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Robert Dale: PhD Students

Here's a list of the PhD students I have supervised:

  1. Andrew Lampert, [PhD 2013, Macquarie University] Conversation Structure in Email Conversations as a Context for Summarization and Presentation
  2. Pawel Mazur, [PhD 2012, Macquarie University] Broad-Coverage Rule-Based Processing of Temporal Expressions
  3. Jette Viethen [PhD 2011, Macquarie University] The Generation of Natural Descriptions: Corpus-Based Investigations of Referring Expressions in Visual Domains
  4. Stephen Wan [PhD 2010, Macquarie University] Sentence Augmentation: A Text-to-Text Generation Component for Summarisation
  5. Vanessa Long [PhD 2010, Macquarie University] An Agent-Based Approach to Table Recognition and Interpretation
  6. Stephen Choularton [PhD 2009, Macquarie University] Early Stage Detection of Speech Recognition Errors
  7. Sarah Boyd [PhD 2000, Macquarie University] A Signal Processing Approach to Generating Natural Language
  8. Mark Dras [PhD 1999, Macquarie University] Tree Adjoining Grammar and the Reluctant Paraphrasing of Text
  9. Maria Milosavljevic [PhD 1999, Macquarie University] Maximising the Coherence of Descriptions via Comparisons
  10. Mark Lauer [PhD 1996, Macquarie University] Designing Statistical Language Learners: Experiments on Noun Compounds
  11. Alpha Luk [PhD 1996, Macquarie University] A Conceptual Cohesion Based Approach to Word Sense Disambiguation
  12. Ali Knott [PhD 1996, University of Edinburgh] A Data-Driven Methodology for Motivating a Set of Coherence Relations
  13. Sheila Rock [PhD 1996, University of Edinburgh] Understanding Natural Language about Multiple Eventualities and Continuous Eventualities

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