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J Kincaid: Adventures in the Rifle Brigade. Modern reprint by Pen & Sword Books. Image courtesy of Pen & Sword Books.

Author Title Published In Print Location Comment
Keegan, J. The Mask of Command Jonathan Cape, 1987 Yes [Pimlico 1999] Home Comparative study of Alexander, Wellington, Grant and Hitler. Interesting slant: Wellington as anti-hero
Kincaid, J Adventures in the Rifle Brigade First Published 1830 Yes [Leo Cooper/Pen & Sword] FR [see Fitchett], Home A great read from a great soldier
Kincaid, J Random Shots from a Rifleman First Published 1835 Yes [Spellmount] Home Another great read from Johnny Kincaid
Larpent, FS The Private Journal of Judge-Advocate Larpent Bentley, London, 1853 Yes [Spellmount] Home The young lawyer who became Judge-Advocate to Wellington's Army in 1812. His first hand impressions of Wellington are unequalled in their candour.
Lehmann, J Remember You are an Englishman Jonathan Cape, 1977 No Home Bio of Harry Smith with a strong South African slant
Le Marchant, D (Ed) Memoirs of the Late Major General Le Marchant, 1766-1812 1841 Yes [Spellmount] Home The story of the man who changed British Cavalry from amateurs to professionals, and then helped found the Military Colleges in Britain
Leonard, N Wellington's Army: Recreated in Colour Photographs Europa, 1995 Yes Home Photos of reenactors
Lewis, JE The Mammoth Book of Soldiers at War Robinson, 2001 Yes Home Selections from letters, diaries and memoirs of the Napoleonic Wars: Coignet, Robertson, Harris, Fenton, Macdonald, Tomkinson, Grattan, etc.
Longford, E Wellington: The Years of the Sword Weidenfeld & Nicholson, London, 1969 Yes [] FR 942.07092/5, Home THE Biography by a distant relative (hence access to family papers). Brings out the complexity of Wellington's character.
Longford, E Wellington: Pillar of State Weidenfeld & Nicholson, 1972 Yes [] FR, Home
Luvaas, J Napoleon on the Art of War Touchstone, 1999 Yes Home WARNING: This book could be misleading as the author has conflated quotes from different sources into single paragraphs
Manningham, C. Regulations for The Rifle Corps T. Egerton, 1800 No Home Fascinating insight into what a forward military thinker felt about army structure - Thanks Sol
Manningham, C. Military Lectures delivered to the Officers of the 95th (Rifle) Regiment T. Egerton, 1803 Yes [Ken Trotman] Home Light infantry practice. Modern edition published with de Brack's Light Cavalry Out-Posts./TD>
Marbot, J-P de (Ed Summerville) The Exploits of Baron de Marbot Constable, 2000 Yes[] Home A French officer under Napoleon, I've seen it described as "autolatrous" and it is!
Marcel, N (Ed Var) Campagnes du Capitaine Marcel Paris, 1913 No FR 946.06 M What is was like fighting in the Peninsular, en Francais
Marshall-Cornwall, J. Napoleon as Military Commander Batsford, 1967 Yes [Penguin] Home M-C doesn't strike me as an open minded observer...
Maxwell, WH Peninsular Sketches V 1 Colburn, London, 1845 No FR942.073/M A series of short narratives by Peninsular veterans collected and placed in chronological order by Maxwell. Fairly well regarded by historians, though some of the authors are anonymous.
Maxwell, WH Peninsular Sketches V 2 Colburn, London, 1845 No FR942.073/M
Muir, R. Britain and the Defeat of Napoleon: 1807-1815 Yale University Press, 1996 Yes Home All aspects of British resistance
Napier, G Passages in the Early Military Life of General Sir George T Napier, K.C.B. Murray, London, 1884 No Home Extracts from the memoirs he wrote for his children around 1828. Not a Rifleman, but a Light Bob.
Napier, W History of the War in the Peninsular v 3 Boone, London, 1833 No FR 942.073 N This is part of the 4 volume 2nd Edition
Neal, WK & Back, DHL Great British Gunmakers 1740-1790 Sotheby Parke Bernet, 1975 No FR 739.740941/2 Twigg and Bass, gun makers
Nosworthy, B Battle Tactics of Napoleon and his Enemies Constable 1995 Yes? Home Analysis of tactics based on contemporay sources

Oman's History of the Peninsular War, volumes 1-4, reprinted by Greenhill in 1996. Image courtesy of Greenhill Books.

Oman, C Nelson Hodder & Stoughton, 1947, Sphere, 1967 No Home Nice biography
Author Title Published In Print Location Comment
Oman, CWC A History of the Peninsular War V1 Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1902 Yes [Greenhill Books] FR 946.06 O, Home THE history (7 Vols)
Oman, CWC A History of the Peninsular War V2 Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1903 Yes [Greenhill Books] FR 946.06 O, Home Jan 1809-Sep 1809
Oman, CWC A History of the Peninsular War V3 Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1908 Yes [Greenhill Books] FR 946.06 O, Home Sep 1809 - Dec 1810
Oman, CWC A History of the Peninsular War V4 Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1911 Yes [Greenhill Books] FR 946.06 O, Home Dec 1810-Dec 1811
Oman, CWC A History of the Peninsular War V Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1914 Yes [Greenhill Books] FR 946.06 O, Home Oct 1811-Aug 1812
Oman, CWC A History of the Peninsular War VI Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1922 Yes [Greenhill Books] FR 946.06 O, Home Sep 1812-Aug 1813
Oman, CWC A History of the Peninsular War VII Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1930 Yes [Greenhill Books] FR 946.06 O, Home Aug 1813-April 1814
Oman, CWC Wellington's Army: 1809-1814 Edward Arnold, London, 1912 Yes[Greenhill] (Maybe out of stock) FR 942.073/90, Home A must, packed with detail

Images courtesy of Pen and Sword Books and Greenhill Books.

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