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Department of Physics and Astronomy

Rich Mildren

Professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy
Deputy Director, MQ Photonics Research Centre

Contact Details

Rich Mildren (Australian Research Council Future Fellow 2010-2014) is Professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy. His research is in the development of novel and versatile photonic sources, instrumentation and applications. His PhD and early postdoctoral research was in the plasma kinetics of high power metal vapour lasers. He has studied ultrafast lasers at the National Research Council in Pisa, Italy. For 3 years (2005-2008) he led R&D for a University spin-off company in wavelength-switchable medical lasers, during which time he brought several medical laser products through to the stage of medical device regulatory approval. His most recent focus, conducted in the MQ Photonics Research Centre, is in the nonlinear optical properties of Group IV materials, particularly diamond (for more detail see his Diamond Laser Group webpage). He has 5 awarded patents and published 90 peer-reviewed journal articles. As a result of this pioneering research in diamond lasers, he was recipient of the Australian Museum Eureka Award for Outstanding Science for Safeguarding Australia in 2017 and elected an OSA Fellow in 2018.

Research Areas

  • Diamond lasers and photonics
  • Laser-induced phenomena on diamond surfaces
  • High power lasers and applications

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Notice Board

PhD Scholarship available now in the diamond photonics area. Please email me with any questions or for help with the application process. For start in Semester 2 in 2021 for domestic students and Semester 1-2 in 2022 for internationals.

I now tweet occasionally.