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Yet Another Ship. Image by Sue LawIntroduction: Another good series, dating further back to the time of the American War of Independence. Bolitho's cross is (like Ramage) his wealthy naval family, though Bolitho's father is heroically dead and the blot on the family escutcheon is big brother. The series (which was not written chronologically) follows Richard Bolitho from raw middie to heroically deceased admiral. Kent is still writing and, having killed off Richard, is continuing the series with Big Brother's illegitimate son, Adam.

When first printed this series was famous for the beautiful naval paintings by Chris Mayger used on its dust jackets. The covers of the more recent books aren't as good (nor are the reprints of the early novels). I have a sneaking fondness for this series because one of the novels (Passage to Mutiny) starts off in Sydney.

All the novels are still in print, some of them in omnibus format. For more information see the Alexander Kent site.

Honour This Day ©1987 A Kent, image courtesy of Pan Macmillan (Pan Books 1987).The Only Victor ©1990 A Kent, image courtesy of Pan Macmillan (Pan Books 1990).Beyond The Reef ©1992 A Kent, image courtesy of Pan Macmillan (Pan Books 1993).The Darkening Sea ©1993 A Kent, image courtesy of Pan Macmillan (Pan Books 1993).For My Country's Freedom ©1995 A Kent, image courtesy of Pan Macmillan (Pan Books 1995).

Title Pub Set Comments
Richard Bolitho, Midshipman 1975 1772 Rank: Midshipman
Ship: Gorgon (74 Conway)
Loc: Atlantic, W Coast Africa
Midshipman Bolitho and the Avenger 1978 1773 Rank: Midshipman
Ship: Avenger (10 cutter Bolitho, H)
Loc: Channel, Cornwall
Stand Into Danger 1980 1774 Rank: Lieutenant
Ship: Destiny (28 frigate Dumaresq)
Loc: Rio, Caribbean
In Gallant Company 1977 1777 Rank: Lieutenant
Ship: Trojan (80 Pears)
Loc: Nth America
Sloop of War 1972 1778 Rank: Commander
Ship: Sparrow (18 sloop)
Loc: Nth America
To Glory We Steer 1968 1782 Rank: Captain
Ship: Phalarope (32 frigate)
Loc: Caribbean
Command a King's Ship 1973 1784 Rank: Captain
Ship: Undine (32 frigate)
Loc: India
Passage to Mutiny 1976 1787 Rank: Captain
Ship: Tempest (36 frigate)
Loc: SYDNEY, Sth Pacific
With All Despatch 1988 1792 Rank: Captain
Ship: None
Form Line of Battle 1969 1793 Rank: Captain
Ship: Hyperion (74)
Loc: Mediterranean
Enemy in Sight! 1970 1793 Rank: Captain
Ship: Hyperion (74)
Loc: Mediterranean
The Flag Captain 1971 1795 Rank: Flag Captain (VAd Broughton)
Ship: Euryalus (100)
Loc: Falmouth
Signal - Close Action! 1974 1798 Rank: Commodore
Ship: Lysander (74 Herrick)
Squad: Osiris, Nicator (74s), Buzzard (frigate), Harebell (sloop)
Loc: Mediterranean, Nile
The Inshore Squadron 1977 1800 Rank: Rear-Admiral
Ship: Benbow (74 Herrick)
Loc: Baltic
A Tradition of Victory 1981 1801 Rank: Rear-Admiral
Ship: Benbow (74 Herrick)
Loc: Channel
Success to the Brave 1983 1802 Rank: Vice-Admiral
Ship: Achates (64 Keen)
Loc: West Indies
Colours Aloft 1986 1803 Rank: Vice-Admiral
Ship: Argonaute (74 Keen)
Loc: Falmouth
Honour this Day 1987 1805 Rank: Vice-Admiral
Ship: Hyperion (74 )
The Only Victor 1990 1806-1807 Rank: Vice-Admiral
Ship: The Black Prince ()
Loc: Cape, Copenhagen
Beyond the Reef 1992 1808 Rank: Vice-Admiral
Ship: None
Loc: Africa
The Darkening Sea 1993 1809-1810 Rank: Vice-Admiral
Loc: Mauritius
For My Country's Freedom 1995 1812 Rank: Admiral
Ship: Indomitable ()
Loc: America
Cross of St George 1996 1814 Rank: Admiral
Ship: Indomitable ( frigate Tyacke)
Loc: America
Sword of Honour 1998 1815 Rank: Admiral
Killed In Action
Second to None 1999 1815 Adam Bolitho, Captain
Ship: Unrivalled (46 frigate)
Relentless Pursuit 2001 1815 Adam Bolitho, Captain
Ship: Unrivalled (46 Frigate)
Loc: Sierra Leone
Man of War 2003 ? ?Adam Bolitho

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