Officer of the Rifle Corps, 1800 (PW Reynolds). Image courtesy of the RGJ Association.

Year Date Event
1799 Late Col Coote Manningham and Lt-Col the Hon William Stewart (of the 67th) put up a proposal for a specialised regiment of riflemen
1800 17 Jan The Adjutant-General's circular to 14 regiments: 1 Capt, 1 Lieut, 1 Ensign to "volunteer"; 2 Serg, 2 Corp, 30 Privates to be selected (8 to be retained by the Rifles). Drafts came from 2/1st; 21st; 23rd; 25th; 27th; 29th; 49th; 69th; 71st; 72nd; 79th; 85th; 92nd; plus 12 recruits from each of 33 Fencible Regiments.
Mar Detachments assemble at Horsham
1 Apr 1st parade of the Experimental Corps of Riflemen
End Jul Initial training complete. 3 Cos (under Lt Col W Stewart) embark for Ferrol
25 Aug The Riflemen spearhead the landing at Ferrol, dislodging the Spanish from the heights (Stewart wounded)
26 Aug Dawn attacks by Spanish on heights repulsed by Rifles. Gen Pulteney orders withdrawal just as Spanish approach to surrender. The expedition proceeds to Malta, where the "Riflemen" are discharged to their original regiments (except Lt-Col Stewart, Capt Travers, & Lt Edmonston). Some of these "Riflemen" go on to Egypt from Malta, as does Sir John Moore.
Autumn Corps re-organised [10 Cos, 897 officers & men, recruitment of Irish and Scottish fencibles]
11 Oct Corps of Riflemen gazetted, effective 21 Oct [Col C Manningham, Lt-Col Hon W Stewart, 2 Maj, 7 Capt, 9 Lts, 1 2Lt, 5 Ens, 1 Sub, 1 QM.] Referred to as "Rifle Corps"
Dec Uniform design finalised
Standing Orders finalised, read to Corps by Stewart four times during the month
1801 18 Jan Standing Orders come into effect
New uniforms issued
31 Mar Letter of Service granted for the formation of Manningham's Rifle Corps. All officers re-appointed, commissions back-dated to 25 Aug 1800 (Ferrol landing)
2 Apr Naval Battle of Copenhagen (Hyde Parker, Nelson 2IC)
Col Stewart with 49th Reg & 1 Co Rifles (Capt Thomas Sidney Beckwith)
Lt J Grant killed in action
1802 Nov Transferred to Shorncliffe Camp for instruction under Sir John Moore (with 43rd and 52nd, "The Light Brigade")
Late W Stewart promoted to Brigadier-Gen, TS Beckwith is promoted Lt-Col and takes over command of the Corps

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