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Date Year Event Year Event
1 1815 Napoleon arrives in France after escaping from Elba
3 1811 French (Massena) begin the retreat from Santarem (Peninsular War)
4 1811 Battle of Barrosa, British (Graham) defeat French (Victor) (Peninsular War)
7 1799 Battle of Jaffa, French (Napoleon) defeat Ottomans (Abou-Saad) (Egypt)
1814 Battle of Craonne, French (Napoleon) defeat Allies (Blucher) (6th Coalition)
9 1803 British (Wellesley) advance from Hurryhur towards Poona
1814 Battle of Laon (day 1), Allies (Blucher) defeat French (Napoleon) (6th Coalition)
10 1799 Anglo-Hyderabad right wing (Wellesley) attacked by Mysoreans (Tipoo) (Mysore War) (Sharpe's Tiger)
1805 Major-General Arthur Wellesley sails for England from Madras aboard HMS Trident
1814 Battle of Laon (day 2), Allies (Blucher) defeat French (Napoleon) (6th Coalition)
11 1811 Assault on Pombal, British (Craufurd) defeat French (Ney) (Peninsular War)
12 1811 Assault on Redinha, British (Craufurd) defeat French (Ney) (Peninsular War)
13 1814 Battle of Rheims, French (Napoleon) defeat Allies (St.-Priest) (6th Coalition)
17 1812 Investment of Badajoz (French, Philippon) by Anglo-Portuguese (Wellington) (Peninsular war) (Sharpe's Company)
1814 Battle of Fismes, Allies (Blucher) defeat French (Marmont) (6th Coalition)
18 1793 Battle of Neerwinden, Austrians (Saxe-Coburg) defeat French (Dumouriez) (1st Coalition)
1799 Investment of Acre (Ottomans, Djezzar) by French (Napoleon) (Egypt)
19 1810 Night attack on Barba del Puerco, British (Beckwith) defeat French () (Peninsular War)
20 1799 Siege of Acre (Ottomans, Djezzar) raised by French (Napoleon) (Egypt)
1800 Battle of Heliopolis, French (Kleber) defeat Ottomans (Vizier) (Egypt)
1801 Battle of Alexandria, British (Abercrombie) defeat French (Menou) (Egypt)
1814 Battle of Arcis-sur-Aube (day 1), Allies (Schwarzenberg) defeat French (Napoleon) (6th Coalition)
1815 Napoleon carried shoulder high into Tuileries
21 1799 Battle of Ostrach, Austrians (Charles) defeat French (Jourdan) (2nd Coalition)
1814 Battle of Arcis-sur-Aube (day 2), Allies (Schwarzenberg) defeat French (Napoleon) (6th Coalition)
23 1797 Battle of Malborghetto, French (Massena) defeat Austrians (Charles) (1st Coalition)
1808 French () occupy Madrid
25 1799 Battle of Stockach, Austrians (Charles) defeat French (Jourdan) (2nd Coalition)
1814 Battle of La Fere-Champenoise, Allies (Schwarzenberg) defeat French (Marmont/Mortier) (6th Coalition)
27 1799 Battle of Malavelly, British (Harris) defeat Mysoreans (Tipoo Sultan) (Mysore War) (Sharpe's Tiger)
28 1809 Battle of Medellin, French (Victor) defeat Spanish (Cuesta) (Peninsular War) 1799 Pte Sharpe strikes Sgt Hakeswill (Sharpe's Tiger)
30 1814 Battle of Paris (Montmartre), Allies (Schwarzenberg) defeat French (Marmont) (6th Coalition) 1799 Pte Sharpe courtmarshalled and flogged. Partial reprieve ordered to "desert" with Lt Lawford (Sharpe's Tiger)
31 1799 Sharpe, Lawford and Mary Bickerstaff captured and imprisoned by Tipoo's troops (Sharpe's Tiger)

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