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Real Sharpe
Date Year Event Year Event
1 1798 During this month the King's 33rd transfer to the Army of Madras 1798 ?Pvte Sharpe transferred to Madras with his regiment
2 1807 Investment of Copenhagen (Danish, Peimann) by British (Cathcart) (4th Coalition)
3 1796 Battle of Wurzburg, Austrians (Charles) defeat French (Jourdan) (1st Coalition)
4 1796 Battle of Roveredo, French (Massena) defeat Austrians (Davidovich) (1st Coalition)
5 1798 Battle of Collooney, French (Humbert) defeat British (Vereker) (Irish Expedition)
1807 Surrender of Copenhagen (Danish, Peimann) to British (Cathcart) (4th Coalition)
6 1793 Battle of Hondschoote, French (Houchard) defeat Anglo-Hanoverians (York) (1st Coalition)
1813 Battle of Dennewitz, Allies (Bernadotte) defeat French (Ney) (6th Coalition)
7 1812 Battle of Borodino (The Moscowa), French (Napoleon) defeat(?) Russians (Kutuzov) (Russian Campaign)
8 1796 Battle of Bassano, French (Bonaparte) defeat Austrians (Wurmser) (1st Coalition)
1798 Battle of Ballinamuch, British (Cornwallis) defeat French (Humbert) (Irish Expedition)
1813 End of the Battles of the Pyrenees, Peninsular War
10 1800 Battle of Conaghull, British (Wellesley) defeat Dhoondiah Waugh
1805 Major-General Arthur Wellesley arrives back in England from India
13 1793 Battle of Menin, French (Houchard) defeat Netherlands (Orange) (1st Coalition)
15 1794 Battle of Boxtel, War of 1st Coalition Sharpe's first battle
19 1799 Battle of Bergen-op-Zoom, French (Brune) defeat Anglo-Russians (York) (2nd Coalition)
20 1792 Battle of Valmy, French (Dumouriez, Kellermann) defeat Austro-Prussians (Brunswick) (1st Coalition)
23 1803 Battle of Assaye, British (Wellesley) defeats Mahrattas (Scindia, Berar) (Mahratta War) 1803 Sharpe saves Wellesley's life at Assaye and is given a field commission (Sharpe's Triumph)
25 1799 Battle of Zurich, French (Massena) defeat Allies (Korsakov) (2nd Coalition)
1811 Battle of El Bodon, British (Picton) defeat French (Montbrun) (Peninsular War)
26 1813 Chateauguay
27 1810 Battle of Bussaco, Anglo-Portuguese (Wellesley) defeats French (Massena) (Peninsular War)
28 1811 Coa Anglo-Portuguese (Wellington) face down the French (Massena) (Peninsular War)

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