SPARC Architecture Online Reference Manual


Branch instructions, along with jump instructions, change the order of execution of instructions by changing the contents of the program counter (PC).

There are unconditional and conditional branches.

Conditional branch instructions evaluates the integer condition codes icc according to the cond field in the instruction. The result of the evaluation is either true or false. When the result is true the branch is taken and not taken otherwise.

When control is to be transferred to a new address, that address is calculated by adding the value of PC and the signed extended displacement in the instruction times 4.

All instructions in this section have the version instr_name,a setting the annul bit. When the annul bit is set, in case of control transfer, the instruction in the branch delay slot is annuled (not executed).

Note that a conditional branch instruction should not be placed in the branch delay slot of another conditional branch instruction.

ba bcc bcs be bg bge bgu bl ble bleu bn bne bneg bpos bvc bvs

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