Academic integrity in Australia - understanding and changing culture and practice

What is the project about?

Academic integrity in Australia - understanding and changing culture and practice is an Australian Federal Government Office of Learning and Teaching study that seeks to contribute to improvements in ethos, policy and programs in the important area of student academic integrity in the Australian Higher Education sector. Led by Macquarie University, with project partners Sydney University, Australian Catholic University and Rutgers, University (USA), the project will run from November 2012 to April 2014. To visit the Project's information page on the OLT website, please go here.

Aminuddin, I. (Artist). (17.10.2013). Academic Integrity Stick-Figure Pyramid [Digital Graphic].

Why engage university students in academic integrity?

The focus of this project is to uncover student opinions and experiences regarding the academic integrity environment at their institutions with the aim of creating novel, peer-led approaches for students to engage more positively with academic integrity processes at their institutions. An additional goal of this project is to nurture student leadership by establishing grass-root level student groups on academic integrity that will supplement the top-down approach of traditional academic integrity management.

More meaningful student engagement, along with active participation by students in academic integrity processes at university can have many benefits for all stakeholders of academic integrity. These include:

Project Objectives

Research Questions

  1. What are students' views regarding academic integrity at their enrolled institution?
  2. How are students currently receiving information about academic integrity?
  3. What are staff perceptions regarding current academic integrity dissemination approaches?
  4. What do students and staff think about a voluntary student society that promotes academic integrity?
  5. What kind of roles and activities do students and staff envision for this proposed society?

Why ask these questions?

Current approaches utilised in the promotion and management of academic integrity at Australian universities

Student engagement in academic integrity: promoting a more holistic approach to academic integrity management