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My children, and Fiona and our house (the house and streeet pictures are really here because we sometimes swap houses when we travel overseas, and people need to be able to visualise where they'll be staying in Sydney).

By the way, the children grow up. Here's Dougall ten years later and Angus nearly fifteen years later. (Bigger Pictures)

And here's Dougall and his partner Chloe twenty years later.

Eventually they can support you: Angus is the one on the bottom, and this was taken, believe it or not, in a light moment during a classical music public performance (Angus was shortly before playing as soloist in a very virtuoso concerto... The first violinist is the lady clapping, and the man behind the flowers is a famous tenor).

A few people have commented that I look rather startled in the "support you" picture. It might help to know that we had just completed a lap (running) around the orchestra, including down and up some stairs, with me balanced, rather precariously, as shown...

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