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At the moment these are all articles from "History Today" which I bought and read for many years.

Magazine or Journal Author Title/Comment
History Today Feb78 M. Glover When the Congress wasn't Dancing, 1815
History Today Feb78 D. G. Chandler The Lines of Torres Vedras 1810-11: Wellington in Portugal
History Today Jul78 D. Patten Ferguson and his Rifle, 1776-80
Very good article on this early experiment in breech loading weapons and riflemen's tactics.
History Today Jul78 M. Glover The Courtesies of War in Napoleonic Spain
History Today Nov78 D. Chandler Notes on Battlefields IV: The Battle of Corunna
History Today Feb79 M. Glover The Maps of Waterloo
History Today May79 C. Lloyd Above and Under Hatches: The Royal Navy 1782-1814
History Today Oct79 R. Woodall The Abolition of Purchase in the British Army
History Today Feb91 D. G. Chandler War and the Past: The Logistics of Military History
History Today Mar81 D. Chandler Drill Books and Tactics
History Today Sep82 M. Duffy 'The Noisie' Empty, Fluttring French': English Images of the French, 1689-1815
History Today Feb83 B. Heldt Nadezhda Durova: Russia's Cavalry Maid
History Today Aug84 W. Minchinton Lead Shot Towers around the World
History Today Mar85 A. Palmer Reading History: Napoleon
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