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Date Year Event Year Event
2 1798 1st Battle of Alexandria, French (Napoleon) defeat Egyptians (Coraim) (Egypt)
3 1809 British (Wellington) advance into Spain (Peninsular War)
4 1776 US Declaration of Independence
5 1807 Assault on Buenos Aires, Spanish () defeat British (Whitlelocke) (Sth American Expedition)
1809 Battle of Wagram (day 1), French (Napoleon) defeat Austrians (Charles) (5th Coalition)
6 1806 Battle of Maida, British (Stewart) defeat French (Reynier) (3rd Coalition)
1809 Battle of Wagram (day 2), French (Napoleon) defeat Austrians (Charles) (5th Coalition)
9 1796 Battle of Malsch, French (Moreau) meet Austrians (Charles) (1st Coalition)
10 1809 Battle of Znaim, French (Napoleon) meet Austrians (Charles) (5th Coalition)
1810 Ciudad Rodrigo (Spanish, Herresi) surrenders to French (Massena) (Peninsular War)
13 1809 Action at Valdelacasa, Sharpe saves the SEssex Regimental colours (Sharpe's Eagle)
14 1789 Storming of the Bastille
1808 Battle of Medina del Rio Seco, French (Bessieres) defeat Spanish (Cuesta/Blake) (Peninsular War)
16 1795 Quiberon Campaign (day 1), French Rep (Hoche) defeat French Roy + British (Puisaye, d'Hervilly) (1st Coalition) 1809 Sharpe promoted to Captain of the S Essex Light Company (Sharpe's Eagle)
17 1809 British army leaves Plasencia en route for Talavera de la Reina, Peninsular War
1795 Quiberon Campaign (day 2), French Rep (Hoche) defeat French Roy + British (Puisaye, d'Hervilly) (1st Coalition)
1799 Battle of Trebbia (day 1), Austro-Russians (Suvarov) defeat French (Macdonald) (2nd Coalition)
18 1795 Quiberon Campaign (day 3), French Rep (Hoche) defeat French Roy + British (Puisaye, d'Hervilly) (1st Coalition)
1799 Battle of Trebbia (day 2), Austro-Russians (Suvarov) defeat French (Macdonald) (2nd Coalition)
19 1795 Quiberon Campaign (day 4), French Rep (Hoche) defeat French Roy + British (Puisaye, d'Hervilly) (1st Coalition)
1799 Battle of Trebbia (day 3), Austro-Russians (Suvarov) defeat French (Macdonald) (2nd Coalition)
1808 Battle of Baylen, Spanish (Castanos) defeat French (Dupont) (Peninsular War)
21 1798 Battle of the Pyramids, French (Napoleon) defeat Egyptians (Murad, Ibrahim) (Egypt)
22 1812 Battle of Salamanca, Anglo-Portuguese (Wellington) defeat French (Marmont) (Peninsular War) 1812 Lord John Spears dies at Salamanca
23 1809 General Cuesta (Spain) refuses to advance against the vastly inferior French (Victor) (Peninsular War)
24 1809 French (Victor) retreat, Spanish (Cuesta) advance (Peninsular War)


1799 Battle of Aboukir, French (Napoleon) defeat Ottomans (Mustapha) (Egypt)
1809 Joseph reinforces Victor, Cuesta retreats, Peninsular War
1813 Battle of Maya (Pyrenees 1a), French (D'Erlon) defeat Anglo-Portuguese (Stewart) (Peninsular War)
1813 Battle of Roncevalles (Pyrenees 1b), French (Soult) defeat Anglo-Portuguese (Cole, Picton) (Peninsular War)
26 1807 The Baltic Expedition sails
All available companies of 95th sail with the Baltic expedition as part of Wellesley's brigade
1809 British surprised on R Alberche while covering Cuesta's retreat, Peninsular War
Spanish at Talavera scare themselves and run after firing a massive volley at the distantly approaching French
27 1809 Night attack by French (Victor) at Talavera takes British (Wellington) by surprise, but they hold (Peninsular War) 1809 Sharpe kills Lt Berry in the confusion of the French attack (Sharpe's Eagle)
28 1809 Battle of Talavera, British (Wellington) + Spanish (Cuesta) defeat French (Victor) (Peninsular War) 1809 Ensign Denny and Lt Gibbons die during battle of Talavera (Sharpe's Eagle)
1809 Light Brigade march 42 miles in 26 hours to reach Talavera
1809 Walcheren Expedition sails from England
2/95 sail with Walcheren force
1812 Battle of Vitebsk, French (Napoleon) defeat Russians (Barclay de Tolly) (Russian Campaign)
1813 1st Battle of Sorauren (Pyrenees 2), Anglo-Portuguese (Wellington) stop French (Soult) (Peninsular War)
29 1809 Light Division (Black Bob Craufurd) arrive at Talavera after a march of 42 miles in 26 hours 1809 1/95 hold a dinner in honour of Sharpe's eagle and present him with a new uniform (Sharpe's Eagle)
30 1813 2nd Battle of Sorauren (Pyrenees 3), Anglo-Portuguese (Wellington) defeat French (Soult) (Peninsular War)
1813 Battle of Lizaso (Pyrenees 4), Anglo-Portuguese (Hill) hold French (D'Erlon) (Peninsular War)
31 1813 French (Soult) retreat towards Vera

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