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February 2017


Changes to Human Ethics applications for Science and Engineering:

As Research Master is due to be replaced by PURE this year, the RMENet online ethics application system will no longer be supported by the University. Eventually RMENet will be taken offline altogether. PLEASE SUBMIT NEW Human Ethics applications using the Macquarie University Human Ethics Application Form instead of RMENet from February 2017. All ethics applications should be submitted to in pdf format and in a single document, where practical. Please see the FSE Ethics information page for details on the low-risk ethics application process.


ARC Linkage Proposals for 2017 are now open continuously until December 2017. The University will be running 3 “rounds” for these over the coming year – please follow the link and refer to the “Key Dates” section. The first round details are as follows:

2017 Round 1
Faculties closing date: 5 April 2017
Research Office closing date: 26 April 2017
Submission to ARC: 3 May 2017

ARC Discovery Projects for 2018 (DP18) are also open. The key dates are:

Faculty deadline: Wednesday 1st February 2017
Request Not to Assess due at RO: Wednesday 8th February 2017
Request Not to Assess due at ARC: Wednesday 15th February 2017
Research Office Compliance Check deadline: Tuesday 16th February 2017
ARC Closing Date: Wednesday 1st March 2017

The Faculty is currently reviewing applications (both internally and through external consultants) for those who have notified that they are ready.

 Remember that there is a library of successful grant applications available for you to have a look at. Please contact the following people to make an appointment:

ARC – Ross Hill
NHMRC – Courtney Bendall
MQ Internal Schemes – Belle Chinchen


Closing Soon

The following major schemes are closing in February/March 2017:


NHMRC Boosting Dementia Research Grants and Boosting Dementia Research Leadership Fellowships – 8th February

ARC Discovery Projects – 1st March

NHMRC Project Grants – 15th March

ANSTO Beamtime requests – 15th March

ARC DECRA – 22nd March




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