By Air:

Xiaoshan International Airport (HGH) is the urban Airport of Hangzhou. Domestic Airlines are operated between Hangzhou and almost all major cities in China. Alternatively, the participants can transfer to the Hangzhou Airport via Beijing or Hong Kong International Airport. Possible flight routes are listed as below:

For your convenience, we list several international flight routes to Hangzhou:

By Train:

The high-speed railway is the most efficient means of transportation between Hangzhou and Shanghai. It takes only 50 minutes from Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station (which is located within the same transportation complex with Shanghai Hongqiao Airport) to Hangzhou East Railway Station, and the train departs approximately every 15 minutes.

By Shuttle Bus / By Car:

If landing on Shanghai Pudong Airport (PVG), the participants can also choose to take the shuttle bus or rent a vehicle at the Airport. It takes about 3 hours from PVG Airport to the central part of Hangzhou urban area by bus or car.

Travel and Weather Information

About Hangzhou:

Hangzhou, located along the Southeast coast of China, is the capital city of Zhejiang Province. It is the center of politics, economy, science, education, and culture of the province. Hangzhou is a tourist attraction for its location, history, and culture that is known as “Paradise on Earth”, “Cultural State”, “Home of Silk”, “Tea Capital”, and “Town of Fish and Rice”. Hangzhou is geographically located at the south wing of Yangtze River Delta, at the west end of Hangzhou Bay, in the lower reaches of Qiantang River, and at the south end of Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal.

As one of the core hubs of China’s most prosperous area, “The Yangtse Delta”, Hangzhou is only fifty minutes away from Shanghai by high-speed railway. The central geographic coordinate of Hangzhou is north latitude 30°16' and east longitude 120°12'. The northwest and southwest of Hangzhou belong to the West and Central Zhejiang Hill Region; while the northeast and southeast to the North Zhejiang Plain Region with dense river networks, a part of the famous town of fish and rice. It has clear distinct four seasons. It is mild and humid, plenty of sunshine, and rainfall. The average temperature is 16.2°C around the year, 28.6°C in summer and 3.8°C in winter.




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