Sydney, Australia  ·  7–13 July 2013

Information for speakers

Plenary (i.e., non-parallel, non-invited) talks at CT2013 will be 30 minutes long, with 5 minutes for questions, if there are any, at the end. Parallel session talks will be 25 minutes + 5 minutes for questions + 5 minutes to move between rooms. The plenary talks will take place in the lecture theatre W5A T1, which looks like this. Half of the parallel sessions will also be in W5A T1, whilst the other half (those in the right-hand column of the schedule here) will be held in C5A 301, which looks like this.

In each case, you may give your talk using whiteboard, data projector, or visualizer (the last being your best choice if you have overhead transparencies). For those using the data projector, we will be using the computers present in the lecture theatres; we therefore ask that you bring your talk along to your session in PDF format on a USB stick.