VarDial 2018 | COLING 2018

Fifth Workshop on NLP for Similar Languages, Varieties and Dialects (VarDial’2018)

Workshop PROGRAM

Monday, August 20, 2018

9:10-9:30Language Identification and Morphosyntactic Tagging: The Second VarDial Evaluation Campaign
Marcos Zampieri, Shervin Malmasi, Preslav Nakov, Ahmed Ali, Suwon Shon, James Glass, Yves Scherrer, Tanja Samardžić, Nikola Ljubešić, Jörg Tiedemann, Chris van der Lee, Stefan Grondelaers, Nelleke Oostdijk, Dirk Speelman, Antal van den Bosch, Ritesh Kumar, Bornini Lahiri and Mayank Jain
9:30–10:00Encoder-Decoder Methods for Text Normalization
Massimo Lusetti, Tatyana Ruzsics, Anne Göhring, Tanja Samardžić and Elisabeth Stark
10:00–10:30A High Coverage Method for Automatic False Friends Detection for Spanish and Portuguese
Santiago Castro, Jairo Bonanata and Aiala Rosá
10:30–11:00Coffee break
11:00–11:30Sub-label dependencies for Neural Morphological Tagging – The Joint Submission of University of Colorado and University of Helsinki for VarDial 2018
Miikka Silfverberg and Senka Drobac
11:30–12:00Part of Speech Tagging in Luyia: A Bantu Macrolanguage
Kenneth Steimel
12:00–12:30Tübingen-Oslo Team at the VarDial 2018 Evaluation Campaign: An Analysis of N-gram Features in Language Variety Identification
Çağrı Çöltekin, Taraka Rama and Verena Blaschke
14:00–14:30Iterative Language Model Adaptation for Indo-Aryan Language Identification
Tommi Jauhiainen, Heidi Jauhiainen and Krister Lindén
14:30–15:40Invited talk - Timothy Baldwin (University of Melbourne)
 Language and the Shifting Sands of Domain, Space and Time (Invited Talk)
Timothy Baldwin
15:40–15:50Closing Remarks
15:50–16:20Coffee break
16:20–18:00Poster Session
 UnibucKernel Reloaded: First Place in Arabic Dialect Identification for the Second Year in a Row
Andrei Butnaru and Radu Tudor Ionescu
 Varying image description tasks: spoken versus written descriptions
Emiel van Miltenburg, Ruud Koolen and Emiel Krahmer
 Transfer Learning for British Sign Language Modelling
Boris Mocialov, Helen Hastie and Graham Turner
 Paraphrastic Variance between European and Brazilian Portuguese
Anabela Barreiro and Cristina Mota
 Character Level Convolutional Neural Network for Arabic Dialect Identification
Mohamed Ali
 Neural Network Architectures for Arabic Dialect Identification
Elise Michon, Minh Quang Pham, Josep Crego and Jean Senellart
 HeLI-based Experiments in Discriminating Between Dutch and Flemish Subtitles
Tommi Jauhiainen, Heidi Jauhiainen and Krister Lindén
 Measuring language distance among historical varieties using perplexity. Application to European Portuguese.
José Ramom Pichel Campos, Pablo Gamallo and Iñaki Alegria
 Comparing CRF and LSTM performance on the task of morphosyntactic tagging of non-standard varieties of South Slavic languages
Nikola Ljubešić
 Computationally efficient discrimination between language varieties with large feature vectors and regularized classifiers
Adrien Barbaresi
 Character Level Convolutional Neural Network for German Dialect Identification
Mohamed Ali
 Discriminating between Indo-Aryan Languages Using SVM Ensembles
Alina Maria Ciobanu, Marcos Zampieri, Shervin Malmasi, Santanu Pal and Liviu P. Dinu
 IIT (BHU) System for Indo-Aryan Language Identification (ILI) at VarDial 2018
Divyanshu Gupta, Gourav Dhakad, Jayprakash Gupta and Anil Kumar Singh
 Exploring Classifier Combinations for Language Variety Identification
Tim Kreutz and Walter Daelemans
 Identification of Differences between Dutch Language Varieties with the VarDial2018 Dutch-Flemish Subtitle Data
Hans van Halteren and Nelleke Oostdijk
 Birzeit Arabic Dialect Identification System for the 2018 VarDial Challenge
Rabee Naser and Abualsoud Hanani
 Twist Bytes - German Dialect Identification with Data Mining Optimization
Fernando Benites, Ralf Grubenmann, Pius von Däniken, Dirk von Grünigen, Jan Deriu and Mark Cieliebak
 STEVENDU2018’s system in VarDial 2018: Discriminating between Dutch and Flemish in Subtitles
Steven Du and Yuan Yuan Wang
 Using Neural Transfer Learning for Morpho-syntactic Tagging of South-Slavic Languages Tweets
Sara Meftah, Nasredine Semmar, Fatiha Sadat and Stephan Raaijmakers
 When Simple n-gram Models Outperform Syntactic Approaches: Discriminating between Dutch and Flemish
Martin Kroon, Masha Medvedeva and Barbara Plank
 HeLI-based Experiments in Swiss German Dialect Identification
Tommi Jauhiainen, Heidi Jauhiainen and Krister Lindén
 Deep Models for Arabic Dialect Identification on Benchmarked Data
Mohamed Elaraby and Muhammad Abdul-Mageed
 A Neural Approach to Language Variety Translation
Marta R. Costa-jussà, Marcos Zampieri and Santanu Pal
 Character Level Convolutional Neural Network for Indo-Aryan Language Identification
Mohamed Ali
 German Dialect Identification Using Classifier Ensembles
Alina Maria Ciobanu, Shervin Malmasi and Liviu P. Dinu