INTO FRANCE (1813-1814)

1813 May 95th provide the advance guard for Wellington's advance into Northern Spain
21 Jun 95th reach the banks of the Zadorra at Vittoria. [Wellington uses the 95th's position as an observation post. Voltigeurs rushed across a bridge, seized a wooded height and began firing on Wellington. 3/95 & 2 Cos 1/95 drive them back over the river.]
Later in the battle, as the French retreat, the Light Brigade advances either side of Vittoria town.
22 Jun Pursuit starts
24 Jun Wellington's despatch mentions Alten's brigade, 1/95, 3/95 & Ross's troop taking the last French gun.
25 Jun Light Brigade closes on Pamplona
15 Jul Rifleman first see the road into France
?29 Jul 95th force the French to abandon their wounded and baggage at Jansi, 95th take the mountain of Echalar, rename it Barnard's Hill.
25 Aug 95th's first regimental dinner held on heights of Anata Barbara, nr Vera. The French stay up all night, fearing an attack.
31 Aug 1 subaltern & 50 men from each battalion volunteer for the storming of San Sebastien.
1 Sep Captain Daniel Cadoux, 2 subalterns & 50 men prevent a French Division (under Gen Vandermaessen) from crossing the bridge at Vera. The French are held with terrible loss (without Cadoux losing a man) until Skerrett orders Cadoux to retire without cover and they are all wiped out. (Memorial erected in 1921)
Pamplona surrenders
10 Nov All 95th involved in forcing of La Petite Arrhune (Battle of Nivelle). French defend well, Col Barnard (1/95) wounded, 97 officers & men casualties.
Dec Battle of Nive, French again fight well
Winter Graham (Lord Lynedoch) leads an expedition to Bergen op Zoom and Antwerp. Force included 1Co 1/95, 1Co 2/95 & 2Cos 3/95.
1814 Jan-Feb Marching, skirmishing & outpost duties
Feb All 3 Battalions at Orthes
Feb Battle of Merxem (Graham's expedition) Riflemen distinguish themselves.
20 Mar Battle of Tarbes
95th clear Gen Harispe's Division from a series of hills, interspersed with hedges and ditches in an hour. 3/95 on right,2/95 in centre, 1/95 on left.
10 Apr Battle of Toulouse
Light Division spend most of the battle extricating the over enthusiastic Spanish troops from the hole they'd got into.
11 Apr Despatch with news of Napoleon's abdication arrives. Soult refuses to accept the news and retires north.
16 Apr 95th advance after French
17 Apr Soult agrees to an armistice, Rifles return to Toulouse & remain there till the end of May
15 Jun 95th enter Bordeaux
mid Jul 95th back in England

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