He is currently a research fellow in Department of Computing, Macquarie University, Syndey. He is affiliated with the Lanugage Technology Group(LTG). He finished his Phd Studies at the Australian National University (ANU) in 2011. He was also affiliated with the Statistical Machine Learning (SML) Group during his PhD studies.

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  • His Curriculum Vitae can be downloaded at CV.

Research Interests

His research interests are in statistical modelling and learning for text analysis. His research lies in-between statistical machine learning (SML), Natural Lanugage Processing (NLP) and Social Network Analsysi. In particular, he is intereted in (but not limitted to)

  • Topic modelling: He is interested in developing advanced topic models that can take into account diverse information or features exhibited by free language text, for example, topic models exploring various discourse constraints (either semantic or syntactic constraints), topic models considering temporal information, and topic models with authorship and the relations between authors. He is also interested in the evaluation and application of topic models, for example, applying topic models to text segmentation, document summarisation/classification, information retrieval, sentiment analysis and image processing
  • Non-parametric Bayesian methods: He has broad interests in the study of nonparametric Bayesian methods, e.g., Dirichlet process, Pitman-Yor process, and Indian Buffet process. He has developed two novel sampling methods for doing posterior inference for both the Dirichlet process and the Pitman-Yor process. He is also interested in extending the existing nonparametric Bayesian methods to deal with more complex structures.
  • Inference/optimisation algorithms: He is particularly interested in Variational Bayesian (VB) inference, MCMC methods and their combination. For example, the online VB, stochastic VB, Gibbs sampling, Slice sampling, and Metropolis Hasting. He is also interested in numerical optimisation algorithms, such as Qusai-Newton methods (e.g., BFGS and LBFGS) and gradient methods.
  • Tensor factorization: He is recently interested in matrix factorisation methods for social network analysis, relation extraction and relational learning. For example, probabilistic matrix factorisation, matrix co-factorisation, and high-order tensor factorisation have been widely used in social network analysis and relational learning. Particularly he has great interest in collaborative filtering by combining matrix factorisation techniques and probabilistic generative models.
  • Statistical ranking models: Label ranking is an important task in, for example, preference learning. The existing ranking methods include but not limited to the pair-wised ranking models, distance based ranking models and multistage ranking models. However, if the number of items to be ranked is countably infinite, it is unfeasible for each ranker to rank all the items. He is interested in both partial ranking models and infinite ranking models, and applying them to, for example, topic segmentation.

Education Background

  • B.S. Information and Communication Technology, Flinders University, Australia, 2006
  • B.S. Information Technology with 1st class honours, The Australian National University, Australia, 2007
    Supervisor: Dr. Huidong Jin
  • Ph.D. Computer Science, The Australian National University, Australia, 2008 - 2011
    Supervisors: Prof. Wray Butine, Dr. Huidong Jin

Employment History

  • Research Fellow, Department of Computing, Macqaurie University, 2012 - now
    Working with Prof. Mark Johnson


  • National Natural Science foundation of China, Grant No. 61402312 (AUD 50,000)
    Chief investigators: Associate Professor Jiajie Xu (Soochow University, China) and Dr. Lan Du
  • 2013 Google Natural Language Understanding-focused awards (USD 225,000)
    Prof. Mark Johnson, Dr. Lan Du, and Prof. Wray Buntine
    Role: Postdoctoral Fellowship


  • ANU-NICTA PhD scholarship, 2008 - 2011
  • NICTA Supplementary scholarship, 2008 - 2011
  • NICTA PhD Assignment scholarship, 2008 - 2011
  • ANU summer research scholarship, 2008
  • ANU-NICTA honours scholarship, 2007