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Date Year Event Year Event
1 1800 First parade of the "Experimental Corps of Riflemen" 1799 Sharpe and Lawford join the Tipoo's army (Sharpe's Tiger)
2 1801 Naval battle of Copenhagen, British (Parker) defeat Danes ()
Lt J Grant of the Rifle Corps killed in action
1812 Siege of Badajoz (French, Philippon), Anglo-Portuguese (Wellington) attempt to blow the San Roque dam fails (Peninsular War) (Sharpe's Company)
3 1799 Anglo-Hyderabad (Harris) arrive at Seringapatam (Mysore, Tipoo) (Mysore War)
1811 Battle of Sabugal, Anglo-Portuguese (Wellington) defeat French (Reynier) (Peninsular War)
1814 Napoleon cheered in Paris
4 1814 Napoleon's first abdication
5 1799 Night attack on Sultanpetah Tope, Mysoreans (Tipoo) defeat British (Harris) (Mysore War) 1799 Sharpe misleads British troops, attempts to escape, promoted to Corporal in Tipoo's army (Sharpe's Tiger)
1799 Battle of Magnano, Austrians (Kray) defeat French (Scherer) (2nd Coalition)
1812 Siege of Badajoz, Wellington inspects the breaches (Peninsular War) (Sharpe's Company)
1815 Wellington arrives in Brussels, Waterloo Campaign (Sharpe's Waterloo)
6 1799 Daytime attack on Sultanpetah Tope, British (Harris) defeat Mysore (Tipoo) (Mysore War) (Sharpe's Tiger)
1812 Fall of Badajoz (French, Philippon) to Anglo-Portuguese (Wellington) (Peninsular War) 1812 Lt Knowles murdered by Sgt Hakeswill (Sharpe's Company)
1814 Napoleon abdicates - again
7 1812 Marriage of Richard Sharpe and Teresa Moreno in Badajoz (Sharpe's Company)
9 1812 Marriage of Capt Harry Smith (1/95) and Juana de Leon in the Camp outside Badajoz
10 1814 Battle of Toulouse, Anglo-Portuguese (Wellington) defeat French (Soult) (Peninsular War) (Sharpe's Revenge)
12 1796 Battle of Montenotte, French (Napoleon) defeat Austrians (Beaulieu) (1st Coalition)
1814 Napoleon attempts suicide 1814 Sharpe and Frederickson go on a drinking binge (Sharpe's Revenge)
14 1796 Battle of Millesimo, French (Angereau) defeat Austro-Piedmontese (Provera) (1st Coalition)
1796 Battle of Dego (day 1), French (Bonaparte) defeat Austrians (Beaulieu) (1st Coalition)
1814 Battle of Bayonne, Anglo-Portuguese (Hope) defeat French (Thouvenot) (Peninsular War)
15 1796 Battle of Dego (day 2), French (Bonaparte) defeat Austrians (Beaulieu) (1st Coalition)
16 1796 Battle of Ceva (day 1), Austro-Piedmontese (Colli) defeat French (Augereau) (1st Coalition)
1809 Battle of Sacile, Austrians (John) defeat French (Eugene) (5th Coalition)
17 1796 Battle of Ceva (day 2), Austro-Piedmontese (Colli) defeat French (Augereau) (1st Coalition) 1959 Sean Bean's birthday
1799 Battle of Mount Tabor, French (Napoleon) defeat Ottomans (Achmed) (Egypt)
18 1797 Battle of Neuweid (Lahn), French (Hoche) defeat Austrians (Werneck) (1st Coalition)
19 1809 Battle of Tengen (Teugn-Hausen), French (Davout) defeat Austrians (Hohenzollern) (5th Coalition)
1809 Battle of Abensberg (day 1) Franco-Allies (Napoleon) defeat Austrians (Charles) (5th Coalition)
20 1803 British (Wellesley) arrive at Poona
1809 Battle of Abensberg (day 2) Franco-Allies (Napoleon) defeat Austrians (Charles) (5th Coalition)
21 1796 Battle of Mondovi, French (Napoleon) defeat Piedmontese (Colli) (1st Coalition)
1809 Battle of Landeshut, Franco-Allies (Napoleon) defeat Austrians (Hiller) (5th Coalition)
22 1809 Wellesley takes command in Portugal (Peninsular War)
1809 Battle of Eckmuhl (Eggmuhl), Franco-Allies (Davout/Lannes) defeat Austrians (Charles) (5th Coalition)
23 1809 Battle of Ratisbon (Regensburg), Franco-Allies (Napoleon) defeat Austrians (Charles) (5th Coalition)
24 1794 Battle of Villiers-en-Cauchies, Anglo-Austrians (Ott) defeat French () (1st Coalition)
26 1799 Seringapatam outworks (Mysore, Tipoo) stormed by British (Wellesley) (Mysore War) (Sharpe's Tiger)
27 1799 Battle of Cassano, Austro-Russians (Suvarov) defeat French (Moreau) (2nd Coalition)
28 1811 Juanita opens gates of Fort San Isidore (Sharpe's Battle)
29 1769 Arthur Wesley born (later Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington)

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