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E. Longford - Wellington: The Years of the Sword ©1969 E Longford. Image courtesy of Orion Books (Weidenfeld & Nicolson 1969).V Cronin: Napoleon. Pelican Books 1973. Image used without permission.This is a list of the reference books I have used at some time or other. The list is in alphabetical order by author. It is in no way a complete list of books on the Peninsular War and the 95th Rifles. I am not a historian; this is a hobby for which I have limited time.

Some of the books I own, some of the books I borrow from libraries. I am fortunate in having access to the Fisher Library, University of Sydney, the finest library in the southern hemisphere. (Ducks the rotten eggs thrown by alumni of Melbourne University.) Fisher Library has a number of Branch Libraries and different departments. Most of the books I borrow are located in the main research depository which I designate by FR (Fisher Research).

I have put the call numbers of the books in as a guide of where to look. Fisher uses the Dewey Decimal system. As you can see, the books are scattered around the library, from the military sections to European history, English history and Spanish history.I have also tried to give an indication of whether the books are in print and currently available. If the book is in print and there is no publisher listed, assume it is the original publisher.

Image courtesy of Orion Books.

Since the list is getting large, I have split it to speed loading.

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