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Faculty of Science

Work, Health and Safety - Workstation Ergonomics

MQ has a number of  Workstation Safety Officers trained to undertake workstation ergonomic assessments. Before seeking professional assistance, many of the problems can be solved by applying the principles detailed below in the workstation checklist. 



The University aims to provide ergonomic equipment that is safe and designed to avoid the development of musculoskeletal injuries or discomfort while at work. The University does this by:

  • undertaking workplace assessments to identify tasks and equipment that may be hazardous
  • assessing and eliminating or minimising these hazards by changing a job design, workstation, tool or work environment 
  • purchasing equipment that is safe, designed for a particular task and compliant with applicable regulations, Australian Standards and the Sustainability Policy
  • ensuring that equipment purchased:
  • meets the needs of the work being undertaken.
  • meets the needs and comfort of an individual using the equipment.
  • allows adaptation to suit an individual’s needs.
  • is safe and appropriate.
  • providing education on safe work practises, the potential risk of injuries, their causes, prevention and treatment.

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