INTO SPAIN (1811-1812)

1811 4 Jun Rifle's "King's Birthday Dinner Dance" interrupted at 11pm by orders to be ready to march at 3 am
4-12 Jun March 120 miles in blistering heat, by the 13th (while ascending the banks of the Tagus) men were dropping from heat exhaustion
Jul-Dec Blockade of Ciudad Rodrigo (mainly patrol and outpost duties)
Dec Defence of Tarifa (1 detached company of Rifles present when an undefendable town between Cadiz and Gibraltar held out)
1812 Jan Siege of Ciudad Rodrigo
Capture of the Renand Redoubt by 360 volunteers (120 from ea of 43, 52 & 95) under Colborne
19 Jan Storming of Ciudad Rodrigo
300 men from the Light Brigade lead the storming parties (43 under Napier, 52 under Colborne, 95 under Uniacke)
Uniacke, Johnson & Kincaid of 95 gain the top. Craufurd shot, Barnard takes command. Uniacke wounded.
24 Jan Craufurd dies. Wellington orders his burial at the foot of the breach.
26 Jan Uniacke dies {Harry Smith gets his company, but is too unhappy to celebrate}
Mar-Apr Siege of Badajoz
6 Apr 8 pm - Assault on Badajoz
4 Cos 95 (Maj Cameron) provide covering fire
O'Hare leads storming party on one of the breaches, assault is repelled with heavy loss (95th lose 315).
Barnard takes command of the Division, leads it back through the breach after Picton & Leith's Division had entered via escalade.
Cameron reforms the 95th on the ramparts until the town is secured, they go wild with the rest when released.
7 Apr Juana de Leon and her sister escape from the town & meet a group of officers including Harry Smith & Johnny Kincaid.
9 Apr Juana & Harry Smith's wedding, Wellington gives the bride away.
Jun March on Salamanca. Light Division at Rueda
22 Jul Battle of Salamanca
Light Bobs form left wing. Battle starts on the British right and ripples across, left wing pursues.
March on Madrid
11 Aug Entry into Madrid
end Oct French forces concentrate under Soult. Wellington evacuates Madrid, calls off siege of Burgos & retreats back to Portugal
End Nov Back in Winter quarters. Wellington's general reprimand of the army's behaviour incenses those who retained discipline (in Light Bobs).

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