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Some sources of information and advice for PG students

Most of the following are taken from Justin Zobel's web page, and many of the URLs were provided by Michael Fuller. Justin himself wrote Writing for Computer Science, published by Springer-Verlag. His text covers style and presentation for research in computer science.

And here's an old document of unknown origin on scientific communication.

And here's a list of lists from Jenny Wang (a student of Joe Goguen). Much of the advice here is related to the US, and I haven't vetted it in detail, but I thought I'd add it for possible reference.


Lastly, if you're one of my students and you want to know how you're mathematically connected to Gauss (amongst others) look at The Mathematics Genealogy Project.

There's also a missing line which goes: Walters, Hanna Neumann, Olga Taussky-Todd, Furtwangler, Klein, Lipschitz, Dirichlet, Poisson, Fourier, Lagrange, Euler and the Bernoulli's, as well as providing yet another line to Gauss.