Rifleman of the 95th Regiment (Contemporary print). Image courtesy of the RGJ Association.

Year Date Event
1803 18 Jan The Rifle Corps officially becomes "The 95th (Rifle) Regiment", but the name "Rifle Corps" sticks
Spring Manningham delivers a series of four lectures on the duties of Riflemen to the officers of the 95th
6 May 2nd Battalion formed. A core of drafts from 1/95 is supplemented by Militia volunteers. Lt-Col Hamlet Wade commands
16 May End of Peace of Amiens
Britain declares war on France
Jun 2/95 brigaded with 1/95 at Brabourne Lees
Aug 2/95 near full strength
1805 Sept 1/95 joins Cathcart's expedition to Nth Germany (Liberation of Hanover)
Form the advance guard for the march on Bremen
26 Oct Occupation of Bremen
1806 Feb 1/95 form the rearguard for the retreat to Cuxhaven
[NB Wellesley had arrived with reinforcements in Jan]
9 Oct 3 Cos 2/95 (Maj TC Gardner) join expedition to Monte Video Harry Smith of 1/95 is appointed adjutant.
24 Oct 5 Cos 1/95 embark for the "Remote Expedition" as part of Robert Craufurd's Brigade. Join with Monte Video force for assault on Buenos Aires. Failure, & Whitelocke's surrender
1807 26 Jul The Baltic Expedition sails with rest of 1/95 (Lt-Col TS Beckwith) & 2/95 (Lt-Col H Wade) in Wellesley's infantry Brigade
29 Aug Battle of Kjöge, Danes fail to relieve Copenhagen
7 Sep Copenhagen capitulates, Danish fleet is taken to UK
Nov The fleet of the South American Expedition arrive back in English waters
1808 End Jan The South American Expedition disembarks in the Downs
Apr 10,000 troops under Sir John Moore embark at Harwich for Sweden, including 3 Cos 1/95 under Maj Gilmour (H. Smith is Adjutant)
7 May Moore's Expedition arrives at Gothenburg, spends 2 months there at anchor, unable to land
Jul Moore's Force redirected to Portugal. On the way they stop at Portsmouth to refit (?is this when Col TS Beckwith joins them?)

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