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Date Year Event Year Event
1 1798 Battle of the Nile, British (Nelson) defeat French (de Brueys)
During this month the King's 33rd sail for Penang
1797 ?Pvte Sharpe leaves England with the 33rd
1808 British (Wellington) start landing at Mondego Bay (Peninsular War)
4 Cos 2/95th involved in landings
1808 ,2nd Lt Sharpe (QM) probably involved in Mondego Bay landings
3 1796 Battle of Lonato, French (Napoleon) defeat Austrians (Quasdanovich) (1st Coalition)
5 1796 Battle of Castiglione, French (Napoleon) defeat Austrians (Wurmser) (1st Coalition) 1803 Hakeswill attacks Capt Morris with a chamber pot, blames Sharpe and gets an arrest warrant (Sharpe's Triumph)
8 1803 Ahmednuggur, British (Wellesley) storm the pettah (Mahratta, Scindia) (Mahratta War) (Sharpe's Triumph)
1808 British (Wellington) complete the landings at Mondego Bay (Peninsular War)
1812 Battle of Inkovo, French (Sebastiani) meet Russians (Platove) (Russian Campaign)
12 1803 The Fort of Ahmednuggur (Mahratta, Scindia) surrenders to the British (Wellesley) (Sharpe's Triumph)
1812 Madrid falls to the Allies (Peninsular War)
14 1799 Battle of Zurich, Austrians (Charles) defeat French (Massena) (2nd Coalition)
15 1769 Birth of Napoleon Bonaparte (Buonaparte until 1796)
1799 Battle of Novi, Austro-Russians (Suvarov) defeat French (Joubert) (2nd Coalition)
1808 Skirmish at Obidos, British (Wellington) defeat French () (Peninsular War)
Lt Bunbury (2/95) is the first British officer killed in the Peninsular War
17 1808 Battle of Rolica, British (Wellington) force French (Delaborde) to retire (Peninsular War)
1808 1st siege of Saragossa (Spanish, Palafox) raised by French (Verdier) (Peninsular War)
1812 Battle of Smolensk, French (Napoleon) defeat Russians (Barclay de Tolly) (Russian Campaign)
1812 Battle of Polotsk (day 1), French (Oudinot, St Cyr) defeat Russians (Wittgenstein) (Russian Campaign)
18 1812 Battle of Polotsk (day 2), French (Oudinot, St Cyr) defeat Russians (Wittgenstein) (Russian Campaign)
19 1812 Battle of Valutino, French (Napoleon) defeat Russians (Barclay de Tolly) (Russian Campaign)
21 1808 Battle of Vimeiro, Wellesley defeats Junot, Peninsular War
23 1808 Sir John Moore's force lands at Peniche
1813 Battle of Grossbeeren, Allies (Bernadotte) defeat French (Oudinot) (6th Coalition)
24 1796 Battle of Amberg, Austrians (Charles) defeat French (Jourdan) (1st Coalition)
1796 Battle of Friedberg, French (Moreau) defeat Austrians (Latour) (1st Coalition)
25 1800 Landings at Ferrol
1810 French invest Almeida, a lucky shot destroys the arsenal under the cathedral and half the town, Peninsular War (Sharpe's Gold)
26 1813 Battle of Katzbach, Allies (Blucher) defeat French (Macdonald) (6th Coalition)
1813 Battle of Pirna, French (Vandamme) defeat Allies (Eugene of Wurttemberg) (6th Coalition)
1813 Battle of Dresden (day 1), French (Napoleon) defeat Allies (Schwarzendberg) (6th Coalition)
27 1798 Battle of Castlebar, French (Humbert) defeat British (Lake) (Irish Expedition)
1813 Battle of Dresden (day 2), French (Napoleon) defeat Allies (Schwarzendberg) (6th Coalition)
28 1810 Surrender of Almeida to French
29 1807 Battle of Kjoge (Roskilde), British (Wellesley) defeat Danes (Castenskiold) (4th Coalition)
95th Rifles fight under Wellesley for the first time.
30 1813 Battle of Kulm-Priesten, Allies (Ostermann-Tolstoy, Kleist) defeat French (Vandamme) (6th Coalition)
31 1813 San Sebastian (French, Rey) stormed by Anglo-Portuguese (Wellington) (Peninsular War)
1813 Battle of San Marcial, Anglo-Portuguese (Wellington) defeat French (Soult) (Peninsular War)

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