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Date Year Event Year Event
1 1794 "The Glorious 1st of June", British (Howe) defeat French (Villaret-Joyeuse) (mid Atlantic) but the grain fleet reaches France
4 1780 The Gordon Riots (in London). Politically inspired anti-Catholic
1799 Battle of Zurich (day 1), Austrians (Charles) defeat French (Massena) (2nd Coalition)
5 1780 The Gordon Riots (cont)
1799 Battle of Zurich (day 2), Austrians (Charles) defeat French (Massena) (2nd Coalition)
6 1780 The Gordon Riots (cont)
1780 The Delivery of Newgate (mob release prisoners)
1799 Battle of Zurich (day 3), Austrians (Charles) defeat French (Massena) (2nd Coalition)
7 1780 The Gordon Riots (cont) 1813 Sharpe rescues Helene (the Marquesa) from the convent (Sharpe's Honour)
1799 Battle of Zurich (day 4), Austrians (Charles) defeat French (Massena) (2nd Coalition)
1815 French Frontiers along the Sambre, Rhine and Moselle sealed (7th Coalition)
8 1780 The Gordon Riots (cont) 1813 Sharpe surprised by El Matarife in Frias and surrenders to French (Sharpe's Honour)
9 1780 The Gordon Riots (cont)
1800 Battle of Montebello, French (Lannes) defeat Austrians (Ott) (2nd Coalition)
10 1807 Battle of Heilsberg, French (Napoleon) defeat Russians (Bennigsen) (4th Coalition)
11 1813 Sharpe brought to Burgos, tortured by Ducos who destroys the AW telescope (Sharpe's Honour)
12 1813 Sharpe entertained alcoholically by French officers to encourage him to accept parole (Sharpe's Honour)
13 1813 7 am - Premature destruction of Burgos Castle by French (Joseph/Jourdan) with massive loss of life (Peninsular War) 1813 Sharpe escapes from Burgos Castle in the confusion (Sharpe's Honour)
14 1800 Battle of Marengo, French (Napoleon) defeat Austrians (Melas) (2nd Coalition) 1812 Sharpe captures Leroux (Sharpe's Sword)
1807 Battle of Friedland, French Napleon) defeat Russians (Bennigsen) (4th Coalition)
1809 Battle of Raab, French (Eugene) defeat Austrians (John) (5th Coalition)
1815 Armee du Nord concentrated prior to advance (7th Coalition)
15 1808 1st investment of Saragossa (Spanish, Palafox) by French (Verdier) (Peninsular War) 1813 Sharpe leaves Burgos town on foot to rejoin British Army
1815 AM: French advance into Belgium and take Charleroi (7th Coalition) 1815 AM: Sharpe sees French advance, reports to Prince of Orange (Sharpe's Waterloo)
1815 PM: Duchess of Richmond's Ball in Brussels 1815 PM: Sharpe reports to Duke of Wellington at the Richmond ball, chases Rossendale over the ballroom (Sharpe's Waterloo)
16 1796 Battle of Wetzlar, Austrians (Charles) defeat French (Jourdan) (1st Coalition)
1815 Battle of Ligny, French (Napoleon) defeat Prussians (Blucher) (7th Coalition)
1815 Battle of Quatre Bras, Anglo-Allies (Wellington) hold French (Ney) (7th Coalition)
17 1815 Prussians (Blucher) begin to concentrate at Wavre (7th Coalition) 1812 Leroux kills Colonel Windham (Sharpe's Sword)
1815 Anglo-Allies (Wellington) withdraw to Mont St Jean position (7th Coalition)
18 1815 Battle of Waterloo (Mont St Jean), Anglo-Allies (Wellington) + Prussians (Blucher) defeat French (Napoleon) (7th Coalition) 1815 Rossendale killed in the battle (Sharpe's Waterloo)
1815 Battle of Wavre, Prussians (Thielmann) hold off French (Grouchy) while Prussian army goes to Waterloo (7th Coalition)
19 1800 Battle of Hochstadt, French (Moreau) defeat Austrians (Kray) (2nd Coalition)
21 1813 Battle of Vittoria, Anglo-Portuguese+Spanish (Wellington) defeat French (Joseph/Jourdan) (Peninsular War) 1813 Colonel Leroy killed, Sharpe takes command of the S Essex, Harper gains a fortune in loot & shares with Sharpe, Helene gives Sharpe King Joseph's telescope (Sharpe's Honour)
22 1813 Harper marries Isabella (Sharpe's Honour)
23 1811 The Caia, Anglo-Portuguese (Wellington) face down French (Massena) (Peninsular War)
24 1800 British (Wellesley) cross the Tombuddra R. (Campaign against Doondiah)
26 1794 Battle of Fleurus, French (Jourdan) defeat Allies (Saxe-Coburg) (1st Coalition)
28 1809 Craufurd and the "Light Brigade" arrive back in Lisbon.

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