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Diego Mollá Aliod

Theses by Some of My Students

Here is a list of theses and dissertations by my students. Whenever possible I've added a link to PDF versions.

PhD Dissertations

Master of Research Theses

  • Urvashi Kanna (2021). Gradual Unfreezing Transformer-based Language Models for Biomedical Question Answering.
  • Dima Galat (2020). Sequential Transfer Learning for Text Summarisation.
  • Christopher Jones (2020). Reinforcement Learning for Query-based Multi-document Extractive Summarisation.
  • Mandeep Kaur (2018). Supervised Machine Learning for Extractive Query Based Summarisation of Biomedical Data.
  • Jiwei Wang (2016). Keyword and Keyphrase Extraction Techniques for Answering Biomedical Questions.

Masters Theses

  • Sara Faisal Shash (2012). Clustering of Evidence-based Medical Documents for Better Diagnosis and Decision Making. ITEC902 project.
  • Christopher Winestock (2004). Automatic Extraction of Translation Units. Masters in Speech and Language Processing.

Masters Projects

  • Malihe Ojaghi (2016). Extract Information from a Heterogeneous Collection of Medical Publications. ITEC810 project.
  • Emmanuel Chamala (2016). Scaling up a System for Search and Display Clinical Evidence. ITEC810 project.
  • Michael Van Treeck (2014). Search and Display Clinical Evidence. ITEC810 project.
  • Pongsak Suvanpong (2013). A Systematic Study of the Use of Graphic Processing Units (GPU) to Accelerate Machine Learning Algorithms. ITEC810 project.
  • Suherman Suherman (2013). Conversion of Research Publications into XML. ITEC810 project.
  • Bahjat Fakieh (2011). The Evaluation of Search Ranking Techniques for Clinical Texts.. ITEC811 project.
  • León Felipe Gálvez García (2011), Automatic Evaluation of Clinical Evidence Extraction Systems. ITEC810 project.
  • Muhamnmed Baykal (2011). Automatic Grading of Clinical Evidence. ITEC810 project.
  • Kin Yan Ching (2011). Cluster Clinical References. ITEC810 project.
  • Patrick Davis-Desmond (2010). Detect the Outcome of a Medical Intervention. ITEC810 project.
  • Ismail Cem Sarikaya (2010). Survey on the Medical Evidence Search Tools. ITEC810 project.
  • Hsiang Sheng Huang (2010). Classification of Medical Research Abstracts. ITEC810 project.
  • Liang Zhou (2010). Analysis of Clinical Summaries. ITEC810 project.
  • Peng Li (2010). Finding the Structure of Medical Abstracts. ITEC810 project.
  • Andreea Tutos (2009). Question Answering in Biomedicine: An evaluation of third party search engines. ITEC810 project.
  • Mathi Pathiraja (2009). Mashups: Interoperability & Innovation. ITEC810 project.
  • Manaf Kamil. Web-based Question Answering System. ITEC810 project.
  • Yaping Cao (2006). AnswerFinder Project - Pattern Analysis. ITEC810 project.

Honours Theses

  • Paul Zelenak (2007). Malware Classification in Web Sites.
  • Jason Barles (2003). An Answer Comparison Engine for an Open-domain Intelligent Tutoring System.
  • Ernie Kam (2002). WordNet Localisation.
  • Sylvia Howes (2002). QAUMEA -- Question Answering Using Mini ExtrAns.