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Author Title Published In Print Location Comment
Parkinson, R. The Hussar General: The Life of Blücher, Man of Waterloo Purnell Book Services, 1975 Yes [Wordsworth] Home Rare English language biography of an ally
Pericoli, U & Glover, M 1815: The Armies at Waterloo Seely, Service & Co (Pen & Sword) 1973 No Concord Library 940.27/PER/1 Research by costume designer for the movie
Pimlott, J. Guiness History of the British Army Guiness, 1993 No Home Brief overview
Pivka, O v. The King's German Legion Osprey 1974 Yes (limited reprint) Home Limited, early Osprey, but for years all that was available in English.
Pivka, O v. The Portuguese Army of the Napoleonic Wars Osprey 1977 Yes (limited reprint) Home Ditto above, but add that it was ALL that was available.
Richards, DS The Peninsular Veterans Macdonald & Jane's, 1975 No FR 940.27/14 Disappointing
Reid, S Wellington's Army in the Peninsular 1809-14 Osprey 2004 Yes Home Structure & organisation. Mostly an abridged, graphical presentation of the information in the appendix of Oman's "Wellington's Army"
Roberts, A Napoleon and Wellington Weidenfeld & Nicolson 2001 Yes Home A look at what the two men thought of each other through the years (when they thought at all).
Robertson, IC Wellington at War in the Peninsular, 1808-1814 Leo Cooper 200 Yes Home An overview for the tourist with lots of maps, old and new
Robinson, CW Wellington's Campaigns, 1808-1815, and Moore's Campaign of Corunna, Vol 1 Hugh Rees Ltd, 1906 No FR 942.07 R Military text book analysis of the campaigns particularly topographic influences, old fashioned anglo-centric view of the Spanish but good topographical analyses for the campaigns.
Robinson, C. W. Wellington's Campaigns, 1808-1815, and Moore's Campaign of Corunna, Vol 2 Hugh Rees Ltd, 1907 No FR 942.07 R
Rothenberg, G. The Napoleonic Wars Cassell, 1999 Yes [Cassell, 2001] Home Brief overview of the whole 23 years (Revolutionary as well as Napoleonic), with expected oversimplifications and the odd error.
Sherer, M. Recollections of the Peninsular 1823 Yes[Spellmount] Home One of the first memoirs to be published, predating Southey and Napier. A soldier in the 34th, Sherer aimed more at illustrating the life of a soldier than at history. Despite that his description of Albuera is one of the best.
Simmons, G (Ed Verner) A British Rifle Man A & C Black, London, 1899 Yes[Greenhill, Naval & Military Press] FR 940.8 S
A typical career officer, the value of this work lies in the fact that it is composed of contemporary journal entries and letters.
Skennerton, ID Australian Service Longarms Skennerton, 1975 No FR 739.7409/3 Good descriptions of the Brown Bess patterns
Smith, D Borodino Windrush 1998 Yes Home Brief work on a big subject.
Smith, Maj-Gen Sir H (Ed with addns GC Moore-Smith) Autobiography of Sir Harry Smith Vol 1 John Murray, London, 1902 No FR 355.094208/2 To 1829, memoirs, dates unreliable
Smith, Maj-Gen Sir H (Ed with addns GC Moore-Smith) Autobiography of Sir Harry Smith: 1787-1819 London, 1910 Yes [Constable] FR 355.094208/2, Home An abbreviated version of Vol 1 of the biography
Surtees, W Twenty-Five Years In The Rifle Brigade 1828 Yes [Greenhill Books] Home A ranker who successfully made the jump

Jac Weller's Wellington Series, reprinted by Greenhill Books. Images courtesy of Greenhill Books.

Author Title Published In Print Location Comment
Tench, W Letters from Revolutionary France University of Wales Press 2001 Yes Home An Aussie connection: Watkin Tench was a Lieutenant of Marine in the First Fleet and wrote the first description of Sydney. He was later captured by the French.
Tomkinson, W. The Diary of a Cavalry Officer 1809-15 Swan Sonnenschein, 1894 Yes [Spellmount] Home Once again, the value lies in the fact that this is from a journal.
Urban, M The Man Who Broke Napoleon's Codes Faber & Faber, 2001 Yes Home The story of George Scovell and how he broke the French military codes
Urban, M Rifles: Six Years with Wellington's Legendary Sharpshooters Faber & Faber, 2003 Yes Home Follows the 1st Battalkon of the 95th Rifles in the Peninsular from 1809
Verner, W History and Campaigns of the Rifle Brigade 1800-1813: V1 1800-1809 c. 1913 Yes [N&MP] Home Detailed history of the Rifles from their formation to Vittoria. Unfortunately Verner died before writing the third in the series
Verner, W History and Campaigns of the Rifle Brigade 1800-1813: V2 1809-1813 c. 1913 Yes [N&MP] Home
Wason, D Battlefield Detectives Granada 2003 Yes [] Home Book of a TV series with a Chapter/Episode on Waterloo. Looks at how the battlefield has changed (the construction of the Lion mound lowered the ridge and significantly weakened the position), why the artillery had so much trouble (the guns would have gradually dug themselves into the mud), and was Ney mad (would have probably been classified as shell-shocked today).
Weller, J Wellington in India ?Nicholas Vane, London, 1972 Yes [Greenhill Books] FR, Home A very analytical series (Weller was an Engineer) looking at what information Wellington had and how this influenced his decisions.
Weller, J Wellington in the Peninsular Nicholas Vane, London, 1962 Yes [Greenhill Books] FR 942.07 WEL, Home
Weller, J Wellington at Waterloo Longman's, London, 1967 Yes [Greenhill Books] Home
Weller, J On Wellington: The Duke and his Art of War Greenhill, 1998 Yes Home Commemorative collection of essays, including ones on W's intelligence and engineering sections
Wheeler, W
(Ed Liddell Hart)
The Letters of Private Wheeler, 1809-1828 Michael Joseph, 1951 Yes FR942.073/WHE Discovered in 1948, this amazing collection is a geniune contemporary record of life in the ranks.
Wilkinson, F Antique Firearms Guinness Superlatives, 1969 No FR 739.7409/5/1 Covers the flintlock
Wilkinson, F Antique Guns and Gun Collecting Hamlyn, 1974 No FR 739.7409/2 Ditto
Wilkinson-Latham, C The Royal Green Jackets Osprey 1975 Yes [limited reprint] Home Limited amount on the Napoleonic period
Wootten, G Waterloo 1815 Osprey, 1992 Yes Home Good overview

Images Courtesy of Greenhill Books.

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