Dr Cormac R. Purcell

Technologist, Data Scientist and Astronomer.



I really enjoy talking about science! I've given talks at schools and run hands-on workshops for small groups. Here is a selection of interviews I've done in the past.

Training budding teachers to be effective in teaching STEM subjects at Macquarie University. Credit: Macquarie University YouTube Channel.

A video interview from 2015 about The Gum Nebula, a giant magnetic bubble in the Milky Way. Credit: ARI, LJMU.

An interview with the Jodcast from 2015, also about my research on magnetism in the The Gum Nebula.

Another Jodcast interview from 2006 about my PhD research into high-mass star-formation traced by methanol masers.

An old interview from my PhD days on observing with the Mopra telescope. Credit: UNSW YouTube Channel.