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Date Year Event Year Event
1 1797 During this month the King's 33rd arrive at Calcutta 1797 Richard Sharpe arrives in Calcutta with the 33rd
3 1807 Monte Video (Spanish) assaulted and captured by British (Auchmuty) (Sth American expedition)
5 1804 A British infantry force (included the entire 74th) marches 60 miles in 30 hrs to Munkaiseer 1804 ?Ens Sharpe marches to Munkaiseer with the 74th
6 1804 Action at Munkaiseer, British (Wellesley) surprise Mahratta (Mulwa Dada) (Post Mahratta War)
7 1807 Battle of Eylau (day 1) French (Napoleon) defeat Russians (Bennigsen) (4th Coalition)
8 1807 Battle of Eylau (day 2) French (Napoleon) defeat Russians (Bennigsen) (4th Coalition)
10 1814 Battle of Champaubert, French (Napoleon) defeat Russians (Olssufiev) (6th Coalition)
11 1814 Battle of Montmirail, French (Napoleon) defeat Allies (Yorck/Sacken) (6th Coalition)
1799 British (Harris) begin advance from Madras to Seringapatam (Mysore War) (Sharpe's Tiger)
12 1814 Battle of Chateau-Thierry, French (Napoleon) defeat Allies (Yorck) (6th Coalition)
14 1797 Battle of Cape St Vincent, British (Jervis) defeat Spanish (de Langara)
1814 Battle of Vauchamps, French (Napoleon) defeat Allies (Blucher) (6th Coalition)
17 1814 Battle of Valjouan, French (Grouchy/Gerard) defeat Allies (Wrede) (6th Coalition)
18 1799 Wellesley appointed advisor to Nizam of Hyderabad (Mysore War)
King's 33rd transferred to Nizam's contingent
1799 (Just prior to Sharpe's Tiger)
1814 Battle of Montereau, French (Napoleon) defeat Allies (Schwarzenberg) (6th Coalition)
19 1799 Battle of El Arish, French (Napoleon) defeat Ottomans (Ibrahim Aga) (Egypt)
20 1809 Saragossa (Spanish, Palafox) surrenders to French (Lannes) - 2nd siege - (Peninsular War)
26 1815 Napoleon escapes from Elba
27 1803 Wellesley appointed to command the expedition to restore the Peshwa of Poona
1814 Battle of Orthes, Anglo-Portuguese (Wellington) defeat French (Soult) (Peninsular War)
1814 Battle of Bar-sur-Aube, Allies (Wittgenstein/Wrede) defeat French (Oudinot) (6th Coalition)

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