Reference Sites I have used

This is a list of sites where I have found useful and interesting information. Some of them are Electronic versions of original sources, some of them are modern history pages by enthusiasts. This page contains direct links to the relevant material as well as a link to the site home page.

Some of these sites I have not yet received permission to link to, so they are not hyperlinked but I have provided the URL which you may copy.

Electronic Sources

Literature on the Age of Napoleon.The ultimate site for information on Literature during the Revolutionary/Napoleonic era. Includes the most complete listing of contemporary memoirs that I've come across and links to Digital texts on the web.

The Autobiography of Harry Smith
Part of Anne Woodley's Regency site, this is an electronic version of most of Volume 1 of the 1901 autobiography (up to 1819). For those of you whose libraries don't have a copy.

The Field Services of The Rifle Brigade
Electronic version of Lt-Col Leach's brief history of the Rifle Brigade. Part of the 2/95th page in Australia

The End of the Electorate of Hannover and the Formation of the King's German Legion 1803
Electronic version of the book by N. Ludlow Beamish
Der Untergang des Kurffustentums Hannover und die Errichtung der Koniglich Deutschen Legion 1803
Electronic version of the book by Bernhard Schwertfeger
Both part of the King's German Legion site.

Documents on the Wars of the French Revolution and [The French Revolution]: [The Napoleonic Period] have all disappeared :-(.
This part of Hillsdale College's History Department site seems to have been deleted. It used to include selected electronic texts from the pens of: Major William Warre, A Catalan Guerilla, Dr Neale, Sir Charles Napier, Captain John Kincaid, Moyle Sherer, Robert Blakeney, Sergeant John Cooper, Rifleman Harris, the Prince of Orange, General Gneisenau, Lt-Gen Karl Alten, Lt William Turner, Private John Marshall, Marshal Ney and Don Miguel de Alava plus some anonymous sources.
There are a couple of errors on the site: (1) William Warre's letter of "7th April 1811" should be dated 1812 as it is a very good description of the storming of Badajoz. (2) Moyle Sherer's description of "2nd Badajoz" is actually his memoir of the Battle of Albuera.

The Napoleonic War Series at the War Times Journal site contains selections from Napoleon's correspondence (in French), Wellington's despatches, Marshal MacDonald, Marshal Davout, Duke of Rovigo, Suchet. There's also a description of Borodino by a French officer, Lejeune, in the Archives section.

Freer Letters from the Peninsular War, the Freer Family Correspondence from 1807-1814, including letters to and from William and Edward who were serving in the 43rd. Part of the Freer Genealogy Site.

Letters from the Peninsular to Mrs Bowes, the first from her brother, James Stephen Johnson, aide-de-camp, and the second from her husband, General Foord Bowes. The letters are part of the Shanahan's Collection.

History Sites

The Peninsular War Site
A top site by Andrew Jackson with an overview of the war plus maps, photos and descriptions of some of the major battles with links to electronic sources.

Information Sites

The Flash of Flint on Steel
How to set up, fire and maintain a flintlock muzzle-loader

Brief description of the flintlock mechanism (with animated gif)

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