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2005 ABC Science Media Fellowship

For six weeks in 2005, I had the opportunity to become a rooky journalist within the Science Unit at the Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC) in Harris St, Ultimo, Sydney. I started with a week of intensive training learning about writing press releases, briefings, news articles and other science stories for TV, radio, newspaper, magazines and new media (online). During training I practised how to conduct an interview; the what, why, where, when and how of stories and how to write a lead paragraph that made you want to read on. I watched the frantic and amazingly synchronised manouvers involved in talk-back radio on LifeMatters and JJJ; found out that studio makeup artists spend 1 hour preparing women and 20 minutes preparing men (why is that?), and got to meet in the flesh (actually fur and cloth) Big Ted and Jemima from Play School, see the photo below. More background Media Maven in the Making - Macquarie University Staff News

Read or listen to some of the segments I was involved in for Radio National. There is more material to come, so watch out for it. Comments welcome.

Life Matters 10 November  2005  - Artificial Intelligence - How Smart

Life Matters 25 November  2005  - Maths the Great Divider

The Science Show 10 December 2005  - Maths Anxiety Just Doesn't Add Up

The Science Show 28 January ]2006  - The Water Cooler Effect

Perspective 10 February 2006  - Surviving Year 12 - A parent's viewpoint

Perspective 28 April 2006  - Where have all the scientists gone?

Games and Emotions - interview with Grant Travinor at the "Interactive Entertainment" Conference 2005, Sydney

Games and Ethics - interview with Pippin Barr at the "Interactive Entertainment" Conference 2005, Sydney


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