Sydney, Australia  ·  7–13 July 2013

AMSI Workshop on Applications of Category Theory

Between Tuesday 2nd and Friday 5th July 2013, the workshop ‘Applications of Category Theory’ will be held at Macquarie University, Sydney. This workshop, which complements the international Category Theory conference to be held at Macquarie the week following, will address developing areas of mathematics in which an important role is played by category theory, and in particular by monoidal, enriched, or higher-dimensional category theory. It will comprise a series of lectures by four invited speakers:

Marcelo Aguiar · Texas A&M University
Category theory in combinatorics: Hopf monoids in species
Richard Garner · Macquarie University
Background on 2-categories and monoidal categories
(with thanks to Emily Riehl for typesetting).
Scott Morrison · Australian National University
Subfactors, planar algebras and tensor categories
Michael Shulman · University of San Diego
Derivators: doing homotopy theory with 2-category theory (Exercise sheet)

The participation of postgraduate and postdoctoral researchers is particularly encouraged.

There will be no charge for this workshop, but participants are requested to register their intent to attend; to do so, please send an email to Richard Garner ( For accommodation options, see the accommodation page here.


This event is sponsored by the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI). AMSI allocates a travel allowance annually to each of its member universities (for list of members, see here). Students or early career researchers from AMSI member universities without access to a suitable research grant or other source of funding may apply to the Head of Mathematical Sciences for subsidy of travel and accommodation out of the departmental travel allowance.