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Date Year Event Year Event
1 1797 During November, the King's 33rd (Pvte Sharpe) return to Calcutta after the abortive Manila campaign 1797 Pvte Sharpe return to Calcutta with the 33rd
3 1812 Battle of Fiodoroivskoy, French (Davout) defeat Russians (Miloradovich) (Russian Campaign)
4 1799 Battle of Genoa, Austrians (Melas) defeat French (Championnet) (2nd Coalition)
6 1792 Battle of Jemappes, French (Dumouriez) defeat Austrians (Slbert of Saxe-Teschen) (1st Coalition)
1806 Battle of Lubeck, French (Soult, Bernadotte) defeat Prussians (Blucher) (4th Coalition)
8 1805 Battle of Zell, French (Davout, Marmont) defeat Austrians (Merveldt) (3rd Coalition)
9 1799 Napoleon nominated 1st Consul
1813 Battle of St Jean de Luz, Anglo-Portuguese (Hope) defeat French (Soult) (Peninsular War)
10 1813 San Sebastian (French, Rey) stormed by Anglo-Portuguese (Wellington) (Peninsular War)
1813 Battle of Nivelle, Anglo-Portuguese (Wellington) defeat French (Soult) (Peninsular War)
11 1805 Battle of Durrenstein, French (Mortier) defeats Russians (Miloradovich, Dokhturov) (3rd Coalition)
12 1796 Battle of Caldiero, Austrians (Alvintzy) defeat French (Napoleon)
14 1812 Battle of Polotsk, French (Victor) defeat Russians (Wittgenstein) (Russian Campaign) 1812 Sharpe given a brevet majority (Sharpe's Enemy)
15 1799 Battle of Arcola (day 1), French (Napoleon) defeat Austrians (Alvintzy) (1st Coalition)
16 1799 Battle of Arcola (day 2), French (Napoleon) defeat Austrians (Alvintzy) (1st Coalition)
1805 Battle of Oberhollabrunn (Hollabrunn), French (Napoleon) defeat Russians (Bagration) (3rd Coalition)
1812 Battle of Krasnyi (day 1), French (Napoleon) defeat Russians (Kutuzov) (Russian Campaign)
17 1799 Battle of Arcola (day 3), French (Napoleon) defeat Austrians (Alvintzy) (1st Coalition)
1812 Battle of Krasnyi (day 2), French (Napoleon) defeat Russians (Kutuzov) (Russian Campaign)
19 1809 Battle of Ocana, French (Soult) defeat Spanish (Areizago) (Peninsular War)
1812 Anglo-Portuguese (Wellington) withdrawal from Madrid/Burgos ends at Ciudad Rodrigo (Peninsular War)
23 1808 Battle of Tudela, French (Lannes) defeat Spanish (Castanos) (Peninsular War)
24 1795 Battle of Loano, French (Massena) defeat Austro-Piedmontese (Wallis) (1st Coalition)
26 1812 Battle of Berezina (day 1), French (Napoleon) defeat Russians (Chichagov, Wittgenstein) (Russian Campaign)
27 1812 Battle of Berezina (day 2), French (Napoleon) defeat Russians (Chichagov, Wittgenstein) (Russian Campaign)
28 1793 Battle of Kaiserslauten (day 1), Prussians (Brunswick) defeat French (Hoche) (1st Coalition)
1812 Battle of Berezina (day 3), French (Napoleon) defeat Russians (Chichagov, Wittgenstein) (Russian Campaign)
1812 Battle of Loshnitsa, French (Oudinot) defeat Russians (Chichagov) (Russian Campaign)
29 1793 Battle of Kaiserslauten (day 2), Prussians (Brunswick) defeat French (Hoche) (1st Coalition)
1803 Battle of Argaum, British (Wellesley) defeat Mahrattas (Berar) (Mahratta War) (Sharpe's Fortress)
30 1793 Battle of Kaiserslauten (day 3), Prussians (Brunswick) defeat French (Hoche) (1st Coalition)
1808 Battle of Somosierra, French (Napoleon) defeat Spanish (San Juan) (Peninsular War)

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