I have taught a wide variety of subjects. At the undergraduate level these include operating systems, data communications & networks, software engineering, computer graphics, data structures, e-commerce technology, computer games and computer literacy. My PhD supervisor once said to me that any decent computing academic should be able to teach any undergraduate computing subject. A generalisation, but it helps not to get too caught up in your corner of the discipline. At the postgraduate level I have taught subjects in distributed systems, computer networks, computer games and computer security.

Teaching is very important to me. In our teaching we encounter, and hopefully influence, thousands of students. Which, if we are to be honest, is more people than will ever read our research papers. I am interested in the importance of modes of teaching beyond the traditional lecturer, particularly small group practical and discussion sessions.

To improve my teaching I have obtained a Graduate Certificate in Higher Education from the University of Sydney. This course lead me to utilise a number of alternative approaches to teaching, such as criterion based marking, peer assessment and self assessment.

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