PHYS301: Quantum Mechanics


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Assignments and solutions for 2009:
Assignment 1

 Sample Problems

Sample Problems on State Vectors
Sample Problems on Representations of State Vectors and Operators
Sample Problems on Quantum Dynamics


Summary of Properties of Bras and Kets

 Lecture Notes as at 27 April 2009

Table of Contents and Foreword
Ch1: Introduction
Ch2: The Early History of Quantum Mechanics
Ch3: The Wave Function
Ch4: The Two Slit Experiment
Ch5: Wave Mechanics
Ch6: Particle Spin and the Stern-Gerlach Experiment
Ch7: Probability Amplitudes
Ch8: Vector Spaces in Quantum Mechanics
Ch9: General Mathematical Description of a Quantum System
Ch10: State Spaces of Infinite Dimension
Ch11: Operations on States
Ch12: Matrix Representations of State Vectors and Operators
Ch13: Observables and Measurements in Quantum Mechanics
Ch14: Probability, Expectation Value and Uncertainty
Ch15: Time Evolution in Quantum Mechanics

Not all this material, particularly that related to infinite dimensional state spaces is required for PHYS301.

 Lecture Slides

As of 27 April 2009.