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Chemical Safety (Hazardous Chemicals)

In the event of a serious chemical spill please contact security (9850) 9999. The Safety Data Sheet should be consulted and made available for Emergency personnel.

Please discuss other concerns regarding hazardous substances with your supervisor in the first instance or your Health and Safety Representitive (HSR)or committe members or a member of the Health & Safety team

Chemical ordering processs

Prior to purchase if you have not already done so,  you will need to print and read the chemical/product(s) Safety Data Sheet (SDS). If the product is hazardous determine if there is a non-hazardous or less hazardous substitute. 

For each of the hazardous chemical(s) you will need to complete a Hazardous Chemical Risk Assessment and have it signed off by your supervisor.

1. You will need to fill out a Purchase Requisition Form you can put multiple chemicals on the one purchase order if it is from the same supplier. If you are ordering from multiple suppliers then you need to fill out one purchase requesition for each supplier. 
2. You will then need to complete a  Chemical Compliance Declaration Form (Located under Chemical Ordering Forms. Complete each time a chemical is purchased One for per supplier of chemicals as per purchase order form.) This compliance form must be also signed by your supervisor. 
3. For each hazardous substance used, forward a copyof the SDS and completed and signed Risk Assessment form to the lab manager for the nominated area. If you have already completed a risk assessment previously for that chemical you will need to photocopy it and attach it as evidence.  
4. Forward the Chemical Compliance form with your purchase requisition forms to your department administrator.


Policies / Schedules/Procedures

               Peroxide forming chemicals

               Warning Label- Peroxide forming chemicals

               Laboratory Waste Management Procedure

               BOC Guidelines for Gas Cylinder Safety


  • The general Hazardous Chemical Safety Induction consists of two modules: an online component and a practical component. This training is mandatory for all personnel with access to areas where chemicals / hazardous substances are used. To enroll in the module details must be provided to the Health and Safety team. For further information consult the Health and Safety @ Macquarie page or contact

Chemical Spill Response


  • SDS Online (find an SDS using the ChemAlert database)


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