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2 1799 Battle of Bergen-op-Zoom, Anglo-Russians (York) defeat French (Brune) (2nd Coalition)
6 1799 Battle of Castricum, French (Brune) defeat Anglo-Russians (York) (2nd Coalition)
1808 Sir John Moore arrives in Lisbon
7 1813 Battle of Vera, Anglo-Portuguese + Spanish (Wellington) defeat French (Taupin)
1813 Anglo-Portuguese (Wellington) cross the Bidassoa into France (Peninsular War)
9 1806 Battle of Schleiz, French (Bernadotte) defeat Saxons (Tauenzein) (4th Coalition)
1806 Gen Auchmuty's force embark for Monte Video
3 Cos 2/95 are included in Gen Auchmuty's force
10 1806 Battle of Saalfeld, French (Lannes) defeat Prussians (Louis) (4th Coalition)
11 1797 Battle of Camperdown, British (Duncan) defeat Dutch (De Winter)
1800 The "Corps of Riflemen" gazetted (effective 23rd October)
1805 Battle of Haslach, French (Dupont) defeat Austrians (Mack) (3rd Coalition)
12 1813 Battle of Colditz, French (Murat) defeat Allies (Schwarzenberg) (6th Coalition)
14 1805 Battle of Elchingen, French (Ney) defeat Austrians (Werneck, Riesch) (3rd Coalition)
1806 Battle of Jena, French (Napoleon) defeat Prussians (Hohenlohe) (4th Coalition)
1806 Battle of Auerstadt, French (Davout) defeat Prussians (Brunswick) (4th Coalition)
1813 Battle of Lieberwolkwitz, French (Murat) meet Allies (Schwarzenberg, Bernadotte, Blucher) (6th Coalition)
15 1793 Battle of Wattignies, French (Jourdan) defeat Austrians (Saxe-Coburg) (1st Coalition)
16 1803 Burhampoor (Mahratta) taken by British (Stevenson) (Mahratta War)
1813 Battle of Leipzig (day 1), Allies (Schwarzenberg, Bernadotte, Blucher) defeat French (6th Coalition)
17 1805 Capitulation at Ulm, French (Napoleon) force the surrender of Austrians (Mack) (3rd Coalition)
1813 Battle of Leipzig (day 2), Allies (Schwarzenberg, Bernadotte, Blucher) defeat French (6th Coalition)
18 1807 French troops cross Franco-Spanish border, supposedly en route for Portugal
1812 Battle of Vinkovo, Russians (Bagration) defeat French (Murat) (Russian Campaign)
1813 Battle of Leipzig (day 3), Allies (Schwarzenberg, Bernadotte, Blucher) defeat French (6th Coalition)
19 1813 Battle of Leipzig (day 4), Allies (Schwarzenberg, Bernadotte, Blucher) defeat French (6th Coalition)
20 1809 Work commences on the Lines of Torres Vedras
21 1805 Battle of Trafalgar, British (Nelson) defeat Frenco-Spanish (Villeneuve, de Alava) death of Lord Nelson 1805 Death of Lord William Hale (Sharpe's Trafalgar)
1769 Birth of Capt Joel Chase (Sharpe's Trafalgar)
22 1812 Siege of Burgos (French, ) raised by British (Wellington) (Peninsular War)
24 1803 Asseergurh (Mahratta) surrenders to British (Stevenson) (Mahratta War)
1806 General Whitelocke's force embarks for South America
Whitelocke's force included 5 Cos 1/95
1812 Battle of Maloyaroslavets, French (Eugene) defeat Russians (Kutuzov)
25 1813 Pamplona (French, ) surrenders to Anglo-Portuguese (Wellington) (Peninsular War)
26 1805 Occupation of Bremen by Anglo-Hanoverians (Cathcart)
Cathcart's force included part of the 95th and the entire KGL
1808 British forces (Baird) land at Corunna
The remaining companies of 1/95 and 2/95 arrive with Baird
28 1811 Battle of Arroyo dos Molinos, Anglo-Portuguese (Hill) defeat French (Girard)
29 1795 Battle of Mainz, Austrians (Clerfayt) defeat French (Pichegru)
30 1805 Battle of Caldiero, French (Massena) defeat Austrians (Charles) (3rd Coalition)
1813 Battle of Hanau (day 1), French (Napoleon) defeat Bavarians (Wrede) (6th Coalition)
31 1813 Battle of Hanau (day 2), French (Napoleon) defeat Bavarians (Wrede) (6th Coalition)

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