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Robert Dale: Courses on Natural Language Generation

This site contains PostScript versions of the materials for a course on Natural Language Generation taught by Robert Dale most recently at the European Summer School in Logic, Language and Information in Barcelona in August 1995. The material is now of course somewhat outdated, but is archived here just in case someone finds it to be of use.

The materials were extended and revised through use at a number of European Summer Schools and other venues, listed below.

Credit is due to the many students at these courses who provided feedback that helped improve the material for subsequent presentations.

The material comes in four parts, corresponding to the four topics covered in the most recent version of the course:

Each is a PDF file, created from a PostScript file generated using Textures on a Macintosh. If you experience any problems in printing the files, please let me know.

Each file contains the overheads used for one section of the course, printed four to a page; this is the same format as the course materials made available at the summer school, although the versions provided here were produced using a newer version of the Macintosh LaserWriter print driver which doesn't produce quite so pretty output.

Also at this site are two NLG bibliographies. IntroToNLG-RefList is a fairly short annotated bibliography that provides pointers to work in the field; nlgbiblio2.01 is a much longer and more exhaustive catalog of research in the area, here as a PDF file. Both of these bibliographies are now quite old and do not take account of more recent work in the area, but may still be useful resources.

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