Firing a Flintlock Baker Rifle

95th re-enactors at Albuerra, 2000. Image courtesy of Pedro.Now, more often than not, when a 95th rifleman had time to load for accuracy this was the procedure.

  1. Rifle is placed at half cock with frizzen open.
  2. The powder measure from the powder horn is with drawn. This measure is controlled by a spring and automatically drops a charge into the measure.
  3. The charge is dropped into the muzzle and the measure put back in place (This seals the powder supply from accidental sparks).
  4. The rifleman reached into his "ball bag" and grabs a greased, pre-patched ball. The patch is made of leather and helps the ball grip the rifling so the ball comes out spinning. This stabalizes the ball and gives it accuracy.
  5. The rifleman presses the patched ball in the muzzle with his thumb. A wooden mallet was used in the early days of the 95th to help "start" the ball into the muzzle. By 1809 The mallets were dropped from use.
  6. The rammer is used to push the ball and patch down.
  7. Withdraw the rammer and re-place it in the stock.
  8. The measure is withdrawn from the powder horn and a small amount of powder is used to prime the pan.
  9. Replace the measure.
  10. Spot a Frog officer, bring the rifle to full cock and snuff him!!! (elapsed time: 25-30 secs).

95th Re-enactors drilling at Taminick, NSW, 2001. Courtesy John of the 42nd RHR Australia.

Thanks to Peter for these notes

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