1814 Winter Graham's (Lord Lynedoch) expedition to Antwerp (see Weller: Waterloo for some refs to this) incs 1Co 1/95; 1Co 2/95 & 2Cos 3/95
29Aug Graham's force to Ypres
5 Sep ?Graham's force to Menin
5 Cos 3/95 with New Orleans expedition (Capt Hallen, QM Surtees, H. Smith on Staff). The Rifles at one stage hold off 5000 Americans. The Americans try to induce British to desert. Signally unsuccessful with Rifles.
Dec Treaty of Ghent ends War of 1812
1815 Jan Battle of New Orleans
Jan News of Treaty of Ghent reaches America. 3/95 return to England
12 May 6 Cos 1/95 (Col A Barnard) reach Brussels. Rejoined by Graham's company Joins Kempt's Brigade (Picton's Division)
15 Jun PM - 1/95 (7Cos) called to arms, assembled by 11 pm
16 Jun 2am begin to march to Waterloo, and thence to Quatre Bras
16 Jun 1/95 (7Cos) thrown out to hold the left at Quatre Bras & guard communications with Prussians
17 Jun 1/95 (7Cos) & Cavalry cover the withdrawal to Mt St Jean, take up position in the centre behind La Haye Sainte guarding the WavreRd. 2 Cos pushed forward into sandpit in front of main line.
2/95 (5Cos from England + 1Co from Graham's force) Bivouac at Waterloo with the 2 Cos of 3/95 from Graham's force.
18 Jun Battle of Waterloo [7Cos 1/95; 6Cos 2/95; 2Cos 3/95]
Forward posts of 1/95 forced in by d'Erlon's Corps, but 1/95's fire hold up French advance. After fall of La Haye Sainte, the French bring up guns to fire from its cover. Riflemen pick off all the gunners, so the guns are useless. Col Barnard & Cameron are wounded, Maj Jonathan Leach takes command.
Units from 2/95 help in defence of Hougoumont
6 Cos 2/95 & 2 Cos 3/95 in Adams Brigade on the right near Hougoumont. Charged with Colborne's 52>nd to break the Guard
19 Jun Advance to Paris
7 Jul 2/95 lead the entry into Paris lead by Lt Thomas Smith (Harry's brother)
Jul HQ Cos of 3/95 reach Paris (from US). Regiment is reunited.
25 Aug 2nd Regimental dinner at St Germain en Laye
1816 16 Feb 95th removed from the numbered regiments of the line, & styled "The Rifle Brigade"

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