apnoea/hypopnoea rh-pat motricity polydispersity youden lithogenic narcotrend hypopnoea questionnaire-disability katz ankle/brachial pleth reid heat-humidity rhodes low-glycaemic lawton high-glycemic ankle-arm quetelet aslib
^0101010111111 (203) glycemic glycaemic
^01010110000 (1290) triglycerides interleukin-6 malondialdehyde catalase osteocalcin transferrin endothelin-1 apolipoproteins myeloperoxidase e-selectin transaminases cd14 interferon-γ adfi triacylglycerols interleukin-1β interleukin-8 osteopontin interleukin-10 zeaxanthin interferon-gamma androstenedione p27 phosphatidylcholine prealbumin campesterol osteoprotegerin paraoxonase nitrotyrosine aminotransferases cd133 wan cholecystokinin peroxynitrite cd45 3-nitrotyrosine apoc-iii cd31 tocopherols carvacrol thrombomodulin isoleucine parathormone laminin interleukin-4 transthyretin β-sitosterol ldl- phospholamban deoxynivalenol
^01010110001 (2194) il-6 tnf-α vegf il-10 il-8 tnf-alpha il-1β il-2 ifn-γ mmp-9 il-4 mmp-3 et-1 mcp-1 il-1 c3 tnfα icam-1 mmp-2 cnki vip ifn-gamma il-17 tgf-β tgf-β1 il-12 il-1beta p-selectin timp-1 egf il-18 sicam-1 c4 ki67 il-13 mmp-1 vcam-1 il-5 tgf-beta cgrp cgmp il-3 hla-dr interleukin-1 vegf-a tnfalpha gpt oxldl rankl bfgf
^01010110010 (254) ldl hdl vldl non-hdl idl hdl2 hdl3 low-density-lipoprotein
^010101100110 (750) tg tc alt mda sod lh cat ast gsh ua tag ldh ck apob pai-1 vwf ffa alp ck-mb gpx tbars saa mpo cbm fbg bun mep ggt nox gst pyy iri tnt tgs svcam-1 gsh-px alb cpk lp-pla2 cor tas lpo lcat vldl-c frap siga nh3 vfa scfa fib
^010101100111 (703) crp hdl-c bnp nt-probnp tsh hs-crp pth igf-i hscrp bdnf igf-1 ca125 pct adma papp-a ca-125 ctni ptx3 crh pra opg pcsk9 25ohd afp amh shbg prl apoa-i thcy hcy plgf ctnt nefa mbl ft4 feno ipth opn ngal 8-ohdg fgf23 ima ox-ldl β-hcg iap dheas mpv srage hdlc scd40l
^010101101000 (154) hemoglobin haemoglobin trough hematocrit life-years haematocrit post-bronchodilator postbronchodilator
^0101011010010 (390) triglyceride glutathione ldl-cholesterol homocysteine hdl-cholesterol bilirubin d-dimer triacylglycerol proinsulin probnp fructosamine gamma-glutamyl ornithine diacylglycerol β-hydroxybutyrate
^0101011010011 (248) creatinine ferritin urate alpha-fetoprotein
^010101101010 (233) lactate igg urea ige sugar iga igm ammonia phenylalanine anti-hbs igg1 thyroglobulin igg4 acetoin igg2 anti-ccp igy anti-tpo igg2a anti-dsdna igg3 anti-hav anti-prp yo gad65 anti-hsp27 carboxyhemoglobin d-lactate anti-hsp60 urea-n iothalamate anti-tg
^0101011010110 (207) albumin norepinephrine phosphorus mercury endotoxin arsenic cadmium retinol noradrenaline lysozyme amylase formaldehyde ketone lecithin hydroxyproline tocopherol sitosterol nitrites radon glycosaminoglycan phosphatidylserine β-lactoglobulin phosphorous glycosaminoglycans methylmercury citrulline antimony brevetoxin isoprostanes deoxypyridinoline phosphocreatine isoprostane nitrite/nitrate nitrate/nitrite vanadium sphingomyelin lumefantrine oestriol o₃ 3-pba bromine beta2-microglobulin cardiolipin diacetyl
^0101011010111 (320) cortisol leptin adiponectin galectin-3 fibrinogen aldosterone ghrelin prolactin c-peptide glucagon cotinine resistin corticosterone fibronectin igf1 hepcidin myoglobin haptoglobin apelin visfatin ykl-40 sclerostin copeptin gastrin relaxin neopterin acetaldehyde acr70 angiotensinogen 8-isoprostane vldl-tg lathosterol chemerin fetuin-a pepsin irisin fgf21 fibulin-3 beta-endorphin tryptase hbv-dna rb1 vaspin adrenomedullin f2-isoprostanes mesothelin rg1 omentin trx1 motilin
^01010110110 (193) insulin multidrug
^010101101110 (178) lipid
^010101101111 (71) glucose
^010101110000 (651) fish corn olive soybean grass cranberry oat orange tomato peanut palm barley apple flaxseed grape citrus salmon edible sunflower canola pomegranate alfalfa lavender pine rye safflower linseed eucalyptus coconut mussel almond castor rapeseed boar oak peach triton banana cucumber birch lemon walnut grapefruit beetroot perilla flax oyster sesame cherry rosemary
^0101011100010 (593) ethanol tea rice wheat coffee ginseng honey wine garlic maize bread ginger ether chocolate cereal potato cheese cocoa nut fructus bean hypericum shrimp beer soap detergent etoh cinnamon protamine psyllium mustard saffron silk danshen propolis astragalus herba broccoli pepper turmeric teas biochar almonds sorghum licorice echinacea flos cassava sugarcane rhubarb
^0101011100011 (390) aqueous crude leaf methanol ethanolic methanolic chloroform acetone hexane dichloromethane hydroalcoholic meoh etoac n-butanol n-hexane hot-water butanol micellar orbicularis otic hydro-alcoholic hydroethanolic
^0101011100100 (117) fat fats steatohepatitis
^01010111001010 (301) fiber starch fibers fibre cellulose lysine cysteine ash phytase fibres solids cultivar xylanase starches carnosine glucan flavanols cellulase dienes β-glucosidase endoglin laccase bagasse tannin oxime phylloquinone plum dgs lonicerae β-1,3-1,4-glucanase β-cyclodextrin extractive arabinogalactan sericin
^01010111001011 (363) carbohydrate salt sucrose glycerol nacl moisture carbohydrates fructose ddgs lactose casein hay leucine gluten methionine phenol pyruvate acetonitrile acrylamide salinity lignin forage trehalose pectin proline β-glucan butter xylose toluene catechin naoh kcl ndf microcystin melamine threonine galactose soda sorbitol koh xylan hemicellulose chitin glutaraldehyde glycerin maltose furfural zh uracil aniline
^01010111001100 (133) food shellfish seafood
^010101110011010 (52) energy
^010101110011011 (194) feed nutrient vegetable caloric calorie macronutrient fruit/vegetable f/v
^010101110011100 (165) fruit nitrogen seed biomass dust grain sludge wood sediment fuel bloom crop methane coal tar kernel clay aquaculture sweetened char biodiesel berry bio-oil electricity mine biogas plastics helium wool beetle biofuel cane slag stalk beet postharvest syngas nectar bioethanol plantation sprout switchgrass gasoline peat soot hull pericarp curd endosperm sawdust
^010101110011101 (157) milk meat colostrum pork manure deer compost breastmilk
^010101110011110 (37) fluid exudate
^010101110011111 (153) water wastewater seawater groundwater slurry
^0101011101000 (643) lidocaine bupivacaine diclofenac ropivacaine chlorhexidine capsaicin tenofovir ketorolac triamcinolone levobupivacaine clindamycin imiquimod timolol betamethasone dextrose dextran pimecrolimus emla lignocaine parecoxib brimonidine tretinoin xylitol thiopental aflibercept povidone-iodine triclosan mometasone mupirocin clotrimazole articaine isosorbide prilocaine cromolyn mepivacaine nedocromil nonoxynol-9 meglumine rebamipide adapalene pilocarpine miconazole pegaptanib minoxidil permethrin hydroquinone polidocanol procaine cyanoacrylate azelastine
^0101011101001 (466) saline crystalloid colloid
^0101011101010 (490) testosterone progesterone estradiol melatonin quercetin arginine erythropoietin vasopressin ozone resveratrol tryptophan rapamycin thyroxine calcitonin palmitate calcitriol alpha-tocopherol procalcitonin l-carnitine α-tocopherol prostacyclin interleukin-2 oestradiol triiodothyronine genistein lactoferrin estriol rutin baicalin thyrotropin 17β-estradiol hyaluronan daidzein luteolin hyaluronidase myo-inositol dihydrotestosterone acrolein hesperidin apigenin pregnenolone monensin epigallocatechin-3-gallate mannose epicatechin 17beta-estradiol cortisone eugenol methylglyoxal allicin
^01010111010110 (100) iron iodine isoflavone cobalamin protein-energy
^01010111010111 (241) magnesium zinc selenium folate glutamine ipratropium chromium beta-carotene l-arginine choline lutein lycopene taurine carnitine β-carotene glucosamine cobalt ferrous darbepoetin manganese inositol betaine dehydroepiandrosterone riboflavin estrone thiamine chondroitin astaxanthin biotin phytosterol ubiquinone fish-oil beta-alanine tylosin b-vitamin ractopamine
^0101011101100 (169) oxygen
^01010111011010 (471) sodium ammonium clomiphene ferric strontium bismuth barium tetrazolium polyvinyl disodium propidium trospium gallium
^01010111011011 (284) calcium kv1.3 k+ na+ lanthanum cav1.3
^0101011101110 (1989) metal copper glass silver titanium silicone polyethylene ceramic silica graphene metallic steel benzene hydrogel cotton aluminum zirconia latex chitosan nickel silicon zno tio2 rubber hydroxyapatite alkali polyurethane indole aluminium halogen triazole furan apatite boron fluorine agarose nano alumina tin nylon imidazole polyester semiconductor y-tzp polystyrene reusable divalent palladium lanthanide ruthenium
^01010111011110 (381) potassium phosphate chloride fluoride citrate nitrate bicarbonate nitrite nitroprusside alginate oxalate succinate iodide hyaluronate ascorbate butyrate ranelate hypochlorite arsenite salicylate dodecyl cyanide cromoglycate benzoate phosphates selenite pyrophosphate cystine perchlorate formate azide borate desensitizer oleate carboxymaltose sulfonate malate thiocyanate persulfate sulphadiazine thiosulfate monofluorophosphate sulfite titanate l-lactate phenylbutyrate subcitrate subsalicylate tetradecyl caseinate
^010101110111110 (666) ion } anion cation ionization amine amide acyl phthalate carboxylate epoxide oligosaccharide vacancy carbamate hydride virus-like pyrimidines alkyne carbene accelerator n-oxide dopant ionisation imine diol ^ -oh pyridines acrylate propane oxo sepharose mlct azido _
^010101110111111 (131) channel carbonate hydroxide ionophore dobesilate
^010101111000 (169) hiv mother-to-child
^0101011110010 (491) hcv hiv-1 rsv cmv hsv-2 hsv messenger ibv hsv-1 etec upec hmpv pcv2 cyhv-3 hev mtb vzv denv prrsv hcmv hav rhd nthi sth wnv ndv bkv siv stec htlv-1 aiv hhv-6 jev sars-cov hdv gbv-c ad5 hhv-8 sbv hpiv3 csfv tcov uu mnv hiv-2 hrsv fmdv caga kshv iav
^0101011110011 (394) hpv hbv ebv hr-hpv hpv16 hrhpv hpv-16 hc2 hbov acb dtp hpv18 tdap menc h.pylori bvdv anti-hbc mlv ffn
^0101011110100 (318) immunodeficiency papillomavirus syncytial beings parainfluenza herpesvirus papilloma epstein-barr metapneumovirus vaccinia varicella-zoster adeno-associated papillomaviruses bocavirus β-defensin deoxyribonuclease
^0101011110101 (346) virus toxoid
^0101011110110 (591) influenza pneumococcal pertussis conjugate rotavirus pandemic polysaccharide measles dengue meningococcal varicella flu cholera hib h5n1 adjuvanted rabies typhoid poliovirus polio laboratory-confirmed hpv-16/18 serogroups a/h1n1 ev71 pentavalent anthrax tetravalent h5 h7n9 bordetella mf59-adjuvanted as04-adjuvanted a/h3n2
^01010111101110 (450) tuberculosis tb mrsa cytomegalovirus adenovirus gbs vre bk rhinovirus coronavirus frey marina ana mdr-tb hookworm abu adenoviruses norovirus paul cov enterovirus cocos e.coli je mssa denv-3 jc parvovirus pneumococcus ntm r5 mtrps rrv pox jirovecii cati gnb expec pn0 trps biphenyl crkp ca-mrsa casa braun meyer tact st131 paratuberculosis tcvc
^01010111101111 (619) malaria breakthrough mastitis schistosomiasis trachoma ureterocele brucellosis malarial ureteroceles rain coccidiosis botulism cryptosporidiosis aphakia
^010101111100 (1877) egfr gfr ras her2 kras raas tlr apoe hbsag vl hbeag braf mmr cyp2c19 tp53 comt mtdna mrd brca ldlr brca1/2 p16 mthfr cftr abcb1 pik3ca her-2 gfp tcr vdr 5-httlpr msi tsc il28b ret sod1 bcr-abl mgmt nep pgr ercc1 at1r k-ras sert cyp3a5 ncc atr 17p adrb2 myc
^010101111101 (3756) hsp70 caspase-3 hsp90 cox-2 p53 nf-κb akt pi3k hsp27 igfbp-3 hsf1 bcl-2 p38 tim-3 inos mapk gal-3 bax ido enos hsp72 gsk-3 erk tlr4 erk1/2 cyp3a4 ho-1 nos jnk cyp2d6 pparγ nrf2 ampk stat3 gapdh ache hsf integrin hsp60 β-catenin tlr3 pten pkc lpl cox-1 p-gp nt-3 parp nf-kappab gata-3
^0101011111100 (526) ace tnf aromatase mtor cetp mmp calcineurin cholinesterase cyp dpp-4 acetylcholinesterase ppar pde5 pde sglt2 neuraminidase α-glucosidase hdac mao nachr proton-pump mek xo mao-b pde-5 pde4 alpha-glucosidase gpiib/iiia nmdar enac angiotensin-converting-enzyme ns5a phosphodiesterase-5 tk 5alpha-reductase che γ-secretase btk acat dpp4
^01010111111010 (200) renin surfactant allergen thrombin mite antithrombin h3.3 rock trypsin telomerase tyrosinase anti-xa kallikrein arginase plasmin coagulant rho-kinase asparaginase microparticle cockroach sulfatase anti-fxa alpha-amylase h2ax gelatinase aeroallergen adamts13 uricase lactonase glucanase sialidase allergoid polycomb oct-1 mir-610 itpase sphingomyelinase glucosidase cyp3a4/5 atk adamts-13 hse-binding asnase epicutaneous nadph-oxidase eif4f
^01010111111011 (193) pump protease phosphodiesterase beta-lactamase proteasome pumping urease esterase proteinase β-lactamase integrase 5α-reductase β-lactamases multikinase nuclease alpha-reductase tyrosine-kinase
^01010111111100 (244) cytokine electrolyte phospholipid chemokine sterol neurotransmitter catecholamine mucin carotenoid neuropeptide adipokine auxin mycotoxin polyamine mevalonate g-protein sebum transmitter mitogen carbapenemase eicosanoid neurotrophin adipocytokine sphingolipid neurohormone cytokinin fatty-acid defensin
^01010111111101 (418) collagen prostaglandin glycoprotein fibrin actin heme procollagen melanin nicotinamide purine cd40 collagenase microtubule tubulin f-actin beta-amyloid ribosome amyloid-β β-amyloid elastin dnase proteoglycan keratin chitinase diene autophagosome nucleosome ergosterol heterochromatin vacuole trans-11 haem amyloid-beta 8-iso-prostaglandin collagens c4d n-linked thrombospondin selectin
^01010111111110 (689) ros hsp atp hmg-coa glycogen camp esbl mirna nadph coa abeta ecm igf aba shsp pha aldehyde e3 2,3-bd phb ceramide 2,3-butanediol nadh 3-hp equol 1,3-pd α-synuclein ampc 1,3-pdo lea β-lg acetyl-coa 2,3-bdo phbv aβ42 soa squalene phip polyq ecb ndm-1 txa2 ctx-m socs flavin ferredoxin pdo o2- wasp
^01010111111111 (651) dopamine yeast adenosine gnrh glutamate histamine acetylcholine trpv1 h2 nmda somatostatin glycine methacholine n-methyl-d-aspartate bradykinin lhrh h3 5-ht3 h1 eta trpa1 cb1 kv4.3 guanosine ccr5 5-ht1a rfrp-3 ampa h4 cb2 uridine trpm8 fimh gabaa nk1 vta at2 α2 inosine μ-opioid d2/3 decoy task-3 par-1 α4β2 5-ht2a thrombopoietin cxcr2 cornu brs-3
^010110000 (989) atorvastatin simvastatin pravastatin rosuvastatin ezetimibe amlodipine telmisartan valsartan lovastatin fluvastatin candesartan enalapril omeprazole olmesartan ramipril tadalafil esomeprazole cholestyramine latanoprost pitavastatin glimepiride perindopril bisoprolol dapagliflozin lisinopril linagliptin saxagliptin dutasteride vardenafil rimonabant glibenclamide rabeprazole pantoprazole fesoterodine bimatoprost rizatriptan policosanol solifenacin tofacitinib praziquantel febuxostat ezetimibe/simvastatin empagliflozin lurasidone travoprost benazepril cetirizine azilsartan ly294002 famotidine
^010110001 (2333) metformin tamoxifen pioglitazone losartan lithium carvedilol methylphenidate sildenafil tiotropium infliximab metoprolol propranolol varenicline fenofibrate etanercept nifedipine rosiglitazone raloxifene alendronate naltrexone niacin aliskiren atenolol sorafenib spironolactone topiramate sitagliptin letrozole curcumin atomoxetine exenatide prasugrel memantine donepezil rivaroxaban clozapine gemfibrozil ticagrelor tamsulosin verapamil irbesartan allopurinol levosimendan captopril cilostazol montelukast risedronate anastrozole modafinil denosumab
^0101100100 (318) heparin interferon cyclosporine dobutamine penicillin peginterferon dipyridamole cyclosporin epoetin cytarabine heparins ciclosporin interferon-alpha interferons regadenoson pgf2 valaciclovir interferon-α nisin interferon-beta thymosin tnf- benzylpenicillin interferon-alfa phellodendri phytohemagglutinin
^01011001010 (276) aspirin clopidogrel warfarin digoxin amiodarone imatinib levodopa valproate nevirapine chloroquine colchicine isoniazid albendazole digitalis hydroxyurea levothyroxine eptifibatide lactulose phenobarbital l-dopa atazanavir verteporfin crystalloids abacavir etidronate lopinavir primaquine palivizumab rifabutin darunavir diethylstilbestrol l-thyroxine saquinavir enfuvirtide d-penicillamine chemonucleolysis glyphosate
^01011001011 (959) bevacizumab cisplatin dexamethasone docetaxel paclitaxel methotrexate prednisone gemcitabine rituximab ribavirin cyclophosphamide prednisolone doxorubicin trastuzumab ranibizumab carboplatin capecitabine cetuximab enoxaparin erlotinib 5-fluorouracil oxaliplatin irinotecan pemetrexed hydrochlorothiazide gefitinib lamivudine fluorouracil sunitinib s-1 zidovudine bortezomib thalidomide etoposide rifampicin exemestane epirubicin vinorelbine lapatinib leucovorin artesunate ritonavir ipilimumab lenalidomide folfiri tocilizumab codeine temozolomide adefovir panitumumab
^0101100110 (927) fluoxetine ciprofloxacin olanzapine risperidone metronidazole ibuprofen tacrolimus paroxetine pregabalin amoxicillin bupropion quetiapine gabapentin sertraline escitalopram budesonide venlafaxine azithromycin duloxetine celecoxib aripiprazole haloperidol formoterol salmeterol ampicillin clarithromycin citalopram gentamicin adalimumab nitrofurantoin vancomycin levofloxacin ceftriaxone erythromycin theophylline moxifloxacin indomethacin fluconazole doxycycline everolimus fluticasone azathioprine dabigatran ofloxacin amitriptyline norfloxacin trimethoprim carbamazepine lamotrigine ceftazidime
^01011001110 (568) propofol oxytocin fentanyl midazolam ketamine epinephrine sevoflurane paracetamol remifentanil salbutamol dexmedetomidine clonidine acetaminophen ondansetron diazepam methylprednisolone furosemide abciximab isoflurane albuterol atropine mannitol nitroglycerin hydrocortisone metoclopramide naloxone terbutaline adrenaline mifepristone phenylephrine desmopressin tobramycin rocuronium n-acetylcysteine tirofiban lorazepam alteplase sufentanil ephedrine desflurane streptokinase isoproterenol quinine esmolol beclomethasone droperidol sugammadex fenoterol aminophylline palonosetron
^01011001111 (375) morphine caffeine methadone tramadol buprenorphine oxycodone sumatriptan golimumab paliperidone levonorgestrel budesonide/formoterol ibandronate oxybutynin hydromorphone ganciclovir meperidine tapentadol pethidine flurbiprofen rotigotine pegfilgrastim oxymorphone dexketoprofen salmeterol/fluticasone fexofenadine d-amphetamine teriflunomide cyclobenzaprine trolox methylnaltrexone dexmethylphenidate tafluprost buprenorphine/naloxone sarpogrelate cefetamet buprenorphine-naloxone beacopp ngx-4010 q-switched levomilnacipran piritramide diamorphine ziconotide tcu380a levodopa/carbidopa itopride sirukumab l-methionine
^01011010 (3739) control
^01011011 (3026) placebo
^0101110000000 (360) hypercholesterolemia hyperlipidemia hypomagnesemia hypercholesterolaemia hypertriglyceridemia anorexia dysmenorrhea hyperlipidaemia angioedema hyperuricemia osteopenia hyperlipoproteinemia dysmenorrhoea hypogonadism hypertriglyceridaemia hemorrhoids malocclusion oligohydramnios dyslipidemias haemorrhoids phenylketonuria dermatomyositis hyperaldosteronism hyperlipemia hyperlipoproteinaemia chondrocalcinosis hyperuricaemia dyslipoproteinemia adenomyosis hyperlipidemias
^0101110000001 (208) insomnia trichomoniasis constipation hypothyroidism syphilis dyspepsia gonorrhea hyperthyroidism gonorrhoea endometritis enterococci urticaria chorioamnionitis osteomyelitis scoliosis hypercalciuria cataracts deafness hydrocephalus thyrotoxicosis hypoparathyroidism dysthymia toxoplasmosis epistaxis uremia impotence hyperprolactinemia dysarthria gynecomastia scabies impetigo dysphonia anovulation giardiasis hypomania nightmares chancroid polyhydramnios trichomonosis hypochondriasis ketosis cryptorchidism salmonellosis hypersomnia gastroschisis molluscum epiphora blepharitis metritis dysglycemia
^0101110000010 (197) fever dyslipidemia proteinuria microalbuminuria delirium albuminuria ascites glycemia hematuria dyslipidaemia shivering pyuria amenorrhea viremia eclampsia nocturia glycaemia haematuria unemployment macroalbuminuria delusions hyperphosphatemia schooling splenomegaly amenorrhoea hyperandrogenism viraemia cholesterolemia thrombocytosis halitosis cardiomegaly hemoptysis funisitis polymyositis phimosis crackles
^0101110000011 (197) anemia hypotension neutropenia hyperglycemia anaemia thrombocytopenia bradycardia hypocalcemia hypokalemia hyperglycaemia hydronephrosis hypoxemia hyponatremia hyperkalemia alopecia hypercalcemia hyperinsulinemia leukopenia coagulopathy hypercapnia myelosuppression hypophosphatemia macrosomia hypoalbuminemia hyperhomocysteinemia hypoxaemia leucopenia dyskinesias lipemia hydrops rickets lymphopenia hyperinsulinaemia azotemia normotension hypercalcaemia hypokalaemia hypermagnesemia hypernatremia granulocytopenia hypocalcaemia cytopenias pancytopenia lymphocytosis hypothyroxinemia gonococci leukocytopenia hypervolemia
^0101110000100 (289) obesity malnutrition adiposity poverty overweight/obesity stunting undernutrition hypovolemia
^01011100001010 (298) atherosclerosis myopia atherogenesis neurodegeneration spermatogenesis arteriosclerosis erythropoiesis atherothrombosis osteogenesis hematopoiesis
^01011100001011 (153) falls suicide falling blindness suicidality self-harm concussion bullying self-medication crime rape delinquency suicides homelessness deception predation striae seclusion masculinity choking intrusions pica drowning drunkenness infanticide homicide wandering cyberbullying torture stalking
^0101110000110 (146) pneumonia bacteremia meningitis vaginitis peritonitis endocarditis urethritis gastroenteritis bacteraemia septicemia pneumonitis keratitis cellulitis cervicitis endophthalmitis pneumonias septicaemia bronchopneumonia superinfection enteritis bacteremias superinfections vulvovaginitis
^01011100001110 (135) seizures bacteriuria relapses wheezing syncope adhesions wheeze convulsions candiduria colds gallstones miscarriages stillbirths parasitaemia parasitemia fallers reinfections otorrhea convulsion migraines coughs arousals concussions funguria keloids lymphoceles hyperopia seromas lymphocele microhematuria gametocytes pneumothoraces encephalopathies bradyarrhythmias hives
^01011100001111 (217) sepsis preeclampsia hypoglycemia pre-eclampsia endometriosis hypoglycaemia prematurity jaundice rhabdomyolysis anaphylaxis urolithiasis atopy urosepsis croup hyperbilirubinemia nephrolithiasis candidemia hyperkalaemia cholelithiasis leptospirosis azoospermia tetany silicosis hyponatraemia intussusception leukoaraiosis toxemia melioidosis hyperbilirubinaemia agranulocytosis barotrauma choledocholithiasis proarrhythmia haemoptysis omphalitis
^010111000100 (47) stroke
^0101110001010 (122) bronchitis periodontitis sinusitis prostatitis pharyngitis tonsillitis rhinosinusitis gastritis glomerulonephritis pouchitis laryngitis leukemias
^0101110001011 (129) rejection pancreatitis pyelonephritis cystitis enterocolitis appendicitis spasms cholangitis cholecystitis pericarditis diverticulitis rejections osteitis keratoses tracheobronchitis keratosis hemangiomas fibrinous
^0101110001100 (56) hypertension sarcoidosis
^01011100011010 (62) thrombosis thromboembolism thromboses malapposition
^01011100011011 (120) embolism rhinitis congestion hyperemia thyroiditis conjunctivitis emboli polyposis rhinoconjunctivitis contracture hyperaemia encephalomyelitis embolus carditis alveolitis pemphigoid keratopathy embolisms stuffiness thromboendarterectomy
^010111000111000 (97) psychosis epilepsy glaucoma uveitis aphasia psychoses hemiparesis hemiplegia epilepsies proteoglycans glioblastomas schizophrenics hydrosalpinx photopheresis
^010111000111001 (1591) schizophrenia autism prediabetes acromegaly prehypertension thalassemia pre-diabetes thalassaemia β-thalassemia beta-thalassemia tetraplegia
^010111000111010 (170) osteoporosis fibromyalgia infertility bronchiectasis alcoholism lymphedema amblyopia onychomycosis vitiligo leprosy cachexia varicocele thrombophilia lipodystrophy sarcopenia menorrhagia rosacea lymphoedema paraplegia peri-implantitis narcolepsy achalasia lipoatrophy retinoblastoma multimorbidity myelofibrosis trichotillomania cellulite varicoceles hyperemesis thinness vulvodynia
^010111000111011 (255) dementia cirrhosis agoraphobia sciatica aura empyema keratoconus cholangiocarcinoma myelomeningocele normoalbuminuria pneumoconiosis s9 melancholia dyslexia
^01011100011110 (41) asthma
^010111000111110 (71) bronchiolitis psoriasis acne myocarditis encephalitis melasma retinitis pemphigus condyloma polycythemia dermatophytosis polycythaemia
^010111000111111 (77) migraine tinnitus mania sore gout myasthenia tension-type cervicogenic stuttering breath-holding catatonia
^010111001000 (46) depression
^0101110010010 (87) anxiety
^0101110010011 (134) mood emotion emotions grief moods affectivity
^0101110010100 (739) gender race ethnicity parity race/ethnicity occupation religion phytochemistry gravidity nationality
^0101110010101 (211) sex
^01011100101100 (1282) nausea dizziness erythema somnolence itching irritability vincristine dysuria tetanus ileus anthropometry myalgia stomatitis redness dyspareunia asthenia drowsiness akathisia rheumatism atelectasis nausea/vomiting diphtheria pyrexia arthralgia dysentery vinblastine palpitations flatulence anthropometrics tiredness paresthesia bruising nasopharyngitis hoarseness sneezing kaempferol restlessness leukocytosis rhinorrhea rubella chills valine polyuria mumps photophobia dissertations lethargy tachypnea glare hypotonia
^01011100101101 (1251) vomiting swelling vegetables hematoma tenderness reinfarction minerals astigmatism hallucinations bloating fullness numbness haematoma tannins trismus nephrocalcinosis eosin ecchymosis hematomas spotting thrombophlebitis hypocalciuria pyrazinamide cramping induration straining tingling orgasm re-infarction tearing sweets paresthesias heaviness ptosis retching hpv-18 self-injury 23f haematomas tremors 19f phonophobia telangiectasias hypertonia retractions hydrocele actinobacteria
^01011100101110 (169) fatigue dyspnea agitation aggression pruritus dysphagia spasticity dyspnoea anger tremor hunger gingivitis dyskinesia impulsivity ataxia frailty phlegm breathlessness itch burnout tics apathy inattention guilt xerostomia rumination hostility hirsutism hopelessness shame thirst neuroticism lameness loneliness amnesia sadness hypoventilation malaise anhedonia dysphoria excitement impulsiveness compassion alexithymia salivation enthesitis
^010111001011110 (93) headache throat urgency headaches burning heartburn snoring gravis loudness stinging annoyance backache
^010111001011111 (167) diarrhea cough diarrhoea rash myopathy hepatotoxicity flushing coughing pneumothorax esophagitis emesis vertigo oesophagitis bronchospasm hyperpigmentation parkinsonism ototoxicity nystagmus phlebitis epididymitis myositis fevers osteolysis rashes chorea asystole photosensitivity myoclonus photodamage papules blistering keratoconjunctivitis stridor myotoxicity lumbago sialorrhea panbronchiolitis hyperkeratosis exanthema myelitis polyarthritis
^01011100110 (52) pain
^01011100111000 (132) ulcers radicals warts ulceration orthoses minorities sores ulcerations mutilation mycoplasmas blisters precession abrasions orthotics algometer lacquer profilometry
^01011100111001 (35) ulcer adenoma polyp wart
^01011100111010 (181) americans contraceptives anticoagulants cephalosporin descent indians ancestry leukoplakia tilapia cephem fluoropyrimidines trypanosomiasis antidiabetics emirates jews elephant eel elephants phytopharmaceuticals
^01011100111011 (96) hygiene intercourse candidiasis mucositis fissure aspergillosis douching kyphosis coitus fissures malodor candidosis verge sanitizer rub thrush malodour adenosis rubs zygomycosis
^01011100111100 (47) illness illnesses
^01011100111101 (87) distress obliterans hyperstimulation pigmentosa
^01011100111110 (80) bleeding bleeds bleed bleedings
^01011100111111 (71) hemorrhage haemorrhage encephalopathy acidosis neuralgia translucency hemorrhages blues haemorrhages leukomalacia acidemia aciduria
^010111010 (346) age
^010111011000 (192) morbidity
^010111011001 (138) mortality
^010111011010 (271) death
^0101110110110 (285) vision cigarettes dollars drinks calories stools steps/day micturitions palmetto stereoacuity shots kilocalories colposcopies £20,000 evacuations £30,000
^0101110110111 (144) deaths withdrawals dropouts discontinuations mortalities drop-outs fatalities
^01011101110 (78) survival
^01011101111000 (35) recurrence recurrences misdiagnosis
^01011101111001 (138) relapse restenosis attrition rebleeding reinfection flatus nonunion overtreatment lapse recidivism institutionalization reocclusion tachyphylaxis non-union malunion re-infection
^01011101111010 (137) hospitalization hospitalizations readmission reoperation hospitalisation rehospitalization readmissions stillbirth hospitalisations reintervention reoperations re-operation incarceration reintubation rehospitalizations re-intervention reinterventions re-hospitalization re-admission
^010111011110110 (145) remission dentures remissions normoglycemia euthyroidism
^010111011110111 (156) abstinence attendance absenteeism non-attendance absences abstention overtime
^01011101111100 (92) success resectability
^01011101111101 (192) cure dropout responder false-positive fatality drop-out seroprotection false-negative stone-free discount case-fatality live-birth retear
^01011101111110 (34) event accident
^01011101111111 (54) complication
^010111100000 (42) medication
^010111100001 (54) drug
^01011110001000 (380) bolus booster jet drip shot metered 5-mg row target-controlled 20-mg 300-mg 50-mg 400-mg 2-dose 600-mg 80-mg dripping 150-mg 1-g 3-dose biosimilar 60-mg 1-mg 30-mg 2-g 25-mg 0.5-mg 2-mg 75-mg needle-free one-shot 2.5-mg 8-mg subanesthetic 3-mg ha/cmc
^010111100010010 (72) loading priming counting sparing tapering unloading pushing rolling shielding hall preloading spillover squeezing actuation kindling reloading
^010111100010011 (128) resuscitation overload pneumoperitoneum propria cystoplasty overload-induced overloading expanders enterocystoplasty b+ ore impactor
^01011110001010 (322) washout titration run-in escalation wash-out lead-in pre-ejection dependently preejection detraining proportionality up-titration point-prevalence familiarization dose-titration lockout hiking co-synch depuration blanking escalations off-drug chase
^010111100010110 (92) dosage price fluence irradiance dimensionality
^010111100010111 (181) dosing fractionation
^01011110001100 (137) vaccine microbicide
^010111100011010 (87) vaccination immunization inoculation immunisation immunizations revaccination seats
^010111100011011 (66) prophylaxis thromboprophylaxis chemoprophylaxis stewardship
^010111100011100 (71) prescription repetition dispensing overuse brand refill offending one-repetition 1-repetition toy non-prescription
^010111100011101 (139) prescribing viewing holding injecting ordering watching spending purchasing foraging selling settling inpouch buying winning posting
^010111100011110 (143) pretreatment pre-treatment pre-exercise predose pre-dose co-treatment preexercise preincubation prerandomization rechallenge pre-training cotreatment pre-vaccination pretherapy preinduction trapeziectomy pre-randomization pre-incubation pre-surgery
^010111100011111 (81) contact brushing rinsing confrontation
^0101111001000 (65) alcohol
^01011110010010 (153) tobacco cocaine cannabis marijuana heroin methamphetamine sunscreen ecstasy e-cigarette snuff inhalant
^01011110010011 (162) substance condom pacifier polydrug
^0101111001010 (53) smoking
^01011110010110 (281) nicotine chewing rivastigmine gelatin amphetamine menthol guar paraquat acacia dacron tulobuterol organophosphate sugar-free
^01011110010111 (302) cigarette quitting house smokeless sewage waterpipe diesel hookah crack secondhand second-hand restaurant water-pipe cigar shisha sidestream brick
^01011110011000 (300) endurance treadmill cycling sprint jump ergometer bicycle handgrip squat shuttle jumping agility marathon countermovement ergometry overground self-paced ramp wheel time-trial barefoot brisk rowing squats all-out downhill uphill 5-km sprinting cross-country ergometric rope intermittent-sprint bike leg-press freestyle triathlon shod constant-load multi-purpose hand-grip deadlift light-intensity b-d 100-m crank knee-extension
^01011110011001 (181) walking running swimming ball swim stepping climbing throwing phaco riding climb skiing 6mw wake-up electroshock
^010111100110100 (130) seizure stool burst impulse radio spike twitch flicker cramp resonant breath-hold vowel tetanic nightmare utterance heat-wave
^010111100110101 (183) hearing sweat mammographic sensorineural noise-induced pure-tone bufo
^010111100110110 (145) gait speech sports voice swallowing sport wind flight disaster bimanual p300 math p50 mathematics saccadic recreation saccade spelling vergence shooting fisheries handwriting antisaccade no-go firefighting n170 p3a articulatory s-wave token pullback
^010111100110111 (100) breathing voiding respiration defecation micturition firing urination inspiration sucking landing blink non-dipping sweep grooming transpiration uroflow defaecation micturating centrifuge pedaling blinking
^0101111001110 (69) exercise
^0101111001111 (84) training warm-up
^010111101000 (211) pregnancy
^010111101001000 (121) labor labour menstruation estrus wakefulness menses orthodontics ramadan oestrus organogenesis
^010111101001001 (79) abortion contraception ovulation circumcision miscarriage conception abortions episiotomy farrowing luteolysis cricothyroidotomy caesareans
^010111101001010 (109) breastfeeding fertility employment lactation reproduction breast-feeding sexuality dieting parenthood sterility motherhood cry retirement bereavement return-to-work divorce immigration ethnomedicine meiosis litigation smiling oviposition hand-washing anonymity cohabitation tucking
^010111101001011 (219) colposcopy consultation mammography spirometry urinalysis bronchoscopy polysomnography cystoscopy hysteroscopy amniocentesis aneuploidy sigmoidoscopy mammogram ureteroscopy mammograms urodynamics uroflowmetry colonoscopies tympanometry gastroscopy thoracoscopy bronchoscope karyotyping headphones cystometry relaparotomy heartbeat sonogram saturday neutrons ureteroscope tympanocentesis cystoscope videolaryngoscopy
^010111101001100 (69) intubation endoscopy extubation laryngoscopy inflation intubations suctioning venipuncture deflation inflations enteroscopy
^010111101001101 (71) operation debonding antibiogram
^010111101001110 (98) reperfusion thrombolysis menopause weaning hemostasis fibrinolysis parturition castration puberty mating marriage defibrillation menarche haemostasis chilling slaughter pleurodesis reoxygenation disasters defervescence branding superovulation scalding envenoming hyperenhancement preoxygenation fetoscopy
^010111101001111 (249) aging hypoxia hyperthermia dehydration ageing asphyxia starvation overdiagnosis hyperventilation carrageenan hyperoxia endotoxemia protons desiccation gutta-percha electrophysiology cavitation photoaging heatstroke crowding anoxia eutrophication hypohydration microgravity dormancy overfeeding overeating centralization recess mastication wounding photoperiod electroporation disuse hypocapnia alloxan hypercortisolism witchcraft jogging overcrowding flooding spaceflight hemoconcentration scarification overheating microwaves lyophilization over-diagnosis orthostasis decidualization
^01011110101000 (169) chemotherapy
^01011110101001 (266) radiotherapy laparoscopy chemoradiotherapy cryotherapy brachytherapy chemoradiation trabeculectomy adenoidectomy normothermia electrocautery liposuction radiochemotherapy patching radiosurgery vasectomy hemiarthroplasty coiling lumpectomy amniotomy ldl-apheresis hemofiltration spectacles paracentesis phlebotomy cryoablation microfracture microsurgery cryosurgery hemodiafiltration arthrocentesis myringotomy cautery chemoimmunotherapy shaving electrocoagulation
^010111101010100 (41) anesthesia anaesthesia
^010111101010101 (161) anesthetic anaesthetic anesthetics antiseptic anaesthetics irrigant desensitising
^0101111010101100 (80) sedation noise hydration immunosuppression premedication bathing diuresis tocolysis acculturation peeling hemodilution humidification panting mydriasis anxiolysis flossing phonophoresis
^0101111010101101 (88) analgesia bronchodilation bronchodilatation
^0101111010101110 (162) psychotherapy pharmacotherapy immunotherapy sclerotherapy phototherapy homeopathy gravity polypharmacy debriefing plasmapheresis computers hypnotherapy phytotherapy pharmacogenetics bibliotherapy nanotechnology pharmacogenomics hydrotherapy phobias viscosupplementation boosters polytherapy medicament immunoprophylaxis heredity nanomedicine psychoanalysis flumist rubitecan pharmacoepidemiology bedrest homoeopathy air-conditioning monogamy heuristics psychopharmacotherapy zootherapy
^0101111010101111 (102) anticoagulation misoprostol hypothermia alliance appliance rehydration beta-blockade enema dinoprostone amnioinfusion pessary enemas anti-d hypofractionation haemodilution β-blockade antibiotherapy amlodipine/atorvastatin heparinization
^01011110101100 (283) physiotherapy music massage yoga biofeedback mindfulness touch meditation telemedicine hypnosis psychoeducation telemonitoring qigong telehealth aromatherapy snus dance neurofeedback pilates prayer neurostimulation tuina arts self-sampling reminiscence videoconferencing psycho-education self-affirmation telerehabilitation telecare singing immunoadsorption laughter prehabilitation bga robotics beauty harp assertiveness volunteering centering gratitude piezosurgery lokomat pearls dancing craft drama yogic gymnastics
^01011110101101 (389) acupuncture moxibustion needling electroacupuncture acupressure cupping embedding reflexology balneotherapy sticking electrotherapy osteopathy
^010111101011100 (81) trauma burn burns whiplash poison day-care scald
^010111101011101 (264) dialysis hemodialysis haemodialysis
^010111101011110 (188) oncology cardiology rheumatology psychiatry gynecology urology pediatrics dermatology radiology dentistry neurology ophthalmology agriculture nephrology neurosurgery gastroenterology hematology gynaecology anesthesiology theses otolaryngology endocrinology psychopharmacology orthopedics haematology paediatrics overseas orthopaedics geriatrics intensive-care hepatology neonatology biostatistics neuropsychiatry otorhinolaryngology cytopathology anaesthesiology exergame periodontology alps pulmonology audiology andrology prosthodontics neuro-oncology
^010111101011111 (132) science sciences security psychology toxicology capital biomedicine genomics biotechnology neuroscience informatics professionalism ergonomics ethnobotany anthropology bioethics civilization tourism
^010111101100 (4756) life
^01011110110100 (2725) variance covariance anesthesiologists fallot radioactivity congo heterozygosity henle
^01011110110101 (850) interest
^01011110110110 (205) bias biases
^01011110110111 (291) gestation consciousness utr untranslated utrs ophthalmopathy kin exonuclease
^0101111011100 (42) birth
^0101111011101 (124) term stature form-36
^01011110111100 (123) stay stays
^010111101111010 (87) discharge discharges sacrifice graduation
^010111101111011 (491) admission admissions arrival awakening weekends
^01011110111110 (20) delivery
^010111101111110 (92) entry enrollment enrolment exit necropsy entrance booking 8-weeks
^010111101111111 (279) randomization randomisation calving thermocycling hatch euthanasia
^0101111100000 (62) child
^0101111100001 (118) infant toddler
^0101111100010 (172) physician clinician investigator doctor observer assessor researcher examiner physiotherapist psychiatrist radiologist dentist cardiologist pediatrician anesthesiologist friend rater pathologist urologist interviewer instructor obstetrician statistician neurologist evaluator employer dermatologist gynecologist prescriber rheumatologist anaesthetist scientist nephrologist supervisor ophthalmologist
^0101111100011 (317) mother surgeon baby manufacturer neonate reader smoker earth father athlete sponsor victim spouse dam husband endoscopist sister proband god daughter experimenter speaker editor wife son president bedroom farmer perpetrator guardian traveler brother soldier applicant
^010111110010 (45) patient
^0101111100110 (128) woman person man girl boy confederate mare primigravida lady
^01011111001110 (104) participant resident user client volunteer bird survivor trainee respondent stakeholder learner wellcome beneficiary customer
^01011111001111 (90) subject dog couple horse
^010111110100 (391) placenta fetus myocardium aorta cervix stomach nucleus lungs uterus hippocampus pancreas abdomen apex esophagus vagina endometrium striatum rectum pelvis urethra retina diaphragm ileum testis ureter cerebellum corpus testes hypothalamus mandible jejunum trachea cornea decidua cytosol larynx epidermis duodenum maxilla myometrium oesophagus dermis penis peritoneum pericardium patella chordae tonsils oropharynx thorax
^0101111101010 (1447) uk usa netherlands minnesota 1990s 1980s 1970s massachusetts 1960s puerperium philippines rotterdam meantime 1950s lancet u.k. gambia premier bmj americas midwest athena u.s.a. ingelheim groningen utrecht universe swanson 1940s mid-1990s 1930s
^0101111101011 (660) world publisher caribbean nation nottingham nihr amazon u.s tropics
^01011111011000 (177) core melting globe ca1 hub gelatinization scaffolding nest
^01011111011001 (306) whole foreign golgi floating lewy langendorff fruiting
^01011111011010 (805) crystal 1st title edinburgh harmonic pittsburgh monoclinic orthorhombic leeds thiazide-sensitive ground-state gentian spinel ambu mol-ecular tata karaya triclinic rustogi
^01011111011011 (576) middle inner outer ductus elementary aerial bottom basolateral underground rear qing ming peri-infarct two-compound gruen outermost thinnest xylene-induced
^01011111011100 (326) morning summer evening winter mid spring afternoon autumn weekend glidescope incubator normoxia rainy montgomery 2011-2012 weekday rhode 2012-2013 air-q hindgut workday 1997-1998
^010111110111010 (149) newborn offspring workplace spirit prison nursery progeny lamina sow lamb buffalo suckling kitchen unborn shelter ejaculate goldfish fattening medaka avatar foal mink 50s prestige post-weaning 40s 70s 12-month-old baboon custody inflorescence ferret gilt
^010111110111011 (235) donor foam recipient farm cpg sibling cadaveric herd sand acceptor satellite goat cadaver racing heidelberg frog pigeon flock donating passenger dove slaughterhouse occupant donor-recipient
^01011111011110 (417) color soil ground tongue sea bulk colour lake river bay lattice shade ocean pitch click vegetation interior desert inlet vertex mold beach subsurface roof runoff reef crab l5-s1 vent microclimate rhizosphere canopy ink acrosome influent concha wetland taihu moss complexion pond snow planting shore foliage turf grassland watershed aquifer sandy
^01011111011111 (173) surface rim catchment
^01011111100 (817) baseline
^010111111010 (364) post-treatment night posttreatment post-intervention postintervention 24h post-test pretest posttest postexercise post-exercise pre-test 6-months post-training 6h post-pci postprocedure 12-months post-baseline post- 12h post-therapy post-procedure posttraining end-of-treatment 3-months 48h 30min postbaseline 8h postinjection 6months retest posttherapy 30s 12months 12-weeks post-study 5min six-months post-op 4-weeks postop 4weeks 3months three-months post-chemotherapy 60s 15min 72h
^010111111011 (1722) rest bedtime 37°c 40°c nets 30°c 25°c 3t 50°c end-systole 60°c 35°c 30° end-diastole 20°c 42°c 4°c 45°c 90° 45° 55°c 100°c 1.5t 32°c 80°c 33°c 34°c 36°c 60° 3.0t 38°c walker 70°c 180° 5°c 90°c 22°c 10° 10°c 24°c 15° noon 41°c midnight
^010111111100 (120) weekly monthly yearly hourly biweekly quarterly twice-weekly 3-weekly bimonthly thrice-weekly fortnightly bi-weekly 3-monthly
^010111111101 (58) daily
^010111111110 (89) hospital
^01011111111100 (256) office standing supine sitting awake seated upright lying waking asleep quiet recumbent nondipping sn-2 trendelenburg squatting erect lane lithotomy pre-hd sniffing ramped sleep-time post-hd sits ker eyes-closed bipedal leaning semirecumbent semi-recumbent
^01011111111101 (291) ambulatory holter 12-lead casual predialysis pre-dialysis beat-to-beat visit-to-visit self-measured signal-averaged interarm
^01011111111110 (133) home domiciliary kaiser
^010111111111110 (95) constant plateau constants spinning stereomicroscope
^010111111111111 (83) room rooms theatre theater fluorodeoxyglucose refrigerator
^01100000 (70) arm
^01100001 (128) group
^01100010000 (116) year
^011000100010 (52) month
^011000100011 (160) hour minute milligram
^01100010010 (74) week
^01100010011 (92) day pod
^01100010100 (133) hundred thousand
^011000101010 (89) percent fold
^011000101011 (566) consecutive
^01100010110 (52) out
^011000101110 (146) times
^0110001011110 (29) point
^0110001011111 (53) points
^01100011000 (290) type
^011000110010 (71) phase rome
^0110001100110 (151) grade grades para
^01100011001110 (102) class
^01100011001111 (49) stage
^011000110100 (417) vitamin 25-hydroxyvitamin vit
^0110001101010 (559) apolipoprotein apo ultraviolet cyclin phospholipase thromboxane annexin apoprotein cathepsin inhibin aflatoxin cyt factor-kappa apoproteins rhodamine granzyme procyanidin neurokinin p70 hnrnp lamin cyclins fumonisin cd19+ tracp nf-kappa coxsackievirus
^0110001101011 (424) hepatitis amphotericin mitomycin cystatin hemophilia serogroup haemophilia polymyxin
^0110001101100 (526) alzheimer parkinson crohn hodgkin ringer john non-hodgkin barrett george bell gitelman huntington raynaud kaposi cushing sjögren tourette bartter hashimoto turner freund ewing behçet dragon wegener peyronie dupuytren gaucher friedreich mary paget burkitt hartmann ménière asperger joseph peyer pompe crow eisenmenger ebstein vertucci
^0110001101101 (933) student household fisher pearson cow spearman cohen tukey cronbach king diamond simpson hen fischer hill simon wilson egger lee masson cochran baker queen chen zelen fridericia clark dunn kendall dixon avicenna jin ship begg alexander eagle amsel broca dunnett dice akaike rubin peter cooper mulliken guyatt duncan newton writer bowen
^0110001101110 (147) e. escherichia entamoeba euphorbia
^0110001101111 (887) l. de methyl radix phenyl der ginkgo cholesteryl methylene pyridine aryl listeria dimethyl pyrimidine stanol benzyl acetyl trypan phorbol indocyanine quinoline methoxy thiophene evans isopropyl tert-butyl pyrrole sitostanol allyl diphenyl bodipy butyl quinoxaline panavia bunge brilliant carbazole toluidine ivy
^0110001110 (361) those
^01100011110 (70) one
^0110001111100 (188) half one-third doubling two-thirds one-half one-quarter one-fifth three-quarters one-fourth
^01100011111010 (88) instead pooling handsearching copyright proponents hand-searching merging
^01100011111011 (423) none handsearches
^0110001111110 (570) eudract umin prospero
^0110001111111 (1454) he she whichever he/she
^011001000 (1138) ]
^01100100100 (201) acid
^01100100101 (41) acids
^01100100110 (2040) -induced immunosorbent -based .the colony-forming -positive -dependent -mediated -treated -related -negative -adrenergic -associated -guided -like -containing -infected -stimulated -lowering -producing -specific -2,5-diphenyltetrazolium -derived -activated .we -catalyzed -resistant -ar -binding -type -doped -deficient -nitro-l-arginine /akt -free -rich .one .for c-urea -adjuvanted -sensitive .no -controlled -enriched -labeled -and -approved .two -targeted -selective
^01100100111 (11265) o å -agonists ° /l cfu/ml -cholesterol -agonist cd25 -atpase f-fdg cfu/g /ml -c /day -3- -one cells/ml ·min -1- .there -n /s -1β /m -2- /d /kg pyrene f-flt /h ide -alpha /k /g pfu -h propyl 2d3 -a xe ×10 cd38 -5- -4- -ones -β-d-glucan /fio
^0110010100 (4636) aeruginosa falciparum gonorrhoeae mirabilis faecalis vulgaris difficile catarrhalis subtilis pedis sinensis sativa lactis baumannii chinensis indica officinalis vivax vera acidophilus gingivalis japonica paulo rhamnosus casei marcescens faecium cereus officinale bovis niger nigra meningitidis miltiorrhiza ovale fumigatus calmette-guérin canis perfringens cloacae longum alba repens acuminata avium lamblia cholerae paracasei communis indicus
^011001010100 (324) vaginalis foetus gondii cruzi gallinae pallidum brucei tenax procumbens forsythia 380a crispa contagiosum
^011001010101 (260) pylori influenzae parainfluenzae akashiwo contortus pylori-positive pylori-negative pylori-infected ducreyi capsulatum meleagridis polymorpha persicum
^011001010110 (662) pneumoniae aureus hominis cerevisiae mutans epidermidis typhimurium pyogenes brevis genitalium enteritidis saprophyticus boulardii typhi agalactiae thermophilus maltophilia suis haematobium oxytoca mansoni baicalensis japonicum flexneri equi trichiura stercoralis flavescens karger hyopneumoniae gallinarum pombe viridans obliquus costatum parviflora donghaiense paratyphi intermedius solfataricus
^011001010111 (886) trachomatis expenditure albicans simplex zoster elegans urealyticum melanogaster glabrata jejuni enterica pneumophila parvum lucidum tropicalis neoformans magna parapsilosis laevis lumbricoides aegypti krusei polykrikoides enterocolitica burnetii abortus albopictus salina testosteroni immitis elata labialis genitalis circovirus psittaci glutamicum roseus urinae dalenii vaginale guilliermondii pseudotuberculosis bancrofti gigantea pestis plica maydis mellonella raciborskii radiodurans
^01100101100 (52) ratios
^01100101101 (379) ratio
^01100101110 (131) intervals
^01100101111 (151) interval
^01100110000 (1067) p. a. m. b. n. r. f. tinea mycobacterium st. von i. j. o. salvia dr. são artemisia santa curcuma piper puerto terminalia schistosoma z. solanum cassia polychlorinated polygonum brassica rosa org allium ficus ocimum x. q. nicotiana dermatophagoides garcinia cinnamomum mentha dioscorea poria vitex zanthoxylum angelicae capsicum pichia saint
^01100110001 (1890) pseudomonas lactobacillus bacillus proteus plasmodium enterococcus neisseria clostridium aspergillus bifidobacterium enterobacter acinetobacter leishmania serratia vibrio aloe microcystis moraxella bacteroides fusarium giardia angelica alexandrium citrobacter phyllanthus cordyceps trichophyton eimeria zingiber substantia nigella branhamella porphyromonas chlorella glycyrrhiza providencia streptomyces condylomata prevotella penicillium symbiodinium burkholderia oryza babesia vernonia serenoa aeromonas corpora schisandra rheum
^011001100100 (146) t. trichomonas gardnerella trypanosoma toxoplasma treponema tritrichomonas tannerella
^011001100101 (229) h. haemophilus helicobacter anti-h.
^011001100110 (259) s. staphylococcus streptococcus klebsiella k. mycoplasma saccharomyces serovar trichuris scutellaria karenia blastocystis strongyloides rhodococcus sophora
^0110011001110 (161) c. d. g. ms. w. y. ldl-c.
^0110011001111 (499) chlamydia candida herpes salmonella legionella ureaplasma u. campylobacter caenorhabditis shigella cryptosporidium corynebacterium cryptococcus ascaris ganoderma acanthamoeba aedes daphnia brucella yersinia prorocentrum actinomyces leptospira malassezia phlebotomus cochlodinium trichosporon trichinella chlamydophila aerococcus noctiluca sarcocystis demodex dirofilaria acropora torulopsis mobiluncus amoebophrya theileria coxiella
^0110011010 (29) confidence credible
^011001101100 (457) odds
^011001101101 (357) hazard signal-to-noise waist-to-hip albumin/creatinine contrast-to-noise
^011001101110 (3300) pre- pre short- age- low- intra- first- high- single- preintervention placebo- inter- one- pro- sex- intra mono- moderate- patient- micro- second- medium- mid- homo hematoxylin peri- self- three- intermediate- heat- early- long- fixed- chemo- t- in- 24- bland within- alpha- macro- dersimonian uni- hypo- gender- once- hyper- third- middle- intra-day
^0110011011110 (1689) log 3- 2- 1- 4- 6- 5- n- 12- 10- 25th two- 8- 7- benzo 0- l- 9- α- 30- anti- 20- 15- d- 18- 50- s- four- 25- 60- 40- r- di- 1.5- cis- p- 14- 16- 11- trans- 13- 5'- o- 3-o- poly- bis- u- 2.5- 0.5- cyp2c9*2
^0110011011111 (834) 1:1 e/a 2:1 0-10 odd 1:1:1 0-100 pep/lvet 1:2 3:1 e/ea s/d gmt tc/hdl-c ldl-c/hdl-c ldl/hdl pao2/fio2 lf/hf e/em 4:1 male/female fev1/fvc 1:1:1:1 test/reference 1:3 l/m train-of-four cd4/cd8 h/m 1:4 50:50 bax/bcl-2 p/s tc/hdl 2:2:1 em/am 5:1 naa/cr α/β cd4+/cd8+ rv/lv 1:10 3:2 1:5 gsh/gssg on/off pep/et 50/50 r/s c/e
^0110011100000 (98) ? !
^0110011100001 (1637) �¹ kg� 10� �� fev� m� ca²� ori ml� cd4� l� min� h� ¹� t� �² g� k� d� �/l b� day� cd8� �/� signi� na� // ¹³� �cs a� f� s� �³ �c hba� �¹·min� mg²� mg� cant nad� yb³� δ� log� coq� 10-3 β�
^0110011100010 (2896) ovid q delta isi pedro euroqol ebsco abbott medtronic pfizer merck johnson cambridge novartis co. pharma edwards smith xx colgate astrazeneca bayer xy squibb isis bristol-myers philips lin sanofi alcon wang amgen siemens jones vita aquacel genentech ethicon pasteur kiggs koch tech fresenius institut pierre zhang storz james omron thompson
^01100111000110 (486) al exp al. versa rhizoma ltd gmbh jama plana llc oncol transbond surg a/s folium physiol
^01100111000111 (481) et av tap atrioventricular pars clin xt a-v coptidis ian chuanxiong atrio-ventricular corydalis
^011001110010 (78) ''
^01100111001100 (476) aids qi hiv/aids yin yang dampness shen g6pd zheng gan damp-heat damp wei huang dan dampness-heat yin-yang blood-stasis exterior phlegm-dampness zhi williams qi-deficiency yang-deficiency gan-shen yin-deficiency ling fei pi-shen chang zi qi-yin deqi hua gui shu xin yu ren jing xiao zhu phlegm-stasis grocery luo phlegm-heat xu yan kidney-yin
^01100111001101 (1924) off spontaneously paced ... elapsed yes stops suffocation in-between
^01100111001110 (801) us
^011001110011110 (220) language speaking thaliana vocabulary rica
^011001110011111 (573) text audit trap dot sub inclusive atlas prism page sup /sub excel dream /sup eclipse yeaple sky icpr macron /i 677c
^011001110100 (14043) http yag // url isrctn h7 nct 1. // // ysgg doi neodymium https diptera actrn hymenoptera yttrium-aluminum-garnet coleoptera erbium preterax // // // hemiptera cprs-r y2o3 nct00530894 polyi wpai
^0110011101010 (1249) identifier o157 identifiers
^0110011101011 (1000) follows
^0110011101100 (588) sp i.v spp b.i.d i.m var t.i.d subsp linn ssp tab q.d o.d phys rev syn chem staph b.d benth i.d thunb engl roxb willd q.i.d bb-12 strep sensu biol maxim i.t i.c.v boiss t.d.s sieb c.e.r.a pall franch s.l
^0110011101101 (1003) i.e e.g i.p p.o s.d c.i n.s fig viz resp approx b.w r.m.s s.e p=0 s.e.m
^0110011101110 (145) old ago olds
^01100111011110 (117) later post-randomization postrandomization post-injury
^01100111011111 (368) postoperatively thereafter post-operatively afterwards post-dose postdose onwards post-surgery postsurgery afterward post-vaccination postnatally onward post-injection post-operation postinjury postvaccination postoperation postprandially p.i post-infection post-dosing postinfection postchallenge
^01100111100000 (348) s h2o uln ε
^01100111100001 (259) m l m2 μ
^01100111100010 (294) v v. / *
^01100111100011 (1980) f δ ln f2 τ in-process ω π f4 mef
^01100111100100 (344) iv ia ib s.c.
^01100111100101 (880) bw bid po qd dl od tid bodyweight tds l-1 eq hemagglutinin qw q2w 2g q3w 10mg/kg bwt day-1 qid b.i.d. i.v. 3g 1mg/kg q12h ass eow 5mg/kg sulphamethoxazole dl-1 50mg/kg q8h q4w tiw d-1 q24h 2mg/kg t.i.d. bw/day haemagglutinin dph q6h i/ml a.i./ha once/day infs me/kg se/kg 6-hourly bw/d
^01100111100110 (360) er ir sr ec dc li xr nd propionate mofetil fdc dpi axetil pmdi lar smc trometamol xl lai odt 1g etexilate hfa turbuhaler fosamil rx pivoxil proxetil hbb enacarbil mmx 10mg/day turbohaler dppc hydrobromide maba 20mg/day
^011001111001110 (110) pufa fa pufas fas lcpufa lc-pufa lcpufas fad efa lc-pufas lcp eec forte 18:2 hufa efas pufa-rich
^011001111001111 (517) se pro rs amp sas trp lys arc ecog cubic recist mmn lo cmj hmw cys ups api gmp qc ox hep ly nn oxy snap ve/vco2 den pedot vis ben wh ver tmg 3s hvla fov ora rcf eng sfd dev tib s-s
^0110011110100 (8984) interleukin fev hba χ poly vo lipopolysaccharide η 1,25 pge cd34 streptozotocin pao del zusanli spo yb sanyinjiao mgso hegu ptdins lp-pla p2y paco sao fio baihui neiguan β- rhpth as03 shenshu chads guanyuan ang- taichong ve/vco fef 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine fengchi jiaji neurotrophin-3 1×10 eudragit p2x ν dazhui hyperpolarized nucleos shenmen
^01100111101010 (853) co cl fe ic mn ni ag pb ch eu ti au nh sn pco ho tio ovalbumin dy o3 cx bh hk clo inv 5d tet ch4 aac mpp cd56 zr sio dtap scn erm afb 4f al2o3 cha nana gal3 jh δh nh4 co3 pyr cd16 aqua ccr7
^01100111101011 (1112) ca lp cu na zn 5-ht gaba ru pgf cd3 nad ccl bla mg2+ ser trna amg coq 5-hydroxytryptamine s1p tyr tris 5ht 1,3-propanediol hco
^01100111101100 (253) beta beta-2 cyclooxygenase cyclooxygenase-2 calcium-channel angiotensin-receptor beta2 β2 cyclo-oxygenase alpha-1 alpha-2
^01100111101101 (309) alpha α gamma γ vii sigma theta σ ix epsilon viii fab lambda β1 κb θ xi viia α1 receptor-2 beta1 p40 2c19 alpha1 4e xii α4 vk kappab
^01100111101110 (522) cd4 cd4+ cd8 killer cd8+ helper polymorphonuclear cd3+ t-helper cd19 autoreactive γδ
^01100111101111 (404) t nk treg
^011001111100 (283) i 1a 2a 1b
^0110011111010 (142) ii iia 2b
^0110011111011 (391) iii iib i-ii iiib i/ii iii-iv iii/iv iiia ii/iii i-iii ii-iv ii-iii
^01100111111000 (144) d d3 b12 d₃
^011001111110010 (294) e b6 e1 k1 k2 oxygenase-1
^011001111110011 (753) k d2 a1 d1 a-i a2 b1 p2 b2 c2 c1 foxp3 p3 r1 m3 a-ii a3 5a e4 aii d4 6a 6b a-1 b-100 b3 5b e6 c-iii a- c/t k3 3c b100 a4 m5 a5 d₂ cii 7a 4c 6c ciii -b 9a
^01100111111010 (169) c
^01100111111011 (565) b
^01100111111100 (203) cent qaly life-year liter kilogram milliliter deciliter patient-year capita annum lyg person-year microliter daly
^01100111111101 (3562) words sterling =.02 espe =.01 =.001 =.04 salaam =.03 =0.001 =0.05 =.002 =.003 =.004 =.05 zeiss =0.01 =.005 unitek rerio =0.02 mykiss
^01100111111110 (257) coli histolytica hirta
^01100111111111 (1014) novo ester p450 affairs monocytogenes biloba reuteri plantarum hydrocarbon methacrylate pointes factor-κb sulfoxide janeiro scutellariae waals astragali glycyrrhizae paeoniae factor-kappab p-450 heijde bupleuri quervain rehmanniae tropica salud vannamei edodes medicina 12-myristate thiazolyl crispatus paraben recherche innocua myristate puerariae isatidis vega facto rohita leucocephala garvieae sulphoxide jasmonate rhinocerotis intracellularis variegatus sophorae
^0110100000 (84) bp bps abp bpv
^01101000010 (268) ldl-c hba1c fev1 hb fvc non-hdl-c scr sua ldlc hgb hiv-rna osi lic
^01101000011 (406) iop a1c vo2 inr bg dp/dt icp qtcf suv pc20 dp/dtmax vo₂ +dp/dt hvpg spl iops μtbs rso2 -dp/dt blls inrs qtci ufc brac sto2 svo2 mmo dpoae pvo2 rtnss copayment
^01101000100 (903) bmd fmd hrv imt cimt rom bcva cbf dmi pbmc bmc pbmcs mvpa ppt msna snr brs balf ree mbf lbm tss ffm rmr ecd fbf hcw tewl rcbf mpod meps p/ai sna rrf cft rnfl cbv tnss opp abmd wbcs btm tmv sia tsb fsr abd jsn ppts cvl
^01101000101 (696) qol hrqol hrql adl mcs pros qlq-c30 tpb ql hr-qol adls iadl wtp sip cars rob saq ops
^01101000110 (3229) sbp dbp los cmax homa-ir pwv fpg lvmi wc ahi pef sv edv rpe homa esr esv lvm aix tmax spo2 pao2 ttr vat bapwv 6mwd tre aptt paco2 ppg pefr qmax cvp lvedd auc0-∞ ivrt whr pfr bop lvesv lvedv wbgt cnr lvet nmd acr50 mpap lav wmsi sao2
^011010001110 (760) lvef ef ri em abi pvr psv mpi tapse cct cfr gls pasp rvef lvedp iva fcr iss cmt fac acd crl ccr bac pru ipa hrr sbs pcwp rvsp frs mpr lavi mip ffr spap emax sdi aai nlr mld aer crcl ava fdr aw espvr dmf aasi esvi
^011010001111 (583) bmi wbc iq cal das28 thi t1/2 t-score basdai weight-for-age euroscore bmis
^0110100100 (2905) max oh th il 1/2 vi po4 py 001 bpy ictrp pos ±sd asteraceae 2c no3 adj 4+ 1-34 +/-sd ntr smds lamiaceae fabaceae tgf 3,5 cctr 6/7 chemo ½ anzctr 2,3 reg 0001 ovidsp 1-84 ++ yes/no 3-36 neg euphorbiaceae 1-42 clo4 α=0.05 phen ch3 cost- so4
^01101001010 (597) cis wt hrs ors rh qalys rrs vo2max 1h cri w/w mvc 2h 1rm ewl naocl iccs w/v vo2peak icers vol 4h nnts sid gmts rda pred fpr 1-rm tbsa 5h lmp gmcs wt/wt loa mvic hq hrmax hpi id/g dalys irrs cfus hpf ppvs fpsa v˙o2max doca bacs cris
^01101001011 (1799) os pfs dfs mace orr ttp rfs efs tvr dcr macce maces dup ffs ttf lrc sich lfs afs tlf svr12
^0110100110 (1898) vas sf-36 panss mmse womac madrs eq-5d mrs ipss nrs epds pasi ham-d dash bdi cgi odi nihss hdrs hamd updrs adas-cog sgrq psqi cgi-s cgi-i edss iief ymrs sf-12 fiq haq ham-a hads bprs ndi ces-d pga phq-9 ikdc bdi-ii cdai npi tug iief-5 sofa fim bpi kps vrs
^0110100111 (2883) fda pk itt roc h1n1 dft ncep eortc whi cdc xrd nice dsc nih plco mrc icf erg aha gee locf nci hta rtog mdrd asco dcct irb esc mar tga nsabp erspc jupiter allhat h3n2 aap ontarget uspstf ann eular pk/pd plato nbo stich pls mitt hers xps epoc
^01101010000 (527) pe cp ar cap ap bv gc ab ts ds np dd vt pep crf dr gs gr vf td sap bm om ah gd le fn acc pss ob bcs fi bsa sts abs apc par pac ips css paf cpp bss ams cbp aad caps rsa ccs bat
^011010100010 (310) mi ai ich tia cnv mis ih cme ait pma cab ptd mtp sre cva pte aur avd pacs iis
^011010100011 (525) dm pad bd sad med lbbb lsil ascus pds prom pht aps ifg isr hsil mvp smi ws sbi pvd asc-us cin3 bav cto crps cma imi cin2 dcd rvo rbbb ritalin ape mde asc-h ptl cin1 rfm vfs srd mfp uh fob lch hoa boo dys cin2-3 mpe ltm
^01101010010 (498) nsclc hcc crc amd mcrc rcc eoc cml cll sclc npc nhl dcis apl dlbcl hnscc huvecs gist gbm agc crpc asm oscc tnbc vsmcs escc huvec mpm er+ scchn nmibc pdac armd ffpe alcl ovca ccrcc crlm gists mefs btc cml-cp ctcl er- pcnsl hgg
^011010100110 (272) oa pca bc pda bal eps aaa tof scc sln pop cbd bcc pmma pfo eos tep dtc pcl esi ptc ptfe lns ks tmj vsd mtc hpt lss fls eas aaas loc aks dsb cec ivd nbs taa avm aep lca cfc chp cystocele bccs eptfe cgh wat hboc
^011010100111 (884) pd hd ais fep hl fl fd crs capd fes eh vad ntg bn poag shf cms icm chc pdd sch apd ttc mcl cr1 ccc sars hnc sz rw chl crvo pbd mhd msa tmt psc rtr rgd mmd sht bds hhd gts hed pmd lds snd pccs ptcl
^011010101000 (910) copd ckd chf t2dm mdd esrd ards hfpef t2d aecb dn clbp ipf ali t1d dm2 cli ahf adpkd adhf hfnef mods ttts ild igan phpt osahs koa hf-pef cteph ahfs ipah ngu hefh dkd mhe eskd gca ndo hrpc ibs-d
^011010101001 (747) ra cf pcos fh fm sle aml dcm ibd ssc hcm als niddm mbc igt chb mds cfs t1dm rrms sca ghd dmd mfs iddm jia mrcc pbc idc fap scleroderma pws hfref shrs mcrpc ebc pku aav dm1 dlb nerd cidp amci fmf spms eoe hlhs hnpcc lgs pfps
^0110101010100 (132) hf itp hae hlp mnd
^0110101010101 (241) af lbp ui gvhd ome lrti vt/vf mtct svt uui afl wad tth vcfs poi fog mee afib hdp gabhs
^0110101010110 (467) ami acs stemi sci sah msm pprom fsws nstemi aecopd nste-acs idus brvo ohca mtbi pots nsteacs idu bppv fsw plhiv nvaf plwha asah cvt pwe acss plwh fbss dfu pwid iem pmo raaa ivnc ebpr albp absssi polytrauma stbi inph utuc ebd
^0110101010111 (203) ad tbi pah bph cia olp nod scid vms rcm nms c1-inh sca3
^01101010110 (1101) uti utis vte dvt vap ponv ssi aom cauti pid cdi ptb bsi rtis poaf ssis cin2+ urti ger hais ci-aki cinv uri ifi cautis hri aris lrr pdph sids sres cdad lrtis ruti bhr cin3+ ntds amr ncds cve urtis crbsi bpar onj cves ifis
^011010101110 (409) adhd ptsd ibs ocd asd ppd bpd gerd gad oab tmd pms rls fms sud pnd nas aud gord pmdd bpsd hus bdd cp/cpps suds ibs-c auds hsdd cipn ad/hd fasd plms sli ded ltbi
^011010101111 (871) cad mets osa lvh vur scd aki nafld gdm bos lvsd pph ish sam nec phn sui iugr luts rds rop cts htn dhf cld nash ohss osas lvdd ivh arf dme dpn imr lvd bo dic sirs sdb cav pdr ida cdh fmr trd boop mvd cvi rvd pih
^011010110000 (969) pci cabg tka cpb rygb ptca tha hsct ercp tavi avr lagb evar thr lsg sct ppci eswl pvi pcnl esd opcab lasik tavr bmt lrygb mvr asct leep gbp evla prk tkr rygbp vats lletz cag tme clp olv swl olt ltx tur vbg egd rosc fess htx cxl
^011010110001 (1734) crt des lc cea cas bms iol rp lt pes ees turp uae hct ess dbs scs tvt mta lvad iabp iols crt-d acdf dse lng-ius pvp aci tiva tdr silc tot bct alnd zes tmr mms sems bes oht imn dst lbc tvt-o mrm psf snb dcc evlt dess
^011010110010 (2112) cbt rt nrt nac lmwh 5-fu pn peg pdt fp ufh bcg en mmf rfa mmc tpa srs srp chm pta slit niv ipc tam tace udca sit imrt ncpap ipt smt mbsr tdf txa kt pcv wbrt azt caf omt cmf prt ino dbt efv tiv ldx pst cst
^0110101100110 (440) art hrt ivf cpr haart adt spa icsi iui prep cart ecmo ecv dapt slt rrt arv cic mmt smbg vct tki pbl bse mht bls ept hbpm ivf/icsi lbnp fgm ivf-et tdm eti kmc iptp ist aht cvvh coh vbac tpe arvs larc tls dnr egfr-tki fet sgc nfp
^0110101100111 (753) arb icd ics mtx ppi oc ssri nsaid ifn acei laba hctz aed mdi ccb esa coc sri nvp lam dmard cni rbv 5-asa adv vka lpv/r oac ace-i su gpi ivr nnrti lda acei/arb ocp dmpa zdv atv ifn-α tzd ddi nrti serm nb-uvb oad saba drv/r hcq ltra
^011010110100 (1053) dha lps epa e2 glp-1 hcg fsh ala cho ne pge2 acth dhea ctx h2o2 cla fo anp sfa bpa thc adp ach gm-csf edta l-name ova p4 ecp coq10 cholecalciferol t-pa don gln glu avp mufa dox cga arg gip ntx pm2.5 phe inulin ara lpa dpa bap hgf
^011010110101 (2597) gh cpap rtms tdcs tens g-csf epo ect mph ivig egcg tms mdma wbv ot lllt cpm cbz zol hbot ripc nmes rhgh ptx ifn-alpha hbo atd gnrha hifu apap vns ctm rhuepo pse ces gxr bfr rsg ccm heliox egb gnrh-a mars crrt ifx rai pemf krg eecp l-t4
^011010110110 (2749) cd uc con cg ss hc pl ls hp sb ig nc lf g1 sg br hi shr pla g2 rc hh hfd tn gt bs pbo int res hm cci f1 g3 ili tx nb ctl wky ngt nr ovx i-gel lg ref cont ctr hcs lac sta wlc
^0110101101110 (783) cs ht sc hs ha im csa prp ip tac dcs cb ld bt ep hes sh dex mf cpt bb rm op iso mab pas hmg chx wl nf ada mct hme tca btx-a pbs pcc eb gtn sst fu cds aas eo tmp ecs msc ivb atg dss
^01101011011110 (580) aa cc pc tau ea ses sa da tt ac ta mt mp mc nt tp te fc mb m1 tf ff sl ao gg soc psi mh s1 rb pcb gl p1 mbp cop est mva tat ll sep fb l1 wb asp fg s2 bud atx asc cw
^01101011011111 (497) cr ps pp pr ga pt ce tm si ee fs re sm bi ba pf sf ppv ft bf dp dt lm vc pcs ge ve ei gcs di cn pps vp vd sat tst cps ro str tlc lod dg hv sk spc wa pip tba irt lu
^01101011100000 (284) la co2 csf wm o2 pv n2 laa epc fdg bbb tl fv cod ivc lvot n1 n3 rvot co₂ uf ans gcf pfm bci les pmn hsc tom ssb wmh voc cnt tj vsmc flt o₂ btb 131i stm pib mibg evt svc wml abg 99mtc ucl bz mnc
^01101011100001 (269) mr rf id snp tr epi lge iris phi du dw rva biv vvi isa icg dor pan spr hdr mr. vlp cti dce dali asl dddr cfae tse tz ez vdd dtpa atn brdu ldr gma oks raa stir icon mil cfl avn cfe dsl lvi gre fus
^01101011100010 (309) gi uv cns sun shs uvb ets ionizing hab sunlight nir uva uv-b ant uvr hdm emf gu smf git ugi sers uv-a daylight oar uv-c ionising neuro nbc e-waste lut thz uvc cosmic fhb ghg drv mwf tcf high/low
^01101011100011 (698) 3d gp 2d 3-d vr smart dsm 2-d star 1d pvc 4d niti ecl icd-9 mems illumina cie photo magic ccd auto cad/cam cobra plga freehand icd-9-cm uplc fret zip c-arm sla usda sphygmocor sled fame cect beh maldi pico nlo lava quad miracle sapphire cantab lunar clia ou mem
^01101011100100 (933) ed svr acr lad lma sar cvc 6mwt ogtt ecc ems abc ica mca ari ipd ett acr20 dlpfc cca sma pfc avf anc sns dv rca hsr oi mtd dpp apa emr gsv sos tbs rvr spt ppc ttm hat ats ofc ema aws dlt eras ims ped cvr
^01101011100101 (461) icu nhs icus nicu pacu drg picu ent phc s3 ltc genbank hmo bari un wic peace ltcf ccu sicu asf nsqip hhc l2/3 micu symbicort mco pride vha wdr picus snf
^01101011100110 (327) pa sti std tv ipv sms hai car pcp app television fobt hbp pmtct rti pu gwg rtw apn opa ebf mch srh ipe sse qa nab nv htc nssi chw mtm dai hcp sba scp uhi ntd chat phd ade dui ipm ltpa aod ostomy crcs gift rpr dsh
^01101011100111 (1006) tcm cam ebm cer otc ebp psii ehr sdm crts trm cmm dmc tcam scm tim pfa mhealth bont cbpr
^01101011101000 (181) cvd chd ihd alri ncd ascvd brd cvds ehi
^01101011101001 (292) cv timi hpa arrhythmic bold svg grace quorum lmca dth rgc ulmca gd+
^01101011101010 (227) st st-segment non-st-segment lactated non-st nste jnc ilm bhi triton-timi sfp hob
^01101011101011 (211) psa pap cac peep papanicolaou dip pca3 poc trab liquid-based abr lsd inter fsg thinprep oae hnp slr nbt cfdna mtwa gram-stained vdrl cff
^01101011101100 (197) ms mpa mv db mci dim kd mas hu lb gpa fps rpm ata mls nu ncm oe
^01101011101101 (210) pi map pm va ma am pg me sds gm mac bar fr mom mos das 1/3 atm cpd mat rad ptv wu gw calm ris gdp mwd sic fan fdp dq asr mwt pim pks v5 moms 1/5 1/10 200mg/kg 1/1 tqd skinfolds emc mfi mgs lpg tvt-s mft
^01101011101110 (449) nyha rbc acl hla i/r rem plt mhc figo tnm child-pugh miller killip tanner rpa twin-twin ceap prbc pop-q ctcae clavien rutherford sfj nrem tasc fontaine rln uicc ajcc yahr wagner twin-to-twin kennedy kellgren-lawrence precontemplation mallampati weber clavien-dindo lawrence binet barc fredrickson banff red-cell brunnstrom i-r hess mason lown forrest
^01101011101111 (616) cin asa sga lr mdr hit mps lbw vlbw ak sil aga pol hca pvl nhanes lga roi elbw stat col saps bpo mbg gusto tan loe ain ltr madit vps topo combo vain marsh vin gsd tmpg thy pods roma trg kl ncep-atp ph+ nbw heu dxp tfg anx
^011010111100 (2367) arbs nsaids ssris hsps stis aceis stds nps mirnas ocs ppis aeds ccbs mscs rbcs tcms tcas epcs mmps shsps dmards tzds icds ads sgas tregs pahs pgs serms bbs esas icss labas cocs habs pcbs mabs pis coxibs tkis qds lmwhs ils noacs vocs hsfs tlrs cvcs bmscs snris
^0110101111010 (499) rcts snps ccts
^01101011110110 (686) rct ffq orf gwas cba pot
^01101011110111 (644) aes ae eds ecgs adr adrs saes teaes erps qtl irs sae ades ctcs pvcs drps ddis taps esbls slns dlts hoas cnvs rois cvrf dsg mrps teae mids degs ois cutis cpcs otus tias aces msds mcids
^0110101111100 (320) pcr rt-pcr sirna chip serology rnai immunoprecipitation roche hemagglutination lamp shrna elispot maldi-tof ms/ms sirnas rdt autoradiography planimetry rapd ubt haemagglutination pcrs
^0110101111101 (2143) anova elisa immunohistochemistry hplc mtt immunofluorescence ancova dpph lc-ms/ms ihc qpcr tunel gc-ms radioimmunoassay comet immunoblotting qrt-pcr sds-page eia glaxosmithkline ria ultracentrifugation bootstrapping immunocytochemistry abts chemiluminescence lc-ms accelerometry rt-qpcr gc/ms nonmem anovas pcr-rflp thermodilution accelerometers b3lyp dfa facs luminex mlpa manova co-immunoprecipitation icp-ms sonomicrometry esi-ms 2d-ste hplc-dad elisas lc/ms/ms hematoxylin-eosin
^0110101111110 (312) ecg nmr eeg electrocardiogram electrocardiographic emg ft-ir ftir electromyography electrocardiograms accelerometer electromyographic electroencephalogram actigraphy epr electroencephalography electroencephalographic fhr semg lumo actigraph ekg electromyogram hrc qeeg chep sokolow-lyon day/night ssvep electroretinogram electrocardiograph photoplethysmography pbg cobe
^01101011111110 (875) mri cmr tdi fmri spect oct echo abpm dxa tem ivus tee erp mra dti dwi tte psg ste tcd eus vcug nirs afi mce rt3de 3de dexa tde tsi teg pft qus trus qca 2de qst cfd afm cpet 2-de cmri ldf meg bia gis rna-seq rhc dce-mri cpx
^01101011111111 (323) ct pet cta pet/ct ctc cgm mdct dmsa cbct tvs ccta ldct cxr dre fdg-pet hrct ctp cbe apt dus pet-ct tvu eus-fna ctpa msct ctca spect/ct
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^01101101100 (950) china europe japan australia india canada germany france asia brazil italy korea taiwan spain england california sweden iran mexico thailand nigeria turkey denmark norway kenya finland london switzerland uganda bangladesh tanzania israel belgium poland beijing pakistan scotland ireland malaysia nepal russia texas florida vietnam ayurveda ethiopia shanghai argentina ghana greece
^011011011010 (213) africa systole america diastole infancy adolescence wales asians carolina francisco diego africans endosomes antonio postmenopause pradesh bengal salvador midlands mid-pregnancy greenland indies anatolia dakota java
^0110110110110 (231) turn detail duplicate britain triplicate kilograms movies ovo incubators fragrances retrospect planta
^0110110110111 (706) humans adulthood mammals rodents primates eukaryotes vertebrates ruminants 2030 prokaryotes
^01101101110 (144) diabetes
^0110110111100 (36) tolerated
^0110110111101 (95) understood
^0110110111110 (44) mellitus
^0110110111111 (34) library
^011011100000 (326) older
^011011100001 (231) younger heavier lighter sicker
^011011100010 (767) obese hiv-infected hiv-positive community-dwelling overweight/obese frail immunocompromised infertile malnourished hiv-negative hiv-1-infected anemic homeless immunocompetent non-obese nonobese preeclamptic alcohol-dependent institutionalized hiv-uninfected opioid-dependent immunosuppressed hiv+ subfertile hiv-seropositive anaemic cocaine-dependent nondepressed undernourished non-depressed pre-eclamptic prehypertensive demented
^011011100011 (634) elderly elder
^011011100100 (564) pregnant lactating nulliparous nonpregnant multiparous primiparous non-pregnant hpv-positive parous latina parturient
^011011100101 (668) postmenopausal premenopausal post-menopausal perimenopausal anovulatory pre-menopausal glucocorticoid-induced
^011011100110 (980) young middle-aged heterosexual prepubertal fertile school-aged school-age pre-school nonhuman deaf
^011011100111 (666) healthy
^011011101000 (801) diabetic cirrhotic
^011011101001 (1669) hypertensive hypercholesterolemic asthmatic nondiabetic non-diabetic hyperlipidemic treatment-naive neutropenic schizophrenic uremic hypercholesterolaemic treatment-naïve hypothyroid dyslipidemic hyperglycemic treatment-experienced insulin-resistant statin-treated hyperthyroid hypertriglyceridemic drug-naïve insulin-treated proteinuric hbeag-positive hcv-infected normoalbuminuric hypomagnesemic prediabetic chemotherapy-naive drug-naive acromegalic duloxetine-treated hbeag-negative microalbuminuric
^0110111010100 (252) adult
^0110111010101 (498) adolescent medicare juvenile medicaid elite teenage teen treatment-seeking veteran collegiate yi serodiscordant fee-for-service long-distance amateur overhead drug-using
^0110111010110 (151) pediatric paediatric geriatric primary-care medical-surgical
^0110111010111 (392) high-risk low-risk at-risk unselected intermediate-risk higher-risk difficult-to-treat lower-risk average-risk
^011011101100 (141) male
^011011101101 (171) female
^0110111011100 (807) untreated placebo-treated naïve naive uninfected euthyroid deceased sham-operated stented unexposed non-treated unvaccinated vehicle-treated salt-sensitive non-infected unmedicated dipper nontreated phakic uninjured unsupplemented unrestrained heat-acclimated drug-treated non-dipper saline-treated non-exposed virus-infected non-dm sham-treated nondipper day-old non-vaccinated unscreened coiled doca-salt hpv-negative noninfected pseudophakic clipped pair-fed non-supplemented nondependent non-irradiated nephrectomized never-treated mg-deficient
^0110111011101 (516) sedentary normotensive lean age-matched untrained sex-matched normal-weight free-living non-smoking gender-matched nonsmoking normolipidemic right-handed normocholesterolemic normoglycemic insulin-sensitive nonasthmatic nonhypertensive able-bodied non-asthmatic nonsmoker sober non-smoker non-atopic weight-matched non-trained normolipemic bmi-matched well-educated periodontally non-overweight non-injured nonmedicated stroke-free exercise-trained aged-matched eugonadal non-anxious normoglycaemic non-fatigued weight-stable unacclimatized
^0110111011110 (288) white black caucasian hispanic african-american non-hispanic latino non-white spanish-speaking nonwhite non-indigenous non-asian non-aboriginal mexican-american bisexual islander filipino
^01101110111110 (166) depressed injured anxious post-mi edentulous disabled symptom-free myopic remitted abused burned distressed postinfarction agitated insured hyperactive fatigued bereaved post-infarction comatose dyskinetic traumatized post-ami hypokinetic detoxified euthymic bedridden paralyzed medication-free wounded handicapped lonely postinfarct sleep-deprived photosensitive sighted
^01101110111111 (404) overweight obstetrics married underweight circumcised uncircumcised unemployed unmarried midlife uninsured incarcerated gay illiterate inattentive group-a divorced retired stunted maori immobile lesbian euhydrated ow/ob hypohydrated
^01101111000 (86) combination
^011011110010 (25) comparison
^011011110011 (114) conjunction accordance dealing deals concert complying
^01101111010 (111) terms favour favor spite
^011011110110 (358) part
^0110111101110 (43) predictor determinant
^0110111101111 (34) predictors determinants moderators
^01101111100 (106) respect regard regards
^011011111010 (25) relation
^011011111011 (67) order
^01101111110 (646) vitro vivo situ utero silico
^011011111110 (371) contrast
^0110111111110 (24) addition
^0110111111111 (743) conclusion
^0111000 (71) patients
^011100100 (55) children
^0111001010 (44) adults
^01110010110 (48) individuals persons
^01110010111 (289) people
^011100110 (26) women
^0111001110 (218) males females girls boys blacks caucasians vegetarians
^0111001111 (189) men
^011101000 (132) participants
^0111010010 (48) subjects
^0111010011 (91) volunteers cyclists
^0111010100 (318) mice
^0111010101 (388) rats rabbits hamsters
^0111010110 (160) dogs cows pigs cats calves horses cattle heifers sheep chickens broilers lambs piglets chicks ewes goats hens steers sows mares bulls gilts foals rams barrows ducks flocks turkeys baboons bitches boars camels patties quails doves puppies ponies loins alpacas
^0111010111 (244) animals birds hearts kidneys ovaries monkeys soils livers pups flies dams sediments worms mosquitoes ticks bladders mussels snails corals aortas carcasses fleas pigeons juveniles fishes macaques glomeruli litters cadavers corneas buffaloes frogs
^01110110000 (98) investigators researchers readers assessors scientists radiologists examiners pathologists dermatologists interviewers sponsors scholars statisticians epidemiologists neurosurgeons collaborators microbiologists testers adjudicators colposcopists
^01110110001 (192) experts therapists specialists expertise colleagues trialists oncologists stakeholders gynecologists sons consultants oncologist parties supervisors actors vendors engineers coworkers endocrinologists 'pain interpreters methodologists geneticists
^01110110010 (243) nurses surgeons gps pharmacists teachers midwives cardiologists operators pcps tbas physiotherapists counselors coaches novices chws hcws paramedics psychologists dietitians endoscopists hcps mentors acupuncturists listeners counsellors fellows anaesthetists instructors rescuers interventionists anaesthesiologists tutors recruiters anesthetists pulmonologists nurse-midwives
^011101100110 (116) physicians doctors pediatricians obstetricians psychiatrists dentists farmers neurologists internists herbalists paediatricians rheumatologists ophthalmologists nephrologists veterinarians
^011101100111 (281) clinicians urologists someone governments payers employers prescribers policymakers everyone decision-makers anyone policy-makers
^0111011010 (451) them him
^011101101100 (428) itself themselves thereof oneself spreads 2020 herself himself yourself therein 2050 ourselves aloud ceases
^011101101101 (149) worldwide globally internationally alike world-wide predominating
^011101101110 (67) far
^011101101111 (244) you wiley something please anything else everything sul 'i
^0111011100 (403) controls non-smokers nonsmokers
^0111011101 (3162) others whites non-users nonusers abroad unity alaska non-carriers nonsurvivors non-participants non-survivors natives europeans minors nonparticipants 20/100
^01110111100 (62) infants neonates newborns babies parturients
^01110111101 (90) pregnancies fetuses births deliveries twins gestations marriages foetuses
^0111011111000 (69) outpatients veterans inpatients probands out-patients in-patients nigerians
^0111011111001 (468) adolescents youths hispanics toddlers teenagers preschoolers latinos african-americans ex-smokers latinas
^0111011111010 (111) youth athletes couples diabetics hypertensives asthmatics runners elders schoolchildren offenders alcoholics seniors soldiers vaccinees kids prisoners migraineurs prostitutes swimmers firefighters travellers pilots musicians amphibians divers competitions dancers depressives triathletes casualties civilians passengers rowers insomniacs ambulances 3-year-olds wrestlers skiers
^0111011111011 (107) smokers drinkers gamblers
^0111011111100 (169) parents caregivers consumers fathers carers friends spouses owners daughters husbands gynaecologists wives guardians grandmothers
^0111011111101 (93) mothers clients employees immigrants beneficiaries teens enrollees migrants refugees travelers applicants customers callers
^0111011111110 (124) residents respondents players trainees drivers informants attendees trainers recruits interns citizens interviewees clubs panelists villagers examinees replies invitees
^0111011111111 (85) students graduates learners pupils undergraduates
^01111000 (610) however
^011110010 (51) finally additionally nevertheless importantly likewise collectively nonetheless secondly thirdly
^011110011 (1148) furthermore moreover interestingly conversely unfortunately meanwhile lastly fortunately
^011110100 (239) then
^0111101010 (474) similarly accordingly surprisingly altogether unexpectedly alternatively firstly nowadays paradoxically correspondingly mechanistically cumulatively
^01111010110 (130) specifically specially ideally crucially
^01111010111 (156) subsequently ultimately eventually secondarily hopefully
^011110110 (1550) here herein nov.
^0111101110 (99) therefore indeed
^0111101111 (2466) thus hence consequently
^0111110 (134) we
^01111110 (1071) there
^011111110 (719) it
^011111111 (535) they
^100000000 (38) comparing
^1000000010 (55) assessing addressing studying discussing characterizing overcoming elucidating summarizing clarifying appraising tackling
^1000000011 (35) evaluating investigating examining exploring
^1000000100 (117) identifying establishing selecting defining designing recruiting interpreting recognizing preparing informing stratifying communicating educating assisting classifying separating translating assigning formulating directing judging advising refining allocating extrapolating discovering isolating securing disseminating locating prioritizing anticipating rejecting delineating localizing categorizing researching triaging generalizing attributing vaccinating recognising inferring revising uncovering negotiating reproducing devising projecting cultivating
^1000000101 (100) determining estimating guiding deciding ascertaining characterising
^10000001100 (104) performing applying conducting implementing delivering choosing doing introducing adopting placing recommending undertaking seeing accepting answering constructing transferring inserting pursuing advocating implanting proposing endorsing instituting submitting realizing accommodating attaching recalling executing ga. deploying inflating fabricating embracing accomplishing launching approving
^10000001101 (68) providing giving obtaining offering creating accessing supplying fostering sending
^10000001110 (135) combining adding incorporating administering integrating replacing supplementing substituting associating omitting infusing leveraging encapsulating administrating pretreating
^10000001111 (207) measuring analyzing calculating reviewing collecting analysing quantifying observing contacting dividing exposing manipulating computing extracting repeating capturing synthesizing exploiting subtracting retrieving fixing incubating subjecting multiplying summing plotting storing surveying reconstructing assaying ligating
^1000001000 (125) developing acquiring industrialized contracting high-income industrialised
^1000001001 (467) whom
^10000010100 (75) improving optimizing prolonging maximizing aiding optimising
^10000010101 (72) reducing relieving alleviating ameliorating
^10000010110 (255) treating managing
^100000101110 (120) predicting detecting diagnosing differentiating distinguishing discriminating
^100000101111 (193) preventing reversing eradicating combating transmitting
^10000011000 (65) lowering
^10000011001 (102) searching blocking stimulating triggering stabilizing releasing checking relaxing boosting sensitizing hormone-releasing depleting bypassing aggregating dampening stabilising calming dispersing destabilizing sequestering sensitising sterilizing hiding condensing solubilizing nucleating gh-releasing severing
^10000011010 (45) making makers maker
^100000110110 (102) why helping behind asking bringing putting motivating empowering reminding telling inviting follow-back inquiring followback notifying letting depriving urging
^100000110111 (72) targeting transporting banning immunizing
^1000001110 (48) increasing expanding advancing
^100000111100 (108) changing limiting modifying altering extending balancing shifting restricting reinforcing impairing shaping adapting disturbing disclosing replicating exacerbating stressing harming forcing standardizing hindering complementing simplifying intensifying undermining biasing exchanging compounding mobilizing constraining underestimating destroying distracting abandoning prohibiting fine-tuning harnessing nurturing discarding perturbing valuing issuing consolidating denying escaping granting overlooking irradiating distorting
^100000111101 (100) decreasing protecting raising keeping resolving clearing diminishing elevating normalizing fighting terminating lessening dissolving nourishing tonifying invigorating speeding occluding enlarging enriching replenishing regressing aligning
^100000111110 (71) maintaining inducing avoiding removing minimizing delaying ensuring eliminating preserving restoring sustaining retaining eliciting minimising interrupting repairing postponing assuring resisting easing imparting abolishing
^100000111111 (179) promoting enhancing inhibiting regulating modulating activating facilitating mediating suppressing attenuating augmenting accelerating disrupting mitigating counteracting inactivating down-regulating potentiating upregulating up-regulating downregulating arresting retarding antagonizing catalyzing amplifying restraining effecting repressing countering ablating hastening cleaving perpetuating phosphorylating orchestrating immobilizing
^10000100 (97) each
^10000101 (43) any
^10000110 (81) either
^1000011100 (113) starting initiating stopping discontinuing finishing commencing ending withholding withdrawing deriving individualizing arriving titrating resuming
^10000111010 (52) continuing seeking failing moving returning getting going turning calling paying wanting proceeding transitioning traveling refusing travelling contemplating conceiving
^10000111011 (26) continued
^10000111100 (46) having
^100001111010 (47) experiencing carrying consuming wearing playing awaiting ingesting harbouring encountering witnessing committing enjoying
^100001111011 (43) attending completing entering visiting consulting requesting expecting preferring desiring supervising exiting compressing lt.
^10000111110 (59) reporting publishing
^100001111110 (58) achieving reaching approaching losing attaining tolerating regaining
^100001111111 (58) meeting weighing sharing fitting fulfilling crossing passing satisfying detailing listing joining pulling touching registering puncturing catching referencing
^100010 (127) this
^100011000 (154) both
^100011001 (133) all
^100011010 (174) our
^100011011 (97) these
^1000111000 (73) other
^10001110010 (88) different
^100011100110 (46) multiple
^1000111001110 (164) certain
^1000111001111 (126) various
^100011101000 (55) few
^100011101001 (225) fewer
^100011101010 (104) some
^1000111010110 (61) many
^10001110101110 (44) several
^10001110101111 (137) numerous laparoendoscopic
^10001110110 (50) further
^100011101110 (140) future
^1000111011110 (46) previous
^1000111011111 (53) recent
^1000111100 (152) ten twelve eleven fifteen fourteen sixteen thirteen eighteen twenty-four seventeen nineteen twenty-one twenty-two twenty-five twenty-three twenty-seven twenty-nine
^1000111101 (558) twenty thirty forty sixty fifty eighty thirty-two twenty-eight twenty-six seventy ninety thirty-six forty-eight forty-five thirty-one forty-two thirty-five thirty-four thirty-three forty-four thirty-eight forty-one fifty-two thirty-nine forty-three thirty-seven forty-six fifty-four fifty-one sixty-four sixty-two fifty-six seventy-two forty-seven sixty-five fifty-five seventy-five forty-nine sixty-one fifty-three fifty-eight sixty-eight sixty-three sixty-six fifty-nine fifty-seven sixty-seven seventy-four seventy-one ninety-six
^1000111110 (240) two
^100011111100 (111) eight seven nine
^100011111101 (136) six
^100011111110 (63) three
^1000111111110 (40) four
^1000111111111 (42) five
^100100 (55) the
^1001010 (57) their
^1001011 (187) its
^100110 (87) a
^100111 (137) an
^101000000000 (68) back
^101000000001 (321) neuropathic musculoskeletal groin bodily radicular low-back myofascial mcgill orofacial epigastric arthritic non-cancer non-malignant nonmalignant discogenic noncancer osteoarthritic radiating neck/shoulder non-healing post-thoracotomy donor-site endometriosis-associated pharyngolaryngeal zoster-associated non-headache unrelieved endometriosis-related post-obturation shoulder-tip colicky
^1010000000100 (146) thoracic anal plastic unprotected sacrospinous consensual nasolacrimal stab transactional palpebral
^1010000000101 (80) abdominal
^1010000000110 (250) pelvic laryngeal cranial dural subdural glottic laryngoscopic longissimus whole-breast latissimus
^1010000000111 (317) chest perineal nasogastric spiral fallopian tympanostomy panoramic intrapulmonary inelastic left-to-right eustachian ventriculoperitoneal
^101000000100 (1112) indwelling latent drug-eluting bare sirolimus-eluting foley suprapubic paclitaxel-eluting bare-metal taxus stainless everolimus-eluting eluting uncoated zotarolimus-eluting xience nitinol double-j self-expanding cypher resolute balloon-expandable double-lumen resin-modified nanocrystalline self-expandable biolimus-eluting silver-coated expandable definite/probable tunneled cuffed polymer-free retrievable paclitaxel-coated swan-ganz jj non-coated liberté pigtail drug-coated millar hygroscopic hydrogel-coated tunnelled hydrophilic-coated 18g heparin-bonded silver-impregnated bicanalicular
^1010000001010 (229) spinal pulpal hot-melt
^1010000001011 (212) epidural patient-controlled caudal subacromial paravertebral perineural neuraxial transforaminal interscalene supraclavicular retrobulbar paracervical interlaminar spinal-epidural tumescent peribulbar infraclavicular periprostatic sub-tenon saddle extradural preincisional
^1010000001100 (156) intracranial intraocular anastomotic intraventricular intracerebral subarachnoid variceal postherpetic trigeminal extracranial nuchal periventricular intrathoracic hypoxic-ischemic herpetic post-herpetic fetomaternal 3-methylglutaconic cricoid hyperchloremic intraplaque hypoxic-ischaemic intra-ventricular transdiaphragmatic intra-ocular subchorionic portal-systemic
^1010000001101 (92) airway airflow end-expiratory mucociliary
^10100000011100 (331) bronchial urethral ureteral tubal arteriovenous ureteric subglottic stomal small-bowel pyloric tracheobronchial meatal end-to-end gastrojejunal preputial punctal müllerian urethrovesical coloanal vesicovaginal fluid-filled rectovaginal end-to-side caliceal arterio-venous calyceal ileocolic vesicourethral bronchopleural mullerian
^10100000011101 (147) prostatic biliary pleural bronchoalveolar neointimal intimal trophoblastic hilar fine-needle frontotemporal vasa middle-ear cardiotomy subhepatic broncho-alveolar rheolytic ectodermal
^10100000011110 (109) vaginal vulvovaginal cervicovaginal
^10100000011111 (220) nasal conjunctival pharyngeal capsular subgingival adenomatous nipple polyacrylamide pulsed-field supraglottic cavopulmonary lubricating
^1010000010000 (283) distal proximal contralateral ipsilateral sigmoid intramural cauda stenosed crosshead above-knee contra-lateral
^1010000010001 (430) bilateral unilateral multifocal synchronous ruptured left-sided solitary spastic right-sided cementless hemiplegic refluxing single-level navigated atraumatic om-85 below-knee glaucomatous extravesical submassive wavefront-guided high-velocity bifurcated small-volume bifocal
^10100000100100 (205) anterior dorsolateral anterolateral anteroseptal ventromedial
^10100000100101 (306) posterior dorsal buccal ventral lingual palatal posterolateral tension-free caudate volar palmar subthalamic labial hairy rostral zona incisal
^10100000100110 (275) lateral apical medial endocardial coronal short-axis mesial parasternal akinetic equatorial precordial mural mid-systolic midventricular anteromedial subcostal two-chamber
^10100000100111 (460) passive vertical axial transverse horizontal sagittal rotational angular hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal oblique stride anteroposterior torsional varus scapular anterior-posterior in-plane sarcomere outward mediolateral crown-rump saphenofemoral ureteropelvic tangential ureterovesical left-right single-leg medial-lateral adiabatic clockwise hyoid out-of-plane hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal total-body brownian mesiodistal fascicle counterclockwise antero-posterior rump low-amplitude adherens squamocolumnar rotatory supra floppy buccolingual hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal saphenopopliteal craniocervical
^1010000010100 (181) underlying governing underpinning
^10100000101010 (103) surrounding adjacent accompanying accessory neighboring connecting draining overlying neighbouring obstructing articulating protruding inflatable asynergic sun-exposed encircling inversion-related adjoining intersecting
^10100000101011 (155) near transform dual-energy flame single-crystal dispersive foreseeable humphrey fourier-transform
^1010000010110 (342) upper
^10100000101110 (112) internal convergent
^10100000101111 (248) external osmotic intramedullary head-up light-emitting uncemented transepithelial extramedullary reamed head-down unreamed
^10100000110000 (111) uterine mammary ciliary tonsillar seminiferous arcuate
^10100000110001 (78) umbilical portal saphenous mesenteric jugular subclavian spermatic hypogastric antecubital
^10100000110010 (183) femoral radial tibial sciatic ulnar acetabular humeral popliteal intercostal peroneal glenoid obturator convoluted sural intraosseous choroid pudendal diagonal phrenic fibular chevron metaphyseal tarsal ilioinguinal transpedicular suprascapular musculocutaneous
^10100000110011 (155) carotid brachial iliac infarct-related femoropopliteal cavernous cavernosal basilar infrapopliteal
^10100000110100 (56) lymph sentinel sinoatrial fusional
^10100000110101 (127) sinus cleft junctional caval perforator eyelash
^10100000110110 (233) vertebral axillary osteoporotic nodal mediastinal retroperitoneal nonvertebral non-vertebral intertrochanteric scaphoid trochanteric calcaneal para-aortic intracapsular extra-articular clavicular midshaft lymph-node diaphyseal osteoporosis-related adjacent-level subtrochanteric 4-part 3-part parametrial four-part supracondylar olecranon paraaortic nondisplaced both-bone non-osteoporotic
^10100000110111 (271) skeletal smooth papillary masticatory adductor duchenne bulbar paraspinal appendicular biaxial psoas striated α-smooth denervated delayed-onset
^1010000011100 (125) mitral tricuspid transversus paravalvular bioprosthetic
^1010000011101 (86) aortic
^1010000011110 (356) septal frontal prefrontal parietal cingulate vena occipital disoproxil turbinate orbitofrontal dentate glyceryl four-chamber premotor insular corifollitropin 4-chamber parahippocampal drotrecogin dornase fusiform heparan temporoparietal ethidium precentral poractant gemtuzumab supraorbital entorhinal dermatan postcentral canthal retinacular temporo-parietal antennal opening-wedge parieto-occipital cingulated eloquent
^10100000111110 (136) descending branch square squares circumflex squared bundle-branch chuan iliaca drawer selenide fascicular unsigned
^10100000111111 (165) root tail cruciate cusp shoot strut mesiobuccal fin subcapsular c-shaped
^101000010000 (213) endoscopic endovascular ultrasound-guided transcatheter ablative stereotactic aseptic intra-aortic excisional endobronchial us-guided in-office catheter-based bronchoscopic image-guided full-mouth bicuspid preperitoneal endoluminal colonoscopic intracorporeal ureteroscopic ct-guided edge-to-edge intradiscal intraaortic mri-based endonasal vacuum-assisted ultrasound-assisted hemorrhoid
^101000010001 (135) balloon tracheal endotracheal cecal nephrostomy gastrostomy transnasal caecal nasotracheal orotracheal portosystemic portacaval fiber-optic double-balloon undersized
^101000010010 (185) percutaneous off-pump multivessel transluminal on-pump transfemoral transradial tubeless single-vessel 3-vessel transvenous transapical
^1010000100110 (182) elective orthotopic video-assisted redo extracapsular reoperative
^1010000100111 (203) repeat clean first-time deliberate same-day second-look bioassay-guided target-vessel second-stage first-stage dirty target-lesion yo-yo 12-core bioactivity-guided
^101000010100 (112) open
^101000010101 (108) invasive
^101000010110 (288) bariatric cataract orthopaedic orthopedic noncardiac reconstructive pterygium fontan antireflux breast-conserving debulking corrective strabismus cardiothoracic cytoreductive non-cardiac decompressive maxillofacial conserving orthognathic trichiasis anti-reflux open-heart vitreoretinal clean-contaminated mohs submacular resective lenticule otologic anti-incontinence bph-related micrographic urogynecologic resectional reanimation second-eye
^1010000101110 (358) laparoscopic arthroscopic robotic stapled lichtenstein fast-track robot-assisted thoracoscopic revisional monopolar hysteroscopic single-incision double-bundle transanal robotic-assisted single-bundle day-case microsurgical extraperitoneal transcervical unsedated single-port flapless transperitoneal single-stage laparoscopic-assisted coaxial
^1010000101111 (198) radical transurethral roux-en-y sleeve adjustable retropubic subtotal banded nissen burch sublobar supracervical free-radical β-human transvesical heller
^1010000110 (64) coronary
^101000011100 (285) unstable atopic follicular ethyl ulcerative medroxyprogesterone megestrol leuprolide abiraterone glatiramer vinyl cyproterone collagenous retinyl norethisterone seborrheic ulipristal diaper zuclopenthixol pseudomembranous epigallocatechin vasospastic eslicarbazepine 1-ethyl-3-methylimidazolium deoxycorticosterone large-cell exfoliative acneiform diammonium chlormadinone preinfarction dss-induced nomegestrol tnbs-induced deslorelin anecortave n-propyl seborrhoeic
^1010000111010 (100) myeloid resynchronization b-cell lymphocytic lymphoblastic myelogenous promyelocytic resynchronisation myeloblastic myelomonocytic myelocytic vergence/accommodative
^1010000111011 (119) otitis plasminogen intima mountain turbid normovolemic
^101000011110 (111) cesarean caesarean caesarian post-cesarean
^101000011111 (126) obstructive
^10100010000 (87) muscle muscular grip flexural
^101000100010 (75) nerve plexus permuted
^101000100011 (59) cord cords
^101000100100 (156) shoulder ankle wrist elbow heel tender bench facet toe swollen patellofemoral flank forefoot levator clavicle chin glenohumeral sacroiliac lumbopelvic interphalangeal metacarpophalangeal midfoot kneeling hindfoot charcot
^1010001001010 (89) hip fragility
^1010001001011 (112) knee
^1010001001100 (165) hand non-indexed
^10100010011010 (92) foot ear nail scalp arteriosus forehead shoe decubitus wing venosus claw ankle-foot hindpaw plexiform
^10100010011011 (121) eye socket constraint-induced
^10100010011100 (101) head scaling lip midline lid torso crush hanging dura
^10100010011101 (134) neck shaft trochanter condyle
^10100010011110 (90) limb extremity pole eyelid trapezius lower-extremity upper-limb hindlimb upper-extremity
^10100010011111 (139) leg forearm trunk finger quadriceps calf thigh jaw gastrocnemius biceps soleus rectus thumb masseter pinch gluteal lower-limb deltoid loin lower-body pedal fingertip gluteus globus semitendinosus hamstrings upper-body multifidus gracilis buttock pectoral temporalis subscapularis thenar forelimb peroneus extraocular frontalis
^1010001010000 (74) marrow turnover resorption marrow-derived densitometry microarchitecture setters mineralisation
^1010001010001 (104) mineral morphogenetic microvessel g+c non-high
^1010001010010 (163) matter mount coat bulb 264.7 cohosh mounts
^1010001010011 (130) libitum concentrate duct sphincter concentrates acid-induced ducts acid-reactive lib acid-enhanced acid-treated sphincteric plantain acid-resistant acid-mediated ad-libitum re-infusion
^101000101010 (75) tissue
^101000101011 (423) urine sputum saliva
^10100010110000 (60) lesion cyst nodule wheal myoma papilla penumbra
^10100010110001 (88) vessel lumen luminal nephron ostial fractal cavitary
^10100010110010 (214) caries scar biofilm thrombus pulp clot seroma meconium granuloma demineralization vortex fibril callus crust neointima lamellipodia fluorosis xylem microfilariae fibroadenoma eschar pellicle patulin rosette synechia osteophyte syncytium urolith ferrule pannus coagulum stomata
^10100010110011 (72) plaque colony follicle atheroma fibroid bleb drusen plaque-type
^10100010110100 (151) sperm hair chromosome semen chromosomes t-wave chondrocyte s-phase feather foliar alu swarming post-thaw hemocyte
^10100010110101 (205) embryo egg charge pollen oocyte blastocyst spore adoptive cash seedling oocyst 3'-end ovum virion strait gonad conidial gamete anther bioheat bio-heat zygote interlimb sporozoite cyanotoxin single-embryo trophozoite melanosome
^10100010110110 (387) tooth stone dentin enamel occlusal denture dentine skull calculus dentinal schiff blister dung approximal keloid tattoo barnes alar playground mannich brain-computer bone-to-implant bone-implant scab
^10100010110111 (129) infarct particle litter pore pupil inoculum subclass bubble subfraction droplet voxel stokes brood crystallite cube hypocotyl adsorber
^1010001011100 (45) skin
^1010001011101 (126) wound fascial
^10100010111100 (71) joint 28-joint
^10100010111101 (96) bowel demyelinating
^10100010111110 (26) bladder detrusor gallbladder vesical
^10100010111111 (105) down forward ovary tunnel backward impingement forth bifida backwards forwards
^1010001100 (159) cell
^10100011010 (1939) epithelial stromal serous hela mcf-7 trophoblast hepg2 a549 pc-3 glial decidual th17 glandular caco-2 leukemic pc12 mda-mb-231 proliferating raw264.7 hepatoma thp-1 3t3-l1 granulosa hl-60 ht-29 lncap mesangial vero sertoli k562 goblet hacat hek293 jurkat ags mcf7 h9c2 hct116 skov-3 u937 immortalized sh-sy5y antigen-presenting purkinje uroepithelial c2c12 monocytic schwann mesothelial a2780
^101000110110 (322) stem mononuclear hematopoietic dendritic mast progenitor mesenchymal cd34+ stem-cell haematopoietic stellate pluripotent langerhans stem/progenitor nkt
^101000110111 (344) squamous non-small sickle germ transitional giant mantle nonsmall nonpolyposis fluorescence-activated lymphoblastoid
^101000111000 (76) bone
^1010001110010 (475) dry wet gray particulate grey fellow metered-dose tuberculin naked amblyopic nonmelanoma fitzpatrick darker split-thickness glabrous non-melanoma non-rapid buffy
^10100011100110 (108) excess diet-induced antecedent surplus interdialytic belly hfd-induced weight/body
^10100011100111 (176) residual voided midstream mid-stream
^10100011101000 (193) peritoneal distant amniotic cerebrospinal synovial subretinal crevicular high-flux low-flux ascitic in-center intraretinal port-site leptomeningeal
^10100011101001 (191) cystic interstitial non-small-cell eosinophilic organizing perivascular neutrophilic lobar small-cell tubulointerstitial extravascular subepithelial submucous organising non-cystic ventilator-induced intra-alveolar ishak peribronchial bleomycin-induced periportal
^10100011101010 (302) soft adipose connective fibrous granulation paraffin-embedded blurred keratinized non-tumor fibrovascular
^10100011101011 (578) solid first-degree staple adnexal fossil second-degree distillers cruciferous third-degree leafy multinodular flavonoid-rich
^10100011101100 (449) malignant benign neoplastic precancerous undifferentiated nodular premalignant mucinous cancerous dysplastic anaplastic hyperplastic noninflammatory infiltrative metachronous non-neoplastic endometriotic hydatid well-differentiated carcinoid chemosensitive non-inflammatory preinvasive vascularized exfoliated epithelial-mesenchymal osteolytic metaplastic odontogenic hpv-related non-progressive hormone-dependent preneoplastic epithelioid slow-growing polypoid chemoresistant melanocytic hardy-weinberg basal-like noncancerous
^10100011101101 (267) atherosclerotic thromboembolic thrombotic occlusive bifurcation embolic atherothrombotic carious calcified stenotic skeletal-related atheromatous gadolinium-enhancing arteriosclerotic thrombo-embolic hyperintense nonculprit restenotic cavitated lipid-rich small-vessel hill-sachs hypointense noncalcified echolucent large-vessel below-the-knee
^101000111011100 (187) age-related neuromuscular degenerative hind carrageenan-induced restless subfoveal age-associated calcific cystoid myxomatous formalin-induced aging-related rocuronium-induced polypoidal extrafoveal
^101000111011101 (219) periodontal gingival refractive peri-implant periapical spectacle furcation inborn intrabony interproximal meconium-stained infrabony hoof periimplant astigmatic hein midfacial
^101000111011110 (226) ocular visceral hematologic hematological epicardial haematological obesity-related truncal epididymal formalin-fixed immune-related obesity-associated extracardiac extrapulmonary omental meningeal haematologic perirenal non-hematologic android infrapatellar intermuscular
^101000111011111 (202) facial cutaneous penile dermal vocal patellar articular hamstring hallux achilles soft-tissue bony scrotal osseous craniofacial condylar lesional mucocutaneous glabellar nasolabial osteochondral supraspinatus pubic periosteal chondral periorbital perioral pectus pontine cartilaginous dentoalveolar ligamentous tissue-engineered commissural palmoplantar costal pustular hymenal intraplacental insertional
^10100011110000 (127) motor psychomotor locomotor sensorimotor visuomotor
^10100011110001 (238) sensory auditory perceptual nociceptive olfactory vestibular tactile afferent somatosensory excitatory proprioceptive phonological multisensory pinprick gustatory aural vibratory reflexive chemosensory sensorial myelinated microembolic task-relevant c-fiber thermosensory
^10100011110010 (139) autonomic sympathetic proliferative optic baroreflex parasympathetic vagal vagus baroreceptor efferent excretory epileptiform sympathovagal electrodermal sudomotor hpa-axis metaboreflex chemoreflex chemoreceptor intraepidermal
^10100011110011 (469) menstrual circadian diurnal luteal ovulatory estrous g2/m logarithmic convalescent sleep-wake g0/g1 vicious day-night oestrous sub-g1 freeze-thaw xanthophyll krebs midluteal electrolytic pre-ovulatory biogeochemical sleep/wake mid-luteal rest-activity light/dark light-dark luteal-phase
^10100011110100 (286) t-cell transcriptional lymphocyte leukocyte macrophage monocyte eosinophil microglial leucocyte t-lymphocyte basophil splenocyte phagocyte monocyte/macrophage haemocyte macrophage-derived basophilic th17/treg astroglial thymocyte b-lymphocyte pam50 granulocytic leukocytic nk-cell transendothelial preadipocyte
^10100011110101 (430) platelet neutrophil granulocyte brain-derived intracortical granulocyte-macrophage reticulocyte
^101000111101100 (337) cortical genomic hippocampal cerebellar trabecular necrotic striatal hypothalamic subcortical myometrial resting-state medullary thalamic pyramidal hemispheric limbic postsynaptic subchondral task-related areal interhemispheric nigrostriatal ca3 supraspinal mesolimbic frontoparietal osteoclastic periaqueductal peritumoral hypoechoic ground-glass reward-related neocortical polymodal post-synaptic osteoid nigral cross-bridge perihematoma fronto-parietal penumbral fronto-temporal
^101000111101101 (383) neural neuronal synaptic cardiomyocyte neuron myocyte adipocyte axonal osteoclast osteogenic spindle myelin osteoblast myogenic axon corticospinal meiotic podocyte erythroid osteoblastic neurite pupillary astrocyte adipogenic photoreceptor clonogenic matrigel lymphovascular astrocytic excitotoxic nociceptor myoblast hyphal enterocyte chondrogenic corticomotor oligodendrocyte melanocyte gamma-band osteocyte myofibroblast multilineage ltp-like mitochondria-mediated phagosome dendrite
^101000111101110 (404) apoptotic intrinsic enzymatic mammalian catalytic redox eukaryotic oncogenic extrinsic proteolytic catabolic vegetative canonical antigenic mitotic phagocytic photocatalytic autophagic glycolytic photochemical reductive migratory hydrolytic enantioselective prokaryotic procoagulant lipolytic floral steroidogenic proteasomal stoichiometric tumorigenic thrombogenic endocytic replicative caspase-dependent fermentative methanogenic bimolecular epitaxial amyloidogenic carnot activity-dependent active-site myoelectric electrocatalytic degradative enzymic aldol oxygen-dependent
^1010001111011110 (242) mitochondrial contractile secretory photosynthetic lysosomal tympanic basement myofibrillar hyaline germinal myofilament subvalvular absorptive peroxisomal descemet light-harvesting flagellar epiretinal
^1010001111011111 (346) cellular subcellular receptor-mediated xenobiotic light-induced cell-surface
^1010001111100 (82) tumor tumour
^10100011111010 (194) thyroid parathyroid pituitary luteinizing anorectal thyroid-stimulating follicle-stimulating gonadotropin-releasing parotid adrenocorticotropic adrenocortical corticotropin-releasing submandibular antidiuretic meibomian gonadotrophin-releasing pineal sebaceous anti-müllerian
^10100011111011 (189) intrauterine epidermal chorionic insulin-like transforming fibroblast hepatocyte keratinocyte platelet-derived catch-up intra-uterine extrauterine mycelial anti-epidermal anchorage-independent estrogen-containing
^101000111111000 (146) placental adrenal lymphatic lymphoid villous uteroplacental gonadal thymic transplacental intratumoral neurofibrillary lacrimal fetoplacental feto-placental
^101000111111001 (184) hepatic splenic intrahepatic first-pass extrahepatic intrarenal chylomicron lipoprotein-associated
^101000111111010 (379) mucosal innate humoral cell-mediated mucous antigen-specific meniscal antral vaccine-induced tumor-specific hiv-specific preovulatory virus-specific primordial thylakoid serotype-specific serosal t-cell-mediated cell-associated antibody-dependent hiv-1-specific vaccine-specific labral ag-specific pathogen-specific atretic
^101000111111011 (334) intestinal gut colonic rumen ruminal blood-brain jejunal periurethral bronchiolar stomatal paracellular accommodative columnar
^10100011111110 (103) brain
^101000111111110 (77) allograft alveolar tubular pigment parenchymal islet vitreous tubule microbubble spongiform postextraction sphenoid
^101000111111111 (109) organ end-organ multiorgan multi-organ target-organ
^10100100000 (64) ovarian
^101001000010 (61) breast
^1010010000110 (113) colorectal serrated
^1010010000111 (90) prostate
^101001000100 (47) cervical vulvar
^101001000101 (197) lumbar plantar inguinal rotator incisional sacral diaphragmatic intervertebral lumbosacral thoracolumbar hiatal herniated parastomal bryan kirby-bauer
^1010010001100 (120) colon endometrial testicular endocervical cone punch tonsil transbronchial endomyocardial adenoid rectosigmoid ectocervical colposcopy-directed
^1010010001101 (67) rectal gynecologic gynecological gynaecological gynaecologic cloacal
^1010010001110 (64) gastric
^1010010001111 (132) pancreatic esophageal hepatocellular nasopharyngeal oesophageal ductal oropharyngeal urothelial endometrioid exocrine lobular esophagogastric squamous-cell microinvasive intraductal epidermoid hypopharyngeal appendiceal embryonal
^1010010010 (74) heart
^101001001100 (21) lung
^1010010011010 (39) liver
^1010010011011 (143) kidney graft-versus-host kawasaki
^101001001110 (40) renal
^101001001111 (72) pulmonary
^10100101000 (74) urinary
^101001010010 (31) respiratory
^1010010100110 (100) gastrointestinal digestive extrapyramidal gastro-intestinal hepatobiliary alimentary sinonasal
^1010010100111 (156) genital duodenal urogenital genitourinary peptic perianal gastroduodenal anogenital aphthous hematogenous genito-urinary non-albicans osteoarticular
^1010010101000 (599) nervous renin-angiotensin renin-angiotensin-aldosterone endocannabinoid line-associated ubiquitin-proteasome
^1010010101001 (278) immune
^1010010101010 (278) inflammatory proinflammatory pro-inflammatory th2 th1 th1/th2
^10100101010110 (200) allergic autoimmune neurodegenerative rheumatic immune-mediated granulomatous injection-site lymphoproliferative anaphylactic bullous hyperkinetic acid-related nonallergic anaphylactoid non-allergic auto-immune fibrosing
^10100101010111 (348) infectious infective smoking-related diarrheal noninfectious newcastle gallstone non-communicable venereal non-infectious diarrhoeal tobacco-related aids-defining intercurrent tick-borne lifestyle-related food-borne communicable
^1010010101100 (402) nosocomial fungal community-acquired opportunistic bloodstream intra-abdominal catheter-related chlamydial ventilator-associated hospital-acquired parasitic pneumocystis gonococcal staphylococcal polymicrobial intraabdominal trichomonal helminth healthcare-associated urinary-tract enterococcal carinii tuberculous cryptococcal surgical-site dermatophyte mycotic device-associated nongonococcal icu-acquired extraintestinal candidal protozoal community-onset non-gonococcal skin-structure cvc-related exit-site intraamniotic mycoplasmal schistosome community-associated monomicrobial
^10100101011010 (151) viral obliterative adenoviral
^10100101011011 (209) bacterial microbial streptococcal mycobacterial
^1010010101110 (73) atrial supraventricular
^10100101011110 (163) fecal nocturnal daytime faecal nighttime urge night-time epworth biliopancreatic eli postdialysis slow-wave day-time overflow torres
^10100101011111 (210) febrile lupus sick orthostatic hemolytic chemotherapy-induced bulimia intradialytic vasovagal unprovoked aplastic haemolytic paralytic heparin-induced iron-deficiency tuberous first-dose androgenetic euvolemic smoldering sickle-cell feverish
^10100101100 (54) myocardial
^1010010110100 (75) arterial applanation transarterial
^10100101101010 (68) vein
^10100101101011 (77) venous deep-vein
^10100101101100 (178) macular vesicoureteral gastroesophageal paw pericardial bronchopulmonary choroidal gastro-oesophageal vesicoureteric myotonic vesico-ureteric vesico-ureteral gastro-esophageal non-erosive fibromuscular burr pitting parapneumonic laryngopharyngeal vasogenic nonerosive perihematomal
^10100101101101 (110) retinal corneal intima-media skinfold foveal scleral subfield limbal fuchs breslow intimal-medial adventitial
^10100101101110 (94) cerebral splanchnic
^10100101101111 (164) peripheral
^10100101110 (190) cardiovascular cerebrovascular cardiometabolic macrovascular
^101001011110 (77) cardiac
^1010010111110 (79) vascular
^10100101111110 (73) endothelial
^10100101111111 (187) erectile microvascular executive collateral β-cell beta-cell microcirculatory ejaculatory oddi orgasmic back-specific back-related
^1010011000 (30) ventricular
^1010011001 (164) lv rv left-ventricular
^10100110100 (98) diastolic
^10100110101 (88) systolic
^10100110110 (81) ejection
^101001101110 (189) expiratory inspiratory tidal transmitral regurgitant laminar corpuscular transvalvular pressure/end-systolic transtricuspid
^101001101111 (232) end-diastolic end-systolic aerodynamic enddiastolic free-wall biparietal
^101001110 (100) blood
^1010011110000 (242) gas impedance agar digit isotope vapor solute isotopic vapour bioimpedance replica
^1010011110001 (212) liquid solid-phase quadrupole liquid-liquid thin-layer fluoridated size-exclusion immunoaffinity gas-liquid
^1010011110010 (242) polymerase high-performance speckle transcription-polymerase ultra-performance transcriptase-polymerase ligation-dependent
^1010011110011 (78) computed coherence ct. micro-computed
^101001111010 (78) magnetic paramagnetic plasmon
^1010011110110 (104) post
^1010011110111 (193) western middle-income
^101001111100 (204) doppler duplex m-mode doppler-derived
^101001111101 (620) real-time two-dimensional three-dimensional transthoracic transvaginal high-resolution 3-dimensional contrast-enhanced transesophageal transrectal 2-dimensional speckle-tracking cine t2-weighted transabdominal 3-t diffusion-weighted b-mode t1-weighted multidetector cone-beam multiparametric reversed-phase 3.0-t phase-contrast dual-source stereoscopic transperineal 1.5-t multislice gray-scale reverse-transcription spin-echo multiplanar transoesophageal unenhanced sephadex narrow-band color-coded reverse-phase postcontrast laser-doppler high-definition 64-slice gadolinium-enhanced methylation-specific high-pitch multi-detector noncontrast 3-tesla
^1010011111100 (373) x-ray infrared atomic raman vibrational near-infrared uv-vis neutron time-resolved photoelectron ft-raman uv-visible spectral-domain uv/vis mid-infrared retardants
^10100111111010 (165) electron confocal specular
^10100111111011 (199) scanning beam diode grid femtosecond conformal knife matrix-assisted intensity-modulated hyperfractionated tunneling synchrotron external-beam venovenous surface-enhanced involved-field immunogold
^1010011111110 (663) laser radiofrequency microwave laser-assisted shockwave
^10100111111110 (101) light tide lights
^10100111111111 (77) radiation radioiodine dignity
^10101000000 (102) stable
^101010000010 (215) refractory relapsed resected disseminated relapsing intractable progressing relapsing-remitting recalcitrant quiescent remitting relapsed/refractory therapy-resistant steroid-dependent metastasized
^1010100000110 (178) complicated complicating
^1010100000111 (127) suspected probable presumed suspicious biopsy-proven suspect unspecified unsuspected biopsy-confirmed culture-proven nonreassuring non-reassuring
^101010000100 (167) asymptomatic undiagnosed epileptic unrecognized undetected incontinent partial-onset tonic-clonic unreported culture-positive afebrile convulsive ambulant hypocalcemic culture-negative
^101010000101 (93) symptomatic bacteremic
^101010000110 (115) childhood morbid illness-related
^101010000111 (298) incident alcoholic new-onset early-onset drug-resistant late-onset insulin-dependent non-insulin-dependent type-2 senile type-1 screen-detected recent-onset cholestatic frank streptozotocin-induced adult-onset stz-induced post-cabg pregestational childhood-onset hbv-related newly-diagnosed hcv-related steroid-induced drug-refractory type-ii drug-sensitive alloxan-induced nephrogenic noninsulin-dependent non-b
^10101000100 (57) moderate
^10101000101 (113) mild milder
^10101000110 (177) severe moderate-to-severe mild-to-moderate
^101010001110 (321) comorbid dsm-iv coexisting treatment-resistant unipolar co-morbid icd-10 co-occurring obsessive intubating dsm-iv-tr subthreshold dsm-iii-r late-life co-existing nonpsychotic dsm-5 subsyndromal non-psychotic dsm-iii treatment-refractory neurotic clinician-administered pectoralis sub-threshold combat-related diarrhea-predominant anthonisen syndromal constipation-predominant dsm-iv-defined rapid-cycling non-cabg
^1010100011110 (147) uncontrolled nonspecific non-specific unexplained well-controlled long-standing longstanding pregnancy-induced unspecific amnestic uncontrollable toenail white-coat lingering nonvariceal aspecific first-contact acute-onset unsuppressed desquamative
^1010100011111 (216) persistent paroxysmal persisting perennial nonvalvular psychogenic ige-mediated lone non-valvular scarlet rocket physician-diagnosed
^10101001000 (538) metastatic early-stage neovascular her2-positive celiac operable node-positive castration-resistant er-positive node-negative fabry late-stage triple-negative exudative coeliac er-negative platinum-sensitive her2-negative non-metastatic nonmetastatic uveal hormone-refractory three-vessel platinum-resistant hormone-sensitive androgen-independent nonpalpable hormone-receptor-positive micrometastatic extranodal clear-cell
^10101001001 (271) advanced unresectable resectable inoperable advanced-stage nonsquamous non-squamous
^101010010100 (184) septic first-episode extracorporeal cardiogenic open-angle schizophrenia-like hypovolemic myoclonic first-onset non-affective monosymptomatic angle-closure transfusion-dependent high-functioning distributive pharmacoresistant endotoxic normal-tension extracorporal sepsis/septic aachen
^101010010101 (98) rheumatoid irritable ankylosing psoriatic endoplasmic amyotrophic sarcoplasmic thrombocytopenic gouty collagen-induced adjuvant-induced
^1010100101100 (275) idiopathic subclinical neurogenic overactive incipient vancomycin-resistant opioid-induced gall muscle-invasive non-ulcer pyogenic sub-clinical vasculogenic sepsis-induced non-muscle-invasive spasmodic prethreshold arteriogenic hypertension-induced nonulcer schistosomal papulopustular uninhibited polyarticular involutional non-neurogenic obliterating
^1010100101101 (164) end-stage overt pre-existing polycystic preexisting carpal spina hiv-associated de-novo acute-on-chronic nonfunctioning living-donor endstage preexistent horseshoe femoroacetabular amoebic deceased-donor pre-existent
^1010100101110 (264) familial high-grade low-grade hereditary sporadic dilating polygenic monogenic anca-associated non-carious mixed-type non-familial non-syndromic
^1010100101111 (157) dilated borderline hypertrophic nonischemic contrast-induced attention-deficit non-ischemic takotsubo membranous non-ischaemic non-obstructive nonobstructive pacing-induced pressure-overload tako-tsubo psychopathic schizotypal nondilated tachycardia-induced dilative low-output sarcoid narcissistic malformative normal-sized
^101010011000 (109) ischemic ischaemic cardioembolic recruitable
^101010011001 (170) congenital congestive valvular decompensated chagas cardiology/american dystrophic univentricular
^1010100110100 (193) traumatic hemorrhagic subacute haemorrhagic aneurysmal first-ever lacunar cryptogenic sub-acute supratentorial unruptured hemiparetic non-traumatic nontraumatic flaccid syncopal noncardioembolic space-occupying acute/subacute af-related nondisabling asystolic infratentorial hyperkalemic sport-related
^1010100110101 (422) nonfatal circumferential non-fatal st-elevation hydroxyethyl non-st-elevation q-wave n-acetyl non-q-wave ischemia-driven st-segment-elevation carboxymethyl nonsuicidal fourth-degree ischaemia-driven non-suicidal non-st-segment-elevation inferoposterior nonhemorrhagic fatal/nonfatal milbemycin hydrolysable non-procedure-related gelatinized
^1010100110110 (189) recurrent catheter-associated recurring
^1010100110111 (204) uncomplicated ectopic purulent necrotizing infantile atrophic post-ercp perforated actinic sclerosing suppurative necrotising hypoxemic hypercapnic emphysematous constrictive wheezy antibody-mediated steroid-resistant interdigital mucopurulent nonbacterial non-complicated pyelonephritic alcohol-exposed hypoxaemic catarrhal
^10101001110 (67) acute
^10101001111 (105) chronic
^1010101000 (157) high
^1010101001 (69) low
^10101010100 (83) normal
^101010101010 (438) live twin singleton triplet monochorionic post-term dichorionic euploid stillborn monozygotic non-viable consanguineous diamniotic dizygotic vanishing multifetal
^1010101010110 (341) preterm full-term formula-fed small-for-gestational-age hiv-exposed pre-term low-birth-weight
^1010101010111 (295) premature methicillin-resistant breech cephalic prelabor prelabour methicillin-susceptible cerumen
^101010101100 (110) elevated
^10101010110100 (61) altered compromised damaged disturbed enlarged defective disordered disrupted exacerbated retarded dysregulated fragmented perturbed undisturbed eroded flattened deregulated reactivated
^10101010110101 (37) enhanced augmented exaggerated
^10101010110110 (125) abnormal irregular incidental anomalous unbalanced asynchronous asymmetrical
^101010101101110 (65) impaired deteriorating
^101010101101111 (164) preserved repaired hypoplastic well-preserved
^1010101011100 (572) soluble purified dried oxidized conjugated dense homologous insoluble cationic cross-linked bioavailable monomeric reconstituted cell-free thermostable viscous digestible powdered labile extruded hydrated unmodified branched condensed radiolabeled freeze-dried lyophilized regenerated oxygenated esterified preformed acidified polymerized folded sulfated hydrogenated long-lived detached acetylated oxidised hydroxylated globular protonated fermentable high-molecular-weight microencapsulated heat-denatured milled buoyant type-i
^1010101011101 (421) activated inducible inactivated phosphorylated secreted exhaled cleaved expired infiltrating denatured compressed humidified spliced ubiquitinated uncoupled
^1010101011110 (384) intact artificial mature acidic dead conscious immature heat-treated heat-stressed diseased empty heat-shocked inflamed infarcted thermotolerant fractured hypertrophied unstimulated decayed unheated purple unconscious abruptio stunned pigmented unstressed regenerating senescent degenerated dormant nonviable oval low-lying unloaded echogenic lps-treated ulcerated hibernating scarred heat-exposed nonfunctional normal-appearing interphase maturing heat-injured aneuploid uninvolved degenerate germinating shaded
^10101010111110 (145) closed reversible sterile displaced sealed continent redundant sutured thickened aborted opaque duplicated sterilized polished submerged unidirectional deformed patterned rounded radiolucent distended mucoid sticky insulated torn programmable dislocated misplaced comminuted discharging deflated thrombosed valved non-functional aerated slipped splinted stirred debrided prewarmed molded hydropic angulated threaded roughened loosened misaligned reducible tipped
^10101010111111 (290) intermediate inactive acrylic medicated inert indeterminate non-toxic paraffin elongated tall acrysof intermediary ortho epoxy unclassified transferase-mediated ultrathin organ-specific unnatural peek butterfly vaseline on-off left-handed
^101010110000 (133) postoperative post-operative postsurgical
^10101011000100 (103) in-hospital 30-day 28-day 90-day cause-specific 60-day thirty-day risk-adjusted 180-day inhospital complication-free day-28 pre-weaning lung-cancer ninety-day pneumonia-related prostate-cancer
^10101011000101 (225) all-cause
^10101011000110 (131) neonatal
^10101011000111 (309) perinatal cancer-related cancer-specific heat-related peripartum disease-related asthma-related hiv-related diabetes-related infection-related pregnancy-related tardive liver-related cancer-associated aids-related noncardiovascular hf-related cardiac-related disease-associated suicide-related cardiovascular-related hypertension-related stroke-related spinocerebellar diabetes-associated valve-related copd-related stent-related transplant-related nutrition-related temperature-related sepsis-related levodopa-induced tumor-related nonvascular respiratory-related non-vascular
^1010101100100 (108) postpartum post-transplant post-partum post-stroke posttransplant poststroke post-discharge postdischarge puerperal posttransplantation post-transplantation postweaning
^10101011001010 (207) postnatal embryonic larval pubertal preimplantation post-natal pre-implantation pregnane pupal
^10101011001011 (108) prenatal antenatal first-trimester antepartum second-trimester preconception well-child periconceptional premarital presymptomatic midtrimester third-trimester mid-trimester psa-based in-utero pre-natal
^10101011001100 (39) fetal foetal maternal-fetal
^10101011001101 (66) maternal paternal
^10101011001110 (107) gestational postmenstrual chronological small-for-gestational
^101010110011110 (170) occupational institutional accidental work-related unintentional fall-related inadvertent pedestrian early-life lactational on-call automobile sports-related imaginal self-induced
^101010110011111 (118) reproductive childbearing child-bearing udder
^1010101101000 (55) early
^10101011010010 (26) subsequent consequent
^10101011010011 (146) late
^10101011010100 (63) short-term subchronic short-duration
^10101011010101 (42) long-term longer-term mid-term
^10101011010110 (148) global fugl-meyer
^101010110101110 (105) perceived self-identified perceiving
^1010101101011110 (193) subjective patient-reported patient-rated patient-oriented clinician-rated hedonic patient-important patient-relevant
^1010101101011111 (193) self-reported self-rated pain-related self-perceived premorbid parent-reported weight-related self-assessed pa. past-year depression-related diabetes-specific preinjury domain-specific cue-induced patient-perceived parent-rated activity-related observer-rated
^10101011011000 (1253) excessive irreversible exercise-induced heat-induced massive stress-induced aberrant lps-induced drug-induced radiation-induced stress-related intentional impending allergen-induced treatment-induced cisplatin-induced statin-induced hypoxia-induced training-induced alcohol-induced ethanol-induced uv-induced virus-induced undue temperature-induced ischemia-induced uvb-induced h2o2-induced cold-induced histamine-induced exercise-related tnf-α-induced endotoxin-induced profuse antipsychotic-induced capsaicin-induced lipopolysaccharide-induced insulin-induced morphine-induced glutamate-induced ad-like obesity-induced diabetes-induced antigen-induced inflammation-induced 3-np-induced mdma-induced statin-associated salt-induced therapy-induced
^1010101101100100 (200) deep superficial varicose sternal shallow full-thickness incompetent reticular perforating partial-thickness peristomal nonhealing iliofemoral periocular
^1010101101100101 (178) spontaneous dysfunctional threatened obstructed postcoital sleep-disordered antibiotic-associated non-nutritive
^1010101101100110 (240) painful focal diffuse hypoxic stressful silent productive erosive symmetrical painless watery high-altitude bloody malabsorptive patchy confluent paraneoplastic anoxic whooping erythematous punctate edematous pruritic nonproliferative dystonic itchy vaso-occlusive nonlethal postinfectious nonuniform leicester sclerotic postinflammatory non-proliferative forceful vernal hyperechoic dehydrating maculopapular
^10101011011001110 (127) transient temporary long-lasting transitory short-lived short-lasting longer-lasting
^10101011011001111 (152) progressive sharp bulky multisystem hypokalemic
^1010101101101000 (130) intraoperative intravascular intra-operative intraluminal intracardiac intracavitary peroperative intraprocedural pricking access-site intraparenchymal
^1010101101101001 (93) perioperative prehospital intrapartum periprocedural peri-operative procedure-related postprocedural pre-hospital post-procedural post-acute peri-procedural postresuscitation surgery-related post-resuscitation
^1010101101101010 (58) concomitant concurrent coexistent
^1010101101101011 (160) preoperative pre-operative pretransplant pre-pregnancy prepregnancy whole-brain preprocedural presurgical pre-transplant postmastectomy prestudy
^101010110110110 (72) local locoregional loco-regional
^101010110110111 (133) systemic
^101010110111000 (210) missing dichotomous binary categorical ordinal patient-level time-to-event censored unobserved trial-level non-normal analysable high-dimensional nonignorable unvalidated
^101010110111001 (147) continuous continual
^1010101101110100 (141) regular periodic habitual vigorous self-selected high-energy moderate-to-vigorous leisure-time biennial loud
^1010101101110101 (97) routine compulsory
^1010101101110110 (157) repeated
^1010101101110111 (329) paired serial frozen gated unpaired two-tailed biplane tagged self-collected two-sample archival tc-99m technetium-99m ecg-gated technetium nova fresh-frozen 2-tailed bradford 2-sample banked paired-samples independent-samples single-plane deidentified hammer self-obtained one-sample
^101010110111100 (73) complete
^1010101101111010 (309) proton virological virologic pain-free serine extended-spectrum startle nucleophilic michael ns3 sensor-augmented centrifugal ns3/4a postextrasystolic 26s eyeblink chymotrypsin-like postactivation asas40 prepotent headache-free
^1010101101111011 (172) partial
^1010101101111100 (66) successful unsuccessful
^10101011011111010 (103) prolonged lifelong protracted lengthy life-long uninterrupted
^10101011011111011 (128) delayed deferred precocious nondiagnostic
^1010101101111110 (578) fast mobile flexible thin rigid circular first-order flat thick stationary transparent symmetric compact c18 rough fiberoptic curved triangular custom-made stiff fibreoptic single-use rectangular 2-mm convex semirigid shang vibrating semi-rigid superelastic seamless zero-order brittle white-light carpentier rocker finer translucent spoiled motorized hinged blue-light pavlovian greasy small-diameter
^10101011011111110 (99) slow lay slowing blunt penetrating closing rotating breaking dissecting halting
^10101011011111111 (138) accelerated assisted overnight involuntary unrestricted unassisted in-situ off-line unattended underwater in-laboratory in-field inline interpolated
^10101011100000 (487) fluorescence optical spectral fluorescent spectroscopic spin electrochemical luminescence dielectric photoluminescence phonon thermoelectric bead upconversion antiferromagnetic isotropic ferromagnetic 1,3-dipolar anisotropic headspace luminescent recursive autofluorescence histogram wavelet photovoltaic ultrafast superconducting anodic ferroelectric checkerboard bioluminescence ventricular-arterial anharmonic excitation-contraction exciton spin-orbit two-photon charge-transfer boltzmann ventricular-vascular photocurrent cross-correlation ventriculoarterial bioengineering dipolar electron-phonon phosphorescence coulomb γh2ax
^101010111000010 (348) chemical phytochemical chromatographic solid-state covalent crystallographic proximate glycan gas-phase
^101010111000011 (427) thermal hydrothermal hydraulic denaturing
^101010111000100 (206) simultaneous cyclic ultrasonic prosthetic retrograde pulsatile provisional submucosal antegrade high-pressure intraoral cyclical low-pressure chordal piezoelectric lamellar turbulent anterograde transseptal stentless ahmed intra-oral malapposed transjugular nonpulsatile gravitational bileaflet 8-mm extraoral zonal single-channel
^101010111000101 (427) manual radionuclide vacuum mirror pneumatic sonic keyword kinesio four-layer radioisotope two-layer
^101010111000110 (355) dynamic static whole-body quantum high-frequency low-frequency stochastic second-order closed-loop berg rhythmic dynamical long-range sinusoidal hydrodynamic delicate monocular broadband nonequilibrium ballistic noisy laser-induced subject-specific non-contact subliminal near-field repulsive task-irrelevant monochromatic single-point multiphase biodex capacitive
^101010111000111 (274) electrical elastic electric acoustic electromagnetic electromechanical inward high-power bioelectrical interferential elastomeric optoelectronic eddy peristaltic galvanic
^10101011100100 (1109) confounding covariate modifiable predisposing explanatory drug-drug π-π stacking precipitating protein-protein unmeasured group-by-time contributory aggravating herb-drug confounder c-h⋯π hydrogen-bonding gene-environment case-mix group×time gene-gene protein-ligand host-pathogen drug-disease drug-herb time-by-group treatment-by-time h-bonding epistatic gene-diet nonmodifiable treatment-time
^101010111001010 (339) resource word land mother-infant pesticide parent-child mother-child sentence maternal-infant parent-infant mother-baby patient-practitioner host-parasite electron-hole paragraph patient-doctor mother-daughter biobank
^101010111001011 (428) contraceptive wheelchair lichen disintegrating mucoadhesive dihuang jiedu
^101010111001100 (413) ambient extreme noxious indoor outdoor atmospheric exertional evaporative moist sublethal convective radiant isothermal fluctuating innocuous radiative suprathreshold volcanic inertial sub-lethal joule oceanic non-painful ohmic frictional cockpit traffic-related vehicular retort summertime nonpainful saturating isosteric non-noxious non-physiological
^101010111001101 (337) environmental ecological contextual climatic abiotic anthropogenic sanitary biotic geochemical
^101010111001110 (193) air positron photon steam single-photon forced-air otoacoustic isoprene autoclave
^101010111001111 (157) climate driving shear reward weather traffic road tensile compressive greenhouse dual-task rainfall push-out detonation seating drag flue oscillator highway retentive braking shearing gripping land-use brake push-up numerosity k-space pull-out motorcycle distracter bioprocessing bioprocess
^10101011101000 (336) aerobic anaerobic high-intensity eccentric low-intensity moderate-intensity weight-bearing strenuous explosive water-based plyometric land-based fatiguing autogenic unimanual periodized
^101010111010010 (272) intermittent repetitive low-level endovenous argon excimer holmium hypobaric normobaric fetoscopic noncontact transmyocardial focal/grid thulium low-power
^101010111010011 (170) cardiopulmonary cardiorespiratory ileal circulatory cardioplegic infrainguinal forkhead intervillous cardio-respiratory lippes aortocoronary coronary-artery veno-venous jejunoileal bone-patellar muscularis femoro-popliteal
^101010111010100 (250) sudden nonsteroidal non-steroidal out-of-hospital non-steroid anglo-scandinavian nonsteroid
^101010111010101 (261) parenteral enteral iodinated povidone lipid-based superparamagnetic nasojejunal low-osmolar iso-osmolar transpyloric hypoallergenic cadexomer multinutrient immune-enhancing oil-soluble transfusional prelacteal
^101010111010110 (257) supplemental voluntary isometric supplementary flow-mediated endothelium-dependent interventricular isokinetic volitional endothelium-independent interatrial endothelial-dependent acetylcholine-induced no-dependent no-mediated enterohepatic nailfold ach-induced phenylephrine-induced endothelial-independent nitroglycerin-mediated inter-ventricular intra-atrial pe-induced isovolemic
^101010111010111 (233) reactive algal hyperbaric inspired cyanobacterial singlet high-flow alveolar-arterial
^1010101110110 (3974) fractional e/e isovolumic graves end-tidal midwall isovolumetric conners hedges dukes 'high e'/a 'good wilms postsystolic thomas 'low 'normal 'a stress-corrected hydatidiform 'off post-systolic 'early 'traditional 'active 'other legionnaires 'control 3'-5 'moderate 'poor 'on 'new 'placebo 'healthy brodmann mid-wall 'real-world 'yes 'conventional 'intervention 'atypical 'excellent wilks 'positive 'hot 'real-life 'severe 'high-risk
^101010111011100 (498) dental orthodontic restorative cochlear self-etch etch-and-rinse veneering self-etching metal-ceramic interdental self-ligating prosthodontic supragingival all-ceramic interspinous
^101010111011101 (404) permanent mandibular maxillary dual-chamber tibialis implant-supported deciduous branchial pilonidal paranasal single-rooted subdermal zygomatic fenestrated two-implant implant-retained three-rooted ketac sacrococcygeal ethmoid
^101010111011110 (155) regional segmental biventricular transmural subendocardial phasic postischemic low-flow subepicardial post-ischemic biatrial multidirectional
^101010111011111 (132) mechanical oscillatory one-lung
^10101011110000 (147) short
^10101011110001 (173) long
^10101011110010 (270) waiting terminal heterozygous homozygous wait drug-free heterozygote homozygote 1-cm 3-cm 2-cm hemizygous snoezelen b1b1
^10101011110011 (70) reference
^101010111101000 (149) minimum finite myriad half-maximal
^101010111101001 (226) cut-off top cutoff nadir willingness-to-pay isoelectric fermi inflection cutpoint hlb break-even icru he-sea
^101010111101010 (242) surrogate prespecified predefined predetermined pre-specified proxy pre-defined preplanned preset nuisance pre-determined protocol-defined pre-planned radiopaque protocol-specified pre-established fiducial pre-set pre-selected week-12 radio-opaque preestablished
^101010111101011 (210) composite glasgow nick self-adhesive flowable
^10101011110110 (96) target culprit
^1010101111011100 (223) conduction complement trace myosin cloud jun relay transposable cross-link dynein alloying b-c beta-myosin β-myosin formin
^1010101111011101 (284) encoding trigger coding ontology flanking hinge intergenic 3'-terminal hot-spot 5'-flanking dump
^1010101111011110 (96) image orbital contour electrostatic erection offline photograph wavefront
^1010101111011111 (85) reading attachment bonding cutting anchorage knot anchoring grasping grating absorbing fumigation imprinting etch warfare transaction construal
^10101011111000 (216) peak
^101010111110010 (178) maximal submaximal stair hyperemic symptom-limited
^101010111110011 (77) maximum
^101010111110100 (224) fasting fasted platelet-rich pregnancy-associated nonfasting
^101010111110101 (188) postprandial capillary seminal post-prandial insulin-stimulated carotid-femoral brachial-ankle postmeal insulin-mediated glucose-induced post-meal postabsorptive post-load pre-meal
^101010111110110 (275) basal steady-state nph starter log-transformed prandial prepartum normoxic premixed nanomolar micromolar rapid-acting unbound mealtime creep mesopic photopic preprandial kt-1000 grower pre-injury first-phase premeal glucose-stimulated finisher dose-normalized
^101010111110111 (298) resting gross fine spherical instantaneous beating coarse snellen hyperdynamic in-treatment wolf continuous-flow interictal cardio metabolizable ictal tense ehrlich high-order corrugator
^1010101111110 (59) central
^101010111111100 (68) operating operator receiver-operating receiver-operator
^101010111111101 (270) operative prothrombin thromboplastin break-up door-to-balloon first-passage breakup
^101010111111110 (764) qrs remote qt qtc gadolinium arp2/3 r-r p-wave thrombin-antithrombin jt qt/qtc r-wave normal-to-normal interpregnancy hormone-free induction-to-delivery qlv interstimulus qkd q-t platinum-free qt-interval p-r interbeat jahn-teller induction-delivery q-tc
^1010101111111110 (113) vital diffusing cystometric
^1010101111111111 (149) glomerular villus runny
^101011000 (25) tract
^1010110010 (6368) corrected ca2+ best-corrected uncorrected binocular centroid-centroid 2,3-b 1,2,4 2,3-d 3,4-b 3,2-b 35s 13c 125i ³h spectacle-corrected 14c rate-corrected 18f emim 3,2-d 3,4-d 2,1-b 3+2 1,3,4 1,5-a 3,2-c ¹³c 1,2-a 3,4-c 11c 4,5-b ¹²³i h+ 2,3-c 3.3.1 low-contrast hhb 4,3-a bmim 1,2,3 3+3
^101011001100 (47) transmitted transmissible care-associated dimorphic
^101011001101 (119) intraepithelial proliferator-activated protein-coupled intra-epithelial proliferator spondylotic
^101011001110 (266) york zealand jersey hampshire haven orleans brunswick
^101011001111 (90) insight insights translates clues
^1010110100 (212) right paretic
^1010110101 (89) left
^1010110110 (219) fatty
^1010110111 (2421) amino bile folic uric docosahexaenoic eicosapentaenoic zoledronic tranexamic acetic nicotinic ascorbic lactic arachidonic linoleic hyaluronic nucleic acetylsalicylic nalidixic thiobarbituric ursodeoxycholic oleic citric valproic salicylic gallic retinoic chlorogenic glutamic sialic α-linolenic carboxylic clavulanic ferulic folinic amoxicillin/clavulanic formic phosphoric caffeic palmitic amoxicillin-clavulanic alpha-linolenic carbonic linolenic fenofibric benzoic alpha-lipoic stearic docosapentaenoic mycophenolic ursolic
^101011100000 (791) intracellular extracellular cytoplasmic ionic cytosolic intercellular intramolecular ionized intermolecular interfacial c-h⋯o microsomal voltage-gated oligomeric l-type vesicular bone-specific cell-cell n-h⋯o voltage-dependent fibrillar o-h⋯o endosomal atp-dependent vacuolar n-type t-type vitreomacular 70-kda inter-molecular cell-to-cell intranuclear transcellular c-h⋯n phosphatidyl perinuclear single-walled non-classical
^1010111000010 (409) circulating salivary erythrocyte allergen-specific ginsenoside unconjugated tumor-associated whole-blood acylated cytokine-induced
^1010111000011 (456) endogenous exogenous histone peroxisome constitutive radioactive anti antisense immunoreactive presynaptic indoleamine heat-inducible membrane-bound verifynow catechol autocrine non-enzymatic α7 unlabeled metabotropic endothelium-derived acyclic cardiac-specific nonenzymatic monosodium redox-sensitive sodium-dependent selenoprotein adenovirus-mediated
^1010111000100 (275) selective nonselective non-selective small-molecule high-affinity cardioselective unopposed stereoselective regioselective
^1010111000101 (567) atypical second-generation tricyclic first-generation third-generation equine aspheric toric new-generation monofocal low-potency ergot fms-like organophosphorus polymer-based 3-piece organochlorine 1-piece tetracyclic tecnis diffractive multinucleated fourth-generation n95 brand-name newer-generation nobori vinca foldable nonsedating pyrrolizidine placenta-specific
^1010111000110 (967) monoclonal transcranial pulsed transcutaneous neutralizing polyclonal antiphospholipid pulsed-wave anti-cd20 cross-reactive continuous-wave donor-specific anticardiolipin antinuclear anti-cd3 anti-human pulseless single-chain anti-hsp70 anti-hmgcr neutralising long-pulsed anti-hla anti-rotavirus antithyroglobulin 1064-nm anti-hsp antimicrosomal anti-dsg3 antidrug anti-drug monospecific
^1010111000111 (819) recombinant botulinum full-length 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl chimeric heterologous dipeptidyl humanized trivalent whole-cell acellular quadrivalent monovalent heat-labile bivalent heat-stable non-adjuvanted 7-valent lentiviral heat-inactivated plasma-derived hydroxymethylglutaryl polyvalent shiga 23-valent dominant-negative unconditioned oncolytic 13-valent hexavalent humanised t-2 live-attenuated bioengineered onabotulinum
^101011100100 (687) neutral green blue plain yellow brown planar sweet bright bitter happy loose petroleum pleasant panax polarized dilute boiled fearful roasted fried angry mate caffeinated colored incongruent spider areca instant brine betel diethyl coloured pale decaffeinated pink vivid sour slim rte unprocessed carica ready-to-eat flavored manuka peeled cork gardeniae sugary iron-fortified
^1010111001010 (155) cold ice dark fire high-temperature drought tonic boiling hyperthermic hypothermic normothermic low-temperature heat-stress sauna talc freeze evil refrigerated room-temperature garden non-thermal salty cryogenic hyperoxic chilled
^1010111001011 (566) hot warm cool distilled humid temperate thermoneutral warmer snake cooler harsh polluted pressurized supercritical geothermal transepidermal pressurised
^1010111001100 (1031) commercially bioactive phenolic volatile polar flavonoid carbonyl polyphenol publicly thiol anthocyanin polycyclic aroma polyphenolic triterpene hydroxy triterpenoid chlorinated fragrance flavonol nitro sesquiterpene lignan sulfhydryl keto flavone isomeric iridoid non-polar drug-like halogenated flavan-3-ol sulfur-containing brominated anthraquinone lipid-soluble titratable monoterpene terpene chalcone diterpenoid isoquinoline phenylpropanoid hexose stilbene isoprenoid bio-active pentacyclic plasmalogen benzofuran
^1010111001101 (673) organic raw marine industrial aromatic aquatic inorganic agricultural freshwater alkyl airborne terrestrial gaseous heterocyclic aliphatic benthic non-target lignocellulosic biogenic electrophilic unicellular intertidal predatory respirable guest estuarine cellulosic allylic deep-sea pyrethroid azo nonpolar humic firefly bloom-forming carbonaceous inanimate blue-green inhalable tobacco-specific pelagic post-harvest autotrophic exocyclic
^1010111001110 (1771) synthetic commercial hybrid hydrophobic nucleoside hydrophilic porous chiral biodegradable water-soluble lipophilic helical disposable polymeric biocompatible conductive bee one-dimensional hollow colloidal dimeric chelating anionic granular non-nucleoside nanoscale quaternary sandwich resorbable cylindrical bioabsorbable ternary layered microfluidic preparative scorpion bioresorbable semisynthetic macromolecular core-shell thermosensitive nonnucleoside hexagonal bifunctional supramolecular mesoporous bidentate heat-activated nonionic bicyclic
^10101110011110 (390) natural plant-derived renewable rate-pressure
^10101110011111 (972) native pure wild domestic crystalline amorphous heat-sensitive virgin primitive oily arctic heat-tolerant ancestral exotic acridine tetragonal farmed neat antarctic anhydrous metastable pristine non-native neurofibromatosis polyphenol-rich undiluted a-type dwarf axenic heat-processed corporal teleost mucopolysaccharidosis free-ranging eurasian domesticated timothy neotropical sacred fast-growing extra-virgin high-spin sanders purebred dha-rich high-oleic venomous carnivorous unlabelled wild-caught
^101011101000 (685) wistar # tandem caspase exon sprague-dawley trisomy omega intron lewis albino ovariectomized dawley sprague wistar-kyoto kyoto pentraxin oletf aquaporin zucker monosomy cytokeratin cholesterol-fed claudin zdf syrian galectin sirtuin trisomies fok shhf f344 long-evans lux-lung otsuka stz-diabetic leucine-rich ankyrin dynamin desmoglein glypican novopen ren2 coronin caveolin nonoxynol fa/fa pck pithed 21-day-old
^101011101001 (1745) mutant wild-type transgenic knockout ko balb/c c57bl/6 nude c57bl/6j db/db icr fat-1 tumor-bearing inbred mutation-positive knock-out diploid athymic c677t wildtype populus isogenic mdx kunming ob/ob apoe-/- 3d7 immunodeficient diet-fed knock-in non-transgenic c3h/hej receptor-deficient fvb nontransgenic dko a/j inhibitor-treated hairless cd1 littermate outbred akita kkay chloroquine-sensitive samp8 cd-1 nc/nga tramp squirrel
^101011101010 (1144) dairy motivational soy beef broiler guinea holstein poultry laying crossbred feedlot bull sugar-sweetened angus whole-grain soya open-chest miniature ewe heifer beagle client-owned rainbow yorkshire energy-dense tryptic breeder canned weanling landrace brahman steer yearling wholegrain holstein-friesian mongrel feral 1-day-old closed-chest mourning friesian nellore thoroughbred bakery acres leghorn mixed-breed lactose-free stray merino
^1010111010110 (336) red occult solar packed fermented abo pasteurized skim nucleated uht narrowband skimmed defatted
^1010111010111 (839) autologous fresh bovine allogeneic autogenous intracytoplasmic heterotopic camel cancellous allogenic periprosthetic frozen-thawed monocyte-derived demineralized plasmacytoid syngeneic hla-matched polychromatic day-3 adipose-derived vitrified-warmed sex-sorted unfortified micronucleated deproteinized tumor-infiltrating cleavage-stage hla-identical leukoreduced abo-incompatible peripheral-blood anorganic interpositional placenta-derived ivf/intracytoplasmic demineralised wbc-reduced
^101011101100 (150) human
^101011101101 (489) rat mouse murine canine porcine rabbit chicken pig drosophila xenograft swine zebrafish monkey lps-stimulated rhesus xenopus chick ovine piglet duck guinea-pig cynomolgus artemia
^101011101110 (1262) gram-negative pathogenic causative gram-positive etiologic enteric etiological multidrug-resistant thermophilic infecting uropathogenic protozoan esbl-producing heat-killed coagulase-negative aetiological motile filamentous commensal multiresistant antibiotic-resistant heat-resistant invading zoonotic mesophilic foodborne enterotoxigenic beta-lactamase-producing coliform carbapenem-resistant facultative oxidizing penicillin-resistant heterotrophic hyperthermophilic antibody-coated metronidazole-resistant cariogenic asexual blood-borne multicellular sessile multi-resistant endophytic non-pathogenic beta-hemolytic fluoroquinolone-resistant ciprofloxacin-resistant ampicillin-resistant toxin-producing
^1010111011110 (402) host parasite 16s forest insect luciferase phytoplankton coral phage brainstem mosquito fly worm adenine nematode tick prey pest dinoflagellate wildlife vertebrate snail chloroplast archaeal trichomonad 18s flea guanine predator bacteriophage planktonic midgut anopheles mould zooplankton weed amphibian mammal aphid arthropod parasitoid invertebrate haploid earthworm bivalve diatom crustacean plankton mycorrhizal alien
^1010111011111 (274) plant herb botanical mushroom spice
^1010111100 (86) heat
^101011110100 (416) carbon hydrogen superoxide alkaline sulfur disulfide chlorine c-h c-c sulphur benzoyl microtensile carbamide n-h glycosidic c-n c-o
^1010111101010 (131) matrix cartilage tendon tear mucus chromatin valgus signal-regulated filler meniscus rigidus organelle tubercle endplate tumescence frown excavatum
^1010111101011 (550) immunoglobulin creatine tyrosine chlorophyll phosphatidylinositol immunoglobulins thymidine phosphoinositide histidine s6 rnase janus cyclin-dependent adenylate serine/threonine guanylate adenylyl sphingosine prolyl glyceraldehyde α-galactosidase aurora ribonuclease receptor-like pi-3 nh2-terminal receptor-tyrosine guanylyl 72-kda gammaglobulin bromodeoxyuridine gamma-globulin pi3 phosphatidylinositol-3 polo-like extracellular-signal-regulated
^1010111101100 (164) oxidative posttraumatic post-traumatic oxidant
^10101111011010 (232) angiotensin-converting converting vsl ii-induced ii-mediated sialyl
^10101111011011 (170) nitric nitrous ethylene atp-binding propylene chromic
^10101111011100 (60) follow pick
^10101111011101 (343) conduct coenzyme bisphenol activin 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl-coenzyme concanavalin ochratoxin huperzine licochalcone chromogranin
^10101111011110 (147) reverse cross concentric reverse-transcriptase
^10101111011111 (496) serotonin monoamine xanthine thioredoxin glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate serotonin-norepinephrine acyl-coa sodium-glucose glucose-6-phosphate thymidylate polyketide methylenetetrahydrofolate glycerol-3-phosphate γ-glutamyl aldose ribonucleotide anti-factor estrogen-receptor noradrenalin horseradish glutamyl
^101011111000 (1038) walk chi-square go log-rank breath mann-whitney wilcoxon kruskal-wallis formalin chi-squared writhing mcnemar schirmer friedman wald logrank permutation hot-plate sit-to-stand hop tail-flick goodness-of-fit hosmer-lemeshow whitney cochran-mantel-haenszel rotarod fagerström lachman up-and-go pivot-shift pegboard phl kolmogorov-smirnov trail-making wallis schober tetric mantel osom fagerstrom rota-rod tinetti kruskall-wallis jebsen-taylor skin-prick student-newman-keuls sit-and-reach whiff dex/crh timed-up-and-go
^101011111001 (447) exact rank pressor stroop prick ranks agglutination micronucleus signed-rank hsd rank-sum wingate n-back ames scratch open-field 2-back dix-hallpike nonstress color-word matched-pairs cold-pressor up-and-down edward heat-tolerance
^1010111110100 (349) thereby google
^1010111110101 (205) conference b-type fourier pro-brain dissertation congress pro-b-type glucose-dependent sociological symposia distance-corrected probrain anti-cyclic
^1010111110110 (206) waist probing pocket recession dihedral crypt coaptation cobb tethering flip anb qrs-t intermetatarsal mid-arm kyphotic epidermolysis intercanine intermolar cuspal
^1010111110111 (138) forced quality-adjusted glycated glycosylated disability-adjusted /forced
^101011111100 (488) angiotensin ang toll-like leukotriene endothelin at1 apache mineralocorticoid topoisomerase photosystem tanshinone metaphase fuji proprotein ryanodine angiotensin-ii orexin g-protein-coupled inhibitors/angiotensin mglu2/3
^1010111111010 (289) natriuretic glucagon-like insulinotropic gene-related antithymocyte hormone-binding gelatinase-associated hyperimmune antilymphocyte citrullinated anti-thymocyte
^1010111111011 (310) troponin alanine high-sensitivity aspartate prostate-specific chemoattractant chemotactic fort carcinoembryonic high-sensitive p24 neuron-specific pyruvic oxaloacetic mannan pepsinogen tf1.17 oxaloacetate senkyunolide glutamic-pyruvic glutamic-oxaloacetic
^1010111111100 (760) nuclear cytochrome heat-shock 14-3-3 ribosomal acute-phase unfolded adaptor double-stranded capsid misfolded nascent single-stranded non-coding apoptosis-related domain-containing noncoding e7 rna-binding gata telomeric sarcomeric nonstructural nucleolar plastid
^1010111111101 (554) regulatory downstream effector upstream pro-apoptotic cognate proapoptotic immunoregulatory stress-responsive pro-survival heat-responsive stress-inducible orthologous cis-acting lipogenic proangiogenic housekeeping
^1010111111110 (1015) ex n-terminal ascending asymmetric c-terminal van vastus rio amino-terminal clearfil relyx scale-cognitive torsades torsade adper α-crystallin instituto carboxy-terminal aconiti bardoxolone 'in nacional carboxy akreos polybrominated aminoterminal sharp/van c-x-c vitro-in nucleotide-binding internationale muscle-tendon maier icare alpha-crystallin vidas arbeitsgemeinschaft carboxyterminal sh2 carboxyl-terminal interscience centro hospitalier coomassie sh3 graph-set ponto cyclobutane 3-pyrrolyl française
^1010111111111 (771) c-reactive whey mitogen-activated prion amp-activated element-binding retinol-binding microtubule-associated vasodilator-stimulated igf-binding
^10110000 (91) randomised randomized-controlled
^10110001 (385) randomized
^101100100 (263) placebo-controlled parallel-group active-controlled sham-controlled
^1011001010 (212) double-blind double-blinded single-blind single-blinded double-masked double-dummy two-period
^1011001011 (258) open-label investigator-initiated flexible-dose assessor-blinded open-labeled observer-blinded investigator-blinded observer-blind active-control p.o.
^1011001100 (617) multicenter multicentre single-center multi-center multi-centre multinational multisite single-centre two-arm single-arm multicentric multi-site three-arm two-group multi-institutional noncomparative two-armed 2-arm 3-arm non-interventional multicentered single-institution
^1011001101 (121) prospective
^1011001110 (316) pilot proof-of-concept full-scale before-after first-in-human before-and-after proof-of-principle first-in-man
^1011001111 (266) crossover cross-over factorial split-mouth dose-escalation dose-ranging dose-finding between-subjects pretest-posttest within-subjects
^10110100 (111) controlled
^10110101 (218) clinical
^1011011000 (37) regression regressions
^10110110010 (57) proportional proportional-hazards proportionate subdistribution
^10110110011 (205) hazards initio rst e.max empress
^10110110100 (250) multivariate multivariable
^101101101010 (492) intention-to-treat intent-to-treat per-protocol completer as-treated unweighted bruce last-observation-carried-forward all-comers
^101101101011 (515) univariate kaplan-meier microarray meta-regression phylogenetic repeated-measures one-way two-way bivariate discriminant bland-altman funnel meta three-way mixed-model 2-way univariable immunoblot noncompartmental thermogravimetric non-compartmental metaregression 3-way life-table bioinformatic 1-way altman kaplan meier radiostereometric repeated-measure time-kill cox-regression jackknife discrete-time microchip region-of-interest
^101101101100 (60) cox binomial probit
^101101101101 (55) logistic poisson
^101101101110 (135) linear nonlinear quadratic non-linear gaussian curvilinear logit polynomial log-linear
^101101101111 (274) lesser stepwise hierarchical conditional multilevel multinomial multi-level unconditional site-directed step-wise two-factor piecewise three-factor two-level three-level covariate-adjusted multiplicative multifactor zero-inflated semi-parametric nmr-based penalized 3-factor five-factor four-factor one-factor 4-factor 2-factor k-means multicompartmental polytomous propensity-adjusted
^1011011100 (71) systematic
^10110111010 (546) between-group intergroup test-retest interobserver within-group pairwise within-subject interindividual pre-post inter-rater inter-individual inter-observer interrater intraobserver inter-group between-treatment between-study intraindividual intragroup between-groups intra-individual between-subject drug-placebo within-patient pair-wise gender-related side-to-side intra-observer within-person sex-related intrasubject intersubject intrarater pre/post interpatient intra-group between-trial interspecies intrapatient intra-rater inter-subject interreader sex-based intertrial within-treatment between-patient intra-subject inter-reader within-day inter-study
^10110111011 (148) statistical
^10110111100 (437) experimental
^101101111010 (250) animal rodent livestock primate
^1011011110110 (142) epidemiological preclinical epidemiologic neuroimaging ethnobotanical in-vitro pre-clinical ethnopharmacological in-vivo correlative anthropological ex-vivo entomological archaeological nonexperimental pharmacoepidemiological
^1011011110111 (344) observational
^1011011111000 (121) comparative confirmatory landmark companion post-marketing postmarketing laboratory-based trial-based single-case
^1011011111001 (88) preliminary anecdotal pioneering hypothesis-generating
^1011011111010 (188) interventional large-scale high-quality pragmatic well-designed nonrandomized head-to-head non-randomized non-randomised single-site well-conducted n-of-1 small-scale good-quality unconfounded treat-to-target larger-scale industry-sponsored non-controlled relapse-prevention higher-quality self-controlled non-commercial non-experimental poor-quality multi-arm noncontrolled biomarker-based nonrandomised industry-funded large-sample noninterventional outcome-based well-powered fair-quality multiregional adequately-powered outlying hypothesis-driven single-patient pre-test/post-test post-approval
^1011011111011 (438) unpublished quasi-randomised quasi-randomized vice inter-day quasi-random interday inter-assay 'randomized diamicron
^1011011111100 (204) cross-sectional case-control quasi-experimental sectional mixed-methods case-crossover case-controlled multi-ethnic questionnaire-based matched-pair transversal case-cohort
^1011011111101 (154) retrospective post-hoc two-part
^1011011111110 (220) population-based community-based school-based nationwide hypothetical hospital-based naturalistic clinic-based practice-based worksite two-phase statewide propensity-matched facility-based community-wide nonprofit pharmacy-based three-phase population-wide nation-wide registry-based us-based field-based high-cost fictitious multispecialty hospital-wide register-based door-to-door managed-care pan-european freestanding nurse-managed countrywide prepaid
^1011011111111 (182) longitudinal long-axis
^1011100000000 (350) pharmacokinetic pharmacodynamic kinetic psychometric biomechanical thermodynamic physicochemical toxicological kinematic biophysical geometrical rheological dosimetric pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic viscoelastic physico-chemical organoleptic pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic adverse-event photophysical textural radiobiological ecotoxicological
^10111000000010 (164) hemodynamic postural haemodynamic hemorheological
^10111000000011 (145) biochemical immunological immunologic serological electrophysiological cytogenetic serologic neurophysiological electrophysiologic transcriptomic immunochemical anamnestic neurophysiologic endocrinological
^1011100000010 (230) histological radiographic microbiological histologic radiological microscopic bacteriological histopathological colposcopic cytological cytologic radiologic histopathologic bacteriologic microbiologic parasitological mycological cystoscopic mycologic radiographical audiological microscopical error-related roentgenographic
^10111000000110 (388) echocardiographic anthropometric urodynamic ultrasonographic sonographic spirometric scintigraphic polysomnographic ophthalmologic ophthalmological cephalometric echo-doppler auscultatory biometric slit-lamp anthropometrical manometric echographic
^10111000000111 (157) laboratory lab
^1011100000100 (347) quantitative volumetric multiplex morphometric semiquantitative semi-quantitative photographic graphic taqman spectrophotometric psychophysical histomorphometric voxel-based time-domain single-cell
^10111000001010 (198) qualitative descriptive proteomic nonparametric thematic non-parametric bioinformatics phenomenological metabolomic ethnographic formative correlational time-series inferential metabonomic textual
^10111000001011 (240) exploratory interim immunohistochemical in-depth elemental ancillary explorative immunofluorescent hoechst histochemical immunocytochemical exome sanger bisulfite subtractive immunohistological time-frequency
^1011100000110 (118) diagnostic
^1011100000111 (709) theoretical analytical bayesian mechanistic computational mathematical conceptual analytic probabilistic parametric meta-analytic bootstrap first-principles graphical model-based weibull deterministic bayes compartmental frequentist arrhenius structure-based meta-analytical semiparametric gates theoretic anchor-based cluster-level case-by-case metal-organic sample-size counterfactual data-driven likelihood-based distribution-based chemometric closed-form dersimonian-laird multiscale atomistic network-based eye-tracking ligand-based leave-one-out monte-carlo best-fit finite-element reductionist
^10111000010000 (179) parental caregiver job consumer neighborhood caregiving carer situational employee hostile stereotype transference neighbourhood dispositional owner ego rosenberg zarit illusory
^10111000010001 (253) parent self teacher classroom didactic simulation-based hands-on musical task-specific toilet task-oriented macro first-aid 12-step pencil nintendo acls gatekeeper gym facilitative preseason refresher lecture-based in-service plenary pincer
^10111000010010 (115) working wechsler
^10111000010011 (169) verbal peer ventilatory episodic ventilator expressive associative declarative autobiographical haptic problem-based phonemic tonal self-regulated right-hand
^10111000010100 (183) economic economical pharmacoeconomic
^10111000010101 (183) technical financial procedural technological monetary energetic anticipatory logistical first-attempt technologic navigational budgetary
^10111000010110 (233) social
^101110000101110 (472) personal interpersonal religious spiritual moral informal patient-centered vocational mutual decisional relational top-down intrusive dyadic patient-centred metacognitive fear-avoidance bottom-up in-group patient-provider physician-patient patient-physician supernatural existential same-sex stigmatizing managerial humanistic altruistic intergenerational magical emotion-focused utilitarian conversational supervisory spousal tactical gender-based communal effortful parent-adolescent gendered judicial
^101110000101111 (281) ethical cultural ethics legal organizational operational political advisory organisational hygienic sociocultural steering philosophical attitudinal governance socio-cultural legislative disciplinary public-health epistemological injunctive system-level medicolegal bioethical biosafety ethic ideological bureaucratic epistemic medico-legal infrastructural trial-related wobble heat-health anesthesiological
^10111000011000 (235) temporal spatial semantic positional directional allelic linguistic visuospatial spatiotemporal lexical topographic symbolic spatio-temporal visual-spatial topographical grammatical syntactic within-session representational phonetic
^10111000011001 (235) structural morphological anatomical anatomic phenotypic chromosomal conformational morphologic genotypic ultrastructural higher-order compositional topological microstructural architectural distributional neuroanatomical pigmentary
^10111000011010 (620) ethnic seasonal geographic geographical racial avian hydroxyl racial/ethnic taxonomic 3'-untranslated interspecific electron-withdrawing intraspecific race/ethnic latitudinal transatlantic racial-ethnic electron-donating 5'-untranslated age-sex ethnic/racial antibody-drug
^10111000011011 (215) genetic pharmacogenetic microsatellite
^1011100001110 (288) molecular
^101110000111100 (176) physiological physiologic pathophysiological epigenetic