December 2001
27th Added an electronic texts page, just one so far.
10th Added some more synopses to the "Aubrey" page.
10th Updated Reference Books. Added some Links. Housekeeping on "Massena's Retreat" and the Armies, "Invasion", "Odd thoughts", "Old Books", "Psychology" and "Ranks". Little bit more work on "Invasion" and "Ranks".
November 22nd 2001: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY SITE
I've been so busy I missed it.
October 2001
3rd Updated Reference Books.
September 2001
30th Added Ranks and Invasions to Thinking out Loud. More work on Ranks.
August 2001
30th Added some more ideas to "Tactics" in "Odd Thoughts".
28th Sorted out more "space" problems (bad habits from using Windows).
26th Replaced directory names with spaces which were causing problems. Updated a link for a moved page. Added Odd Thoughts to the Thinking Out Loud page.
July 2001
30th Goofed the access settings during yesterdays upload, site has been down for a day.
29th Same again.
28th More work on Massena's Retreat with details of the Allied and French armies.
26th Added some more reference books.
25th Added background image to North America and Low Countries courtesy of Pedro.
24th Added "Award" image to Main.
23rd Web Ring links activated.
22nd Minor corrections to some pages.
21st Corrected and added links on reference sites page and added new links, as well as a web ring (not yet activated) to the links and main pages.
18th Finished housekeeping on Sharpe's Gator.
14th Added date to Heyer page. More images and information on the Kelso books, plus some new authors on the Others page.
12th Added images and information to the Drinkwater and Lausard pages. More Links and Reference Sites. Corrections to Calendar. Updates and additions to the Other Naval Series page.
11th Reorganised and added some new Links and References Sites. Added "Sharpe's Gator" to Fan fiction page. New banner for Calendar.
7th Added image to Drinkwater page.
June 2001
26th Restructured Calendar as a subsite.
May 2001
26th Added book covers to Reference Books and Aubrey pages. Correct legal copyright notice added to all pages.
25th Added new Link. More reference books added.
20th Finished the first draft of "Psychology". Added an Old Books page to the construction site.
5th: Added Thinking out loud page (construction site) with links to pages under construction (Psychology of War and Massena's retreat)
April 2001
25th Modified How I got Hooked. Deleted the non-Hornblower Forester page. Modified the Other Naval series page and added a Nathanel Drinkwater page. Additions to Aubrey/Maturin and Lausard pages.
March 2001
26th: Sharpe Calendar added.
23rd: More references added.
14th: New entries and comments on Reference Books.
13th: Comments for the early Aubrey Novels. A new link.
8th: New story, Oporto.
February 2001
24th: Corrections to History: N America & Waterloo.
17th: Added some commentary on the Reference Books.
16th: Added more links. Added more references and illustrations to Reference Books A-J.
14th: Added more reference books, restructured section.
10th: Added more links. Some reformatting.
January 2001
31st: Messing around with layouts.
29th: Added "Prey" image to Sharpe Novels page. Adding meta tags.
23rd: Rescanned and added more images to "Bolitho Page", "Aubrey Page", rescanned some other images.
22st: Added a new page on how a flintlock works. Added some more Reference Books.
15th: New page on the Baker rifle added courtesy of the RGJ Museum, images added to "Experimental Corps", "Early Years", "South America" and "Corunna" , backgrounds added to "History of the 95th" and "Rifles at Talavera" pages [all courtesy of the RGJ Association]. Sorted out introduction to "India".
13th: Added new link.
10th: Added new links.
5th: New story added to and corrections to one of the stories on the fan fiction page.
4th: New books added to Reference Books. Add more images to Other Series, Hornblower page, Sharpe novels page.
December 2000
21st: New book in Reference Books.
20th: Added new Reference Site.
18th: Corrected link on Reference Sites.
15th: Corrections to " Transfer", courtesy of Sarah. Modification to intro of " Rifle".
12th: Added Baker Rifle page.
11th: Corrections to Heyer page. Addition to Aubrey page. Addition to Hornblower page. Added a link. Backgrounds for 95th history.
9th: Activated more links and references. Added Articles page. Added more Reference Books. Add images to "Over the Hills".
7th: Correction and addition to Ramage page. More active Links and Reference Sites. Images added to the History page, Fan fiction pages. Corrections in the History pages.
6th: Added more reference books.
4th: Added more reference web sites. Added more video cover pictures (courtesy of Warren). Added audio books to Sharpe Novels page. Misc additions and corrections to History. Additions to Rifles at Talavera. Additional Links.
November 2000
26th: More images on "Over the Hills" and "Sharpe Movies" page. Modify "Random Shots". Corrected email link on Main and "Other Series".
25th: Put "Over the Hills" on a separate page. Added video cover scans to Sharpe Movies page, more spelling corrections.
24th: Added Links Page, numerous spelling errors corrected.
23rd: Corrected OFTC URL, tidied dates, added new sources page (web sites)
22nd Nov 2000: Site posted

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