Officer of the 95th Rifles c. 1804 (PW Reynolds). Image courtesy of the RGJ Association.

1808 Jul Moore's force redirected to Portugal. On the way they stop at Portsmouth to refit (?and pick up Col TS Beckwith?)
1-5 Aug 4 Cos 2/95 (Maj R Travers) covers Wellesley's landings in Portugal (Mondego Bay). 5/60 part of this contingent.
15 Aug 1808 Skirmish at Obidos. Enthusiastic Rifles chase French too far & get into trouble. Lt Ralph Bunbury killed (1st officer to be killed in Peninsular War)
17 Aug Rolica. The Rifles drive in the French skirmishing line, forcing the French to retire (which they do in good order)
20 Aug Re-inforcements arrive at Maceira estuary, including 1/43, 2/52 and 2 Cos 1/95 (Part of Acland's Brigade).
21 Aug Vimeiro, defeat of Junot's army of Portugal, surrender of French
23 Aug Acting on information received from a passing frigate, Sir John Moore's force lands at Peniche (north of Vimeiro). The companies of the 95th are united under Beckwith's command. [Harry smith is assigned to O'Hare's company with Lts W. Eeles and Eaton]
Liberation of Lisbon
6 Oct Moore arrives in Lisbon
Late Oct Moore begins advance to Salamanca with 1/43, 2/52, 5Cos 1/95 & 4 Cos 2/95
26 Oct Baird's contingent disembarks at Corunna (inc 5 Cos 1/95 & 4 Cos 2/95)
1 Dec The Rifles form part of the screen covering Moore at Salamanca
20 Dec Union with Baird's contingent near Sahagun. 1/95 reunited, brigaded with 1/52 in Edward Paget's Reserve. 8 Cos 2/95 for Light Brigade ("Black Bob" Craufurd) with 1/43 & 2/52
?22 Dec Cavalry attack on Sahagun
24 Dec Moore begins the retreat to Corunna, as Napoleon moves to cut him off from Lisbon.
27 Dec All but Henry Paget's cavalry west of the Esla.
28 Dec Craufurd's Light Brigade holds the bridge over the Esla at Castro Gonzalo while the cavalry cross. The bridge is destroyed, costing Napoleon 2 days.
30 Dec English united at Astorga, retreat continues
31 Dec French enter Astorga. Napoleon receives a despatch from Paris and departs
Craufurd's and Alten's Light Brigades detached to secure the passage of the Minho and guard the Army's southern flank. Thence they retire to Vigo.
1809 3 Jan Defence of Cacabelos by E Paget's Reserve Division. Rifleman Plunket (1/95) kills General Colbert and his trumpeter with a couple of long shots.
14 Jan Rearguard (E Paget's division) arrive at Corunna, take up defensive positions outside town
16 Jan Soult attacks Corunna, but is repulsed with heavy loss. Death of Sir John Moore. The British embarkation is unimpeded. 1/95 last to enter town and embark.

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