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Refereed Publications

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  • Binary central stars of PN discovered through photometric variability. I. What we know and what we would like to find out
    De Marco, O., Hillwig, T.C., Smith, A.J.
    2008, AJ, in press (arXiv0804.2436)

  • The hydrogen-deficient knot of the `born-again' planetary nebula Abell 58 (V605 Aql)
    Wesson, R., Barlow, M.J., Liu, X.-W., Storey, P.J., Ercolano, B., De Marco, O.
    2008, MNRAS, 383, 1639

  • Towards a Spectral Technique for Determining Material Geometry Around Evolved Stars: Application to HD 179821
    Nordhaus, J., Minchev, I., Sargent, B., Forrest, W., Blackman, E.G., De Marco, O., Kastner, J., Balick, B., Frank, A.
    2008, ApJ, in press (arXiv0801.2978)

  • Serendipitous Chandra X-Ray Detection of a Hot Bubble within the Planetary Nebula NGC 5315
    Kastner, Joel H., Montez, Rodolfo, Jr., Balick, Bruce, De Marco, O.
    2008, ApJ, 672, 957

  • An ancient nova shell around the dwarf nova Z Camelopardalis
    Shara, M.M., et al. (16 authors)
    2007, Nature, 446, 159

  • Do Most Planetary Nebulae Derive from Binaries? I. Population Synthesis Model of the Galactic Planetary Nebula Population Produced by Single Stars and Binaries
    Moe, M., De Marco, O.
    2006, ApJ, 650, 916

  • A close look into the carbon disk at the core of the planetary nebula CPD-568032
    Chesneau, O., Collioud, A., De Marco, O., Wolf, S., Lagadec, E., Zijlstra, A. A., Rothkopf, A., Acker, A., Clayton, G. C., Lopez, B.
    2006, A&A, 455, 1009

  • V605 Aquilae: The Older Twin of Sakurai's Object
    Clayton, G.C., Kerber, F., Pirzkal, N., De Marco, O., Crowther, P.A., Fedrow, J.M.
    2006, ApJ Letters, 646, 69

  • Cloud Fragmentation and Proplyd-like Features in H II Regions Imaged by the Hubble Space Telescope
    De Marco, O., O'Dell, C.R., Gelfond, P., Rubin, R.H., Glover, S.C.O.
    2006, AJ, 131, 2580

  • New insights on the complex planetary nebula Hen 2-113
    Lagadec, E., Chesneau, O., Matsuura, M., De Marco, O., de Freitas Pacheco, J.A., Zijlstra, A.A., Acker, A., Clayton, G.C., Lopez, B.
    2006, A&A, 448, 203

  • X-Ray Imaging of Planetary Nebulae with Wolf-Rayet-type Central Stars: Detection of the Hot Bubble in NGC 40
    Montez, R., Jr., Kastner, J.H.; De Marco, O., Soker, N.
    2005, ApJ, 635, 381

  • A Spectroscopic Analysis of Blue Stragglers, Horizontal Branch Stars, and Turnoff Stars in Four Globular Clusters
    De Marco, O., Shara, M.M., Zurek, D., Ouellette, J.A., Lanz, T., Saffer, R.A.; Sepinsky, J.F.
    2005, ApJ, 632, 894

  • Observations and three-dimensional photoionization modelling of the Wolf-Rayet planetary nebula NGC 1501
    Ercolano, B., Wesson, R., Zhang, Y., Barlow, M. J.; De Marco, O., Rauch, T., Liu, X.-W.
    2004, MNRAS, 354, 558

  • First Evidence of Circumstellar Disks around Blue Straggler Stars
    De Marco, O., Lanz, T., Ouellette, J.A., Zurek, D., Shara, M.M.
    2004, ApJ Letters, 606, 151.

  • Indications of a Large Fraction of Spectroscopic Binaries Among Nuclei of Planetary Nebulae
    De Marco, O., Bond, H.E., Harmer, D., and Fleming A.J.
    2004, ApJ Letters, 602, 93.

  • Freshly ionized matter around the final helium shell flash object V4334 Sagittarii (Sakurai's Object).
    Kerber, F., Pirzkal, N., De Marco, O., Asplund, M., Clayton, G.C., and Rosa, M.R.
    2002, ApJ Letters, 581, 39

  • Revised stellar temperatures for Magellanic Cloud O supergiants from FUSE and VLT-UVES spectroscopy
    Crowther, P.A., Hillier, D.J., Evans, C.J., Fullerton, A.W., De Marco, O., and Willis, A.J.
    2002, ApJ, 579, 774

  • Discovery of an edge-on disk around the [WC10] central star CPD-56 8032
    De Marco, O., Barlow, M.J., and Cohen, M.
    2002, ApJ Letters, 574, 83

  • What are the hot R Coronae Borealis Stars
    De Marco, O., Clayton, G.C., Herwig, F., Clark, S., Pollacco, D., and Kilkenny, D.
    2002, AJ, 123, 3387

  • A new look at the evolution of Wolf-Rayet central stars of PN
    De Marco, O., and Soker, N.
    2002, PASP, 114, 602

  • A deep survey for fain PN in the Small Magellanic Cloud
    Jacoby, De Marco
    2001, AJ, 123, 269

  • SwSt 1: an O-rich planetary nebula around a C-rich central star
    De Marco, Crowther, Barlow, Clayton, de Koter
    MNRAS, 2001, 328, 527

  • Abundances of [WC] central stars and their planetary nebulae
    De Marco, Barlow.
    Ap&SS, 2001, 275, 53

  • Far-UV FUSE spectroscopy of the O VI resonance doublet in Sanduleak 2 (WO)
    Crowther, Fullerton, Hillier, Brownsberger, Dessart, Willis, De Marco, Barlow, FUSE Science Team
    ApJL, 2000, 538, 51

  • FUSE Observations of the Stellar Winds of Two O7 Supergiants in the Magellanic Clouds
    Fullerton, Crowther P.A., De Marco O., Hutchings, Bianchi, Brownsberger, Massa, Morton, Rachford, Snow, Sonneborn, Tumlinson, Willis
    ApJL, 2000, 538, 43

  • Gamma Velorum: II. The Wolf-Rayet star
    De Marco O., Schmutz W., Crowther P.A., Dessart L., Hillier D.J., deKoter A., Schweickhardt J.

  • Wolf-Rayet nebulae as tracers of stellar ionizing fluxes: I. M1-67
    Crowther P.A., Pasquali A., De Marco O., Schmutz W., Hillier D.J., deKoter A.
    AA, 1999, 350, 1007

  • The WC10 Central Star M4-18 and its Planetary Nebula
    De Marco O., Crowther P.A.
    MNRAS, 1999, 306, 93

  • The Gamma Vel binary system: I. O Star Paramters and Light Ratio
    De Marco O., Schmutz W.
    AA, 1999, 345, 163

  • Long Term Light Curves for [WC] Central Stars
    Jones A., Lawson W.A., De Marco O., Kilkenny D., von Wyk F., Roberts G.
    The Observatory, 1999, 119 76.

  • Sakurai's Object: The planetary nebula and the central star.
    Jacoby J.H., De Marco O., Sawyer D.
    AJ, 1998, 116, 1367

  • The WC10 Central Stars CPD-56 8032 and He 2-113: III. Wind Electron Temperaurtures and Abundances
    De Marco O., Barlow M.J., Storey P.J.
    MNRAS, 1998, 297, 999

  • Quantitative Classification of WC stars
    Crowther P.A., De Marco O., Barlow M.J.
    MNRAS 1998, 296, 367

  • The WC10 Central Stars CPD-56 8032 and He 2-113: II. Stellar Wind Modelling
    De Marco O., Crowther P.A.
    MNRAS, 1998, 296, 419

  • The Evolution of the Final Helium Shell Flash Star V605 Aql from 1917 to 1997
    Clayton G.C., De Marco O.
    AJ 1997, 114, 2679

  • The WC10 Central Stars CPD-56 8032 and He 2-113: I. Distances and Nebular Parameters
    De Marco O., Barlow M.J., Storey P.J.
    MNRAS 1997, 292, 86

  • A Quantitative Analysis of the Prototype [WCL] Star CPD-56 8032
    Crowther P.A., De Marco O., Barlow M.J., Storey P.J.
    in: Planetary Nebulae with WR type Nuclei, Astrophys. Space Sci., 238, 119, 1996

  • A Method for the Direct Determination of the Wind Electron Temperature of WC10 Central Stars of Planetary Nebulae
    De Marco O., Barlow M.J., Storey P.J.
    in: Planetary Nebulae with WR type Nuclei, Astrophys. Space Sci., 238, 91, 1996

Recent Proceedings Pulications

  • [WC] and PG1159 Central Stars of Planetary Nebula: the Need for an Alternative to the Born-Again Scenario
    De Marco O.
    in: Hydrogen Deficient Stars, ASP Conference Series, 2008, in press astro-ph link

  • A Grand Challenge for Planetary Nebulae
    Frank, A., De Marco O., Blackman, E., Balick, B.
    in: Asymmetric PN, 2008, in press astro-ph link

  • Plan-B - Do All Planetary Nebulae Derive From Binaries?
    De Marco O.
    in: American Astronomical Society 211, 100.13

  • The Bizarre Spectral Variability of Central Stars of Planetary Nebulae
    De Marco O., Wortel, S., Bond, H.E., Harmer, D.
    in: Asymmetric PN, 2008, in press astro-ph link

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Popular Publications, Courses and Book Reviews

  • The Solar System (Rookie Read-About Science)
    Bredeson, C. (O. De Marco consultant). 2003. ISBN: 0516277715 (Sep) You can find the book here here.

  • The Moon (Rookie Read-About Science)
    Bredeson, C. (O. De Marco consultant). 2003. ISBN: 0516277715 (Sep) You can find the book here here.

  • Space, Time and Motion Physical Science (AMNH on-line course)
    De Marco, O., and Liu, C. (authors) 2003. More about the course can be found here.

  • Book Review: Seventh centenary of the taching of astronomy in Bologna
    De Marco, O.
    2002, Observatory, vol 122, p. 58 (Feb)

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