Dr Cormac R. Purcell

Technologist, Data Scientist and Astronomer.


Scientific Publications

As of mid 2020, I have written or co-authored 53 refereed publications in high-impact scientific journals. Copies of my publications and up-to-date citation metrics can be accessed via these services:

Selected Presentations

Presentations I have delivered at meetings, workshops, training events, and to the public.

Magnetism: Earth to the Cosmos
Public talk, ASNSW, 2017

Magnetism & the Gum Nebula
ASTRON Colloquium 2015

Practical Pipelines Using Python
CSIRO Radio School 2014

Radiation as a Physical Probe
Harley Wood Winter School 2012
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UCHII regions in CORNISH
Southern Cross Conference 2012

Principles of Data Reduction
CSIRO Radio School 2011

Star-Formation in NGC3576
Astrochemistry Workshop, Galway 2010

Thesis: What's in the Brew?
University of Bristol 2008

PhD Thesis

My PhD thesis "What's in the Brew? A study of the molecular environment of methanol masers and UCHII regions." was was accepted by the UNSW School of Physics in Febuary 2007.

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Latex source (.tar.gzip file, 21 MB)

Note: the four main science chapters in my thesis were published as refereed papers:

  • Beam size, shape and efficiencies for the ATNF Mopra radio telescope at 86-115 GHz
    E. F. Ladd, C. R. Purcell, T. Wong, S. Robertson.,
    2004. PASA 22, 62-72.

  • A CH3CN and HCO+ survey towards methanol masers associated with star formation
    C. R. Purcell, R. Balasubramanyam, M. G. Burton, A. J. Walsh, V. Minier, M. R. Hunt-Cunningham, + 29 others,
    2006. MNRAS 367, 553-576.
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  • Physical and chemical conditions in methanol maser selected hot-cores and UCHII regions
    C. R. Purcell, S. N. Longmore, V. Minier, P. Jones, M. G. Burton, M. Hunt-Cunningham,
    2009. MNRAS 394, 323-329.
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  • Multi-generation star-formation in NGC3576
    C. R. Purcell, V. Minier, S. N. Longmore, A. J. Walsh, P. Jones, F. Herpin, T. Hill, M. R. Cunningham, M. G. Burton.,
    2009. A&A 504, 139-159.
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