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Date Year Event Year Event
2 1805 Battle of Austerlitz, French (Napoleon) defeat Austro-Russians (Kutuzov) (3rd Coalition)
1810 British Capture Ile de France (Mauritius)
3 1798 Introduction of Income Tax to finance Britain's War effort
1800 Battle of Hohenlinden. French (Moreau) defeat Austrians (John) (2nd Coalition)
4 1804 Spain declares war on Britain
1808 Napoleon enters Madrid
5 1812 Napoleon abandons the remains of the Grand Armee in Russia
7 1815 Execution of Marshall Ney
8 1812 "English" soldiers arrive in Adrados (Sharpe's Enemy)
1812 Sharpe briefed by Major Nairn and learns of his promotion to major (Sharpe's Enemy)
9 1809 British evacuate Walcheren
1813 Battle of the Nive (day 1), Anglo-Portuguese (Wellington) defeat French (Soult) (Peninsular War)
10 1803 Gawilghur (Mahratta, Berar) invested by British (Wellesley) (Mahratta War) (Sharpe's Fortress)
1808 British (Moore) advance from Salamanca against French (Napoleon) (Peninsular War)
1813 Battle of the Nive (day 2), Anglo-Portuguese (Wellington) defeat French (Soult) (Peninsular War)
11 1813 Battle of the Nive (day 3), Anglo-Portuguese (Wellington) defeat French (Soult) (Peninsular War)
12 1813 Battle of the Nive (day 4), Anglo-Portuguese (Wellington) defeat French (Soult) (Peninsular War)
13 1813 Battle of St Pierre, Anglo-Portuguese (Hill) defeat French (Soult) (Peninsular War) 1812 Sharpe supervises rocket testing, then reports to Major Nairn and is briefed about Adrados (Sharpe's Enemy film)
1814 British expedition arrives at New Orleans
14 1799 Napoleon appointed first Consul
15 1803 Gawilghur (Mahratta, Berar) stormed by British (Wellesley) (Mahratta War) (Sharpe's Fortress)
17 1803 Treaty of Deogaum with Rajah of Berar (Mahratta War)
18 1793 Assault on Toulon, French () take Toulon (Allies), but 11 French Men-o-War are destroyed
1806 Napoleon enters Warsaw
20 1808 Saragossa (Spanish, Palafox) invested by French (Lannes) - 2nd siege - (Peninsular War)
21 1796 Arrival of French fleet in Bantry Bay with troops under Hoche, they do not land.
1808 Battle of Sahagun, British (H Paget) defeat French (Debelle) (Peninsular War)
22 1793 Battle of Froeschwiller, French (Hoche) defeat Prussians (Brunswick) (1st Coalition)
23 1793 Battle of Savernay ends Vendean revolt in France
1798 Col Henry Ashton leaves the stallion Diomed to Arthur Wellesley in his will
1811 Napoleon begins planning his invasion of Russia
24 1808 British (Moore) begin the retreat from Sahagun to Corunna (Peninsular War) 1812 Sharpe & Frederickson's Rifles rescue hostages at Adrados (Sharpe's Enemy)
25 1812 Farthingdales's errors cause the death of Kinney etc
Christmas dinner with French interrupted by arrival of Teresa
Sharpe and Teresa part for the last time (Sharpe's Enemy)
26 1793 Battle of Geisberg, French (Hoche) defeat Austrians (Wurmser) (1st Coalition)
1806 Battle of Poltusk, French (Lannes) meet Russians (Bennigsen) (3rd Coalition)
1806 Battle of Golymin, French (Murat) meet Russians (Gallitzin) (3rd Coalition)
1808 Battle of Benevente, British (H Paget) defeat French (Lefebvre-Desnouettes) (Peninsular War) 1812 Farthingdale leaves Adrados
French attack Adrados (Sharpe's Enemy)
27 1812 Major Nairn arrives at Adrados with reinforcements
Death of Teresa (Sharpe's Enemy)
30 1803 Treaty with Scindia ends Mahratta War

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