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with kate Evans
On Friday 25/11/2005

Friday Talkback - Maths, the great divider

We’re discussing the issues behind maths anxiety. The panel considers its impact and causes, why it needs to be addressed, the role of maths in our society and how maths can stop being a “dirty” word that divides the can dos’ from the can’ts.

Is a relunctance by individuals to pursue complex maths holding Australia back?

Our callers shared their stories of maths anxiety and whether they think maths matters or not.

Guests in this story:

Dr Mark Dras
Computing Lecturer at Macquarie University in Sydney
Dr Bob Anderssen
CSIRO – Mathematical and Information Sciences,
Carolyn Kennett
Director of the Numeracy Centre (Macquarie University)
Windows Media Player Audio File

Story Producer and Researcher:

Debbie Richards

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