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Fun and Hobbies

This page has being implying that I have few hobbies and *definitely* no fun. So finally, two years after designing the button Fun & Hobbies, I am linking in a few things to tell what I enjoy doing beside work.

Albert Einstein's Home Page
First a site which I adopted from George Jacoby. Albert Einstein has been one of my childhood idles and since I now work for the Eidgenössich Technische Hochschule, the same organization where he got his bachelor degree, my interest has been revived.
All movies, good movies and bad movies and cartoons too.
The United World Colleges
The United World Colleges belong to a movement that promotes international understanding amongst teenagers. I went to the United World College of the Adriatic between 1988 and 1990, where I obtained the International Baccalaureate. It is a sort of high school where kids of different nationalities are brought together. It is financed by different organizations in different countries and the students are selected on a competitive base by national selection panels. Beside the hype and the inflated words such as international understanding, it was a terrific experience, where I did learn a lot about tolerance. Most important, I had the best two years of my life, and I do recommend it to anybody (of the right age!) who wants an alternative to conventional schooling.
I have been sailing since I was a kid, mostly onboard the Viura, a 46 ft sloop owened by my friends Matilde (who passed away), Carlo and their son, Marco Ruffino. They take people around the seven seas for a living. When I was 9 month pregnant with Elliot, in 2004, I bought a 20 year old Catalina 30 from a friend. The best decision I have ever taken. We sail ever summer with our two kids Elliot (3) and Chiara (2). Here is a link to my boat's page!

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