Naïla Even

PhD project

My PhD project examines various aspect of stress in honey bees. First, I am looking at the physiological and neurophysiological basis of stress in insects using the bee Apis mellifera as a model. My central hypothesis is that insects possess a general stress pathway analogues to the adrenergic mammalian system responsive to any source of threat to the body. Second, colonies of honeybees allow me to observe “social stressors” and their function in the organisation of bee societies especially in the division of labor. Finally, I am interested to see how the stress of queenlessness affects behavioural interactions and physiology of workers.

I used to keep bees as a teenager, became fond of them and their intriguing behaviour so I decided to study Biology to learn more about them...

I obtained a Bachelor degree in Biological Sciences in 2004. I Achieved Masters in Neurosciences in 2006 at the university of Pierre et Marie Curie in Paris. All along my studies I have completed internships and short jobs in different research laboratories and I finally began a PhD in May 2010 with Andrew Barron at Macquarie University in Sydney.

209 Culloden Road, NSW 2122 Marsfield

(+61) 02 98 50 13 08